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Get started now with JTL-WAWI and JTL-Shop. With eBakery at your side.

JTL software is becoming more and more popular and is used by a wider mass of businesses and at eBakery you will get bomb-proof JTL hosting, which has excellent server performance and will leave nothing to be desired. eBakery has stood for optimal e-commerce service for over 10 years and will also support you in the area of SQL hosting and make your store a real success. In addition to the classic hosting, eBakery offers everything your heart desires: Whether it is the right marketing strategy or the complete creation of your online store, you will receive an all-round, worry-free service that is second to none.

JTL Hosting for ambitious online merchants

You want to finally get started with your online business? Your concept is ready and motivation is at its peak? The only thing you are missing now for your online success is the right hosting partner. After all, a high-performance and, above all, secure online store is indispensable for sustainable success in online retailing. If you don’t want to buy your own server for this purpose, which costs a lot of money and robs you of on-site space, hosting with a professional is the perfect solution for you. With eBakery at your side, you work in close cooperation with a competent and reliable service provider that you can always rely on. We offer you the all-round carefree package for your JTL-WAWI and your JTL-Shop. When you choose eBakery hosting, you simply leave the complete IT infrastructure and support to us. In our team of eCommerce experts, web designers and developers you will find competent contact persons in all areas of online business, who will be happy to help you and present sustainable solutions.

JTL-Wawi Hosting

SSD Cloud Hosting and much more.

Cost effective service

It is often expensive and difficult to find the right expert for every problem. However, with eBakery, the information and help of our long-time experienced professionals is available to you at any time. We take full care of technical tasks so that you can focus on your core business again

Experience and expertise

As a certified and official JTL Service Partner we offer you the necessary know-how. Feel free to pass on the necessary tasks to us if you lack the necessary expertise. Of course, we also offer individual trainings on request, so that you can learn the handling of the JTL-WAWI or the JTL-Shop by our competent employees in no time.


Only through innovation can development and success come about. Our team has the necessary expertise to do this and can help you, for example, with the administration of complex databases at any time. As a result, you finally have some breathing room to devote to innovating your business.


With eBakery you rely on the highest quality. The topics of customer satisfaction and sustainability are particularly close to our hearts and come first. That’s why we don’t use random hardware in our hosting solutions, but high-quality servers and excellent branded goods that are located in Germany.

eBakery: Your solution provider and partner

Choose freely from various hosting packages and leave your worries to us: we will do everything for you to take care of the essentials of your work: The growth of your store and the satisfaction of your customers. You don’t get off-the-shelf solutions: your needs decide the price and you automatically get the most cost-effective and suitable hosting offer. Store and Wawi hosting which is solid and reliable and the best support we can give your project. Know-how and expertise flow together to take your business to the top. Whether you need domains, servers and web spaces, the experts at eBakery have the know-how for your online business and are the partner you need in the dynamic and ever-changing world of e-commerce.

JTL Hosting: We strengthen your back

The strength of eBakery is the service scope and rapid implementation of all services. You can choose between regular hosting and full-service agency support. JTL-Shop, JTL-Wawi and JTL-WMS are supported and maintained from the first to the last step along your individual needs. Your digitization is supported by eBakery, from JTL hosting to reliable network services. Our many years of experience are impressively reflected in our excellent safety standards in terms of quality management as well as data protection and security. eBakery is able to outsource your entire infrastructure and have all JTL software with associated updates performed by its experts, providing you with a true foundation for your online business.

Turnkey solutions for e-commerce enthusiasts and those who want to become one

Optimizing the performance of your enterprise resource planning system requires more than just off-the-shelf solutions. Get the most out of your JTL store and make use of our cloud hosting service. Fast web space and seamless updates are as much a part of the support as personal support that is completely tailored to your needs.

Optimal speed in e-commerce

The importance of a fast store cannot be overstated in today’s marketplace. Because slow loading times cost every online store operator customers, any reasons for abandoned purchases must be nipped in the bud and everything must be designed as efficiently as possible. eBakery’s hosting will provide the best possible performance for your site with its strong SSD hard drives: you’ll enjoy a greatly increased speed because we have all the tools that ensure a fast flow. If you want to optimize your image, we have everything you need in our toolbox. Every eventuality is considered and daily backups ensure solid data security. The data does not come at the expense of your storage space, because extra backup servers are provided for this purpose.

From old to new

You already have a running JTL store? No problem: when you move to eBakery’s JTL hosting, our experts will take care of the entire move and you won’t have to worry about anything. Contact us for a no-obligation meeting and we will plan all the processes. From the first step to the implementation, the entire work is taken off your hands. An all-in-one hosting package that makes it possible for you to position yourself the way you want. Benefit from concentrated know-how and complete administration. eBakery goes beyond naked hosting: all the options you make up with us give you agency benefits and a personal touch. All our contract options adapt to your budget and needs, and you can decide on the contract period yourself.

Ammunition for your business

You can easily distribute your storage space according to your needs. Our team is always ready to answer your questions: you can look forward to a fruitful collaboration with our experts. JTL hosting doesn’t have to be witchcraft if you understand that JTL products are not stand-alone solutions, but build on each other: Everything is designed to merge seamlessly. It is understandable that some are overwhelmed by this and do not trust themselves to work with this software family. Even if you want more than hosting for your site, we are the right partner for you. The JTL merchandise management system is the ideal backbone for all e-commerce activities and as an official JTL partner we bring everything you need for your business.

JTL Hosting and Support

By leaving the store or WAWI hosting to us, you can fully concentrate on the operation of your online store from the very beginning. We will help you with the correct installation and hand over the online store directly ready for use. Afterwards, you can devote yourself to the design of the store or usability optimization, for example, or simply expand your product range.

And best of all, many services that you would have to pay extra for with other providers are already included with us. You have full cost control and flexibility in the design of your new online store. We will be happy to support you as a JTL service partner and provide you with comprehensive advice on JTL Shop Hosting and JTL-WAWI Hosting.



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    eBakery: stability and reliability

    In order for your site to have a solid foundation, the hosting must be right: All technical requirements must be met. We take care of the complex technical aspects and you take care of the profit. You will focus entirely on the essentials and get a solid foundation, for your online presence. If you have additional advice or info about JTL software and its use, we invite you to a non-binding meeting. We are already looking forward to your message!