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OTTO Marketplace Agency is one of the largest online marketplaces in Germany. So far, retailers can apply as an interested party and Otto decides who is included and who is not. If you win the election, you will get much more reach for your products and have less competition than on Amazon or eBay.

Read here how we can support you to be found best in the search and thus achieve higher sales.

OTTO Marketplace

With many new marketplaces, traders are initially cautious. Is the effort even worth it? Can the marketplace establish itself? After all, some of the greats have been there for years. Otto is already established and generates the second-highest sales in Germany. So you don’t have to worry about enough coverage and a professional team.

The fees are also much clearer than on other marketplaces. You only pay a monthly base fee and a sales commission for items sold and not returned. This makes pricing very simple and no complicated calculations are needed to check if the sale is even worth it.

In addition, all customers have undergone a credit check to ensure payment.

You can find more reasons in our expert video: 3 reasons for the otto market

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Otto is picky about the sections you are allowed to sell in. Currently, these categories are allowed:

► Furnishings & Living: Kitchen & Housewares, Lamps & Lighting, Furniture, Home Accessories & Decoration, Home Textiles (incl. Mattresses)

► Fashion & Lifestyle: Accessories, Beauty, Clothing, Erotic, Suitcases & Bags, Jewelry, Shoes, Watches

► Technology & media: office supplies, electronics, household electronics, media, software, technology accessories

► Sports & Leisure: Baby Supplies, Craft & School Supplies, Musical Instruments, Toys, Sports Equipment & Outdoor, Two-Wheelers & Accessories

► Garden & Home Improvement: DIY, Garden, Pet Supplies

And even here, restrictions still apply in some cases. We will be happy to advise you on whether or not your products will be accepted in the online marketplace.

In addition, there are still a few things to consider. The product images must be high quality and represent the product well. If you have no or only small pictures available, our product photographer can create suitable pictures for you.

There should also be individual texts to make your products stand out from those of your competitors. We are happy to create meaningful texts that will convert your visitors into customers faster.

Sell more easily on

Of course, maintaining items through multiple online channels such as your own online store, marketplaces like eBay and Otto would hardly be possible if your assortment is of a considerable size. For this reason, Marcos Software is developing the interface unicorn2 in such a way that a connection from JTL-Wawi to is also possible.

With this free ERP system, you can not only easily control all incoming and outgoing goods. You centralize your entire product line, maintain all images, text, and inventory only there, and sell everything across multiple platforms for maximum reach.

You avoid incorrect product inventories, thereby avoiding returns and increasing customer satisfaction. If you do not have a system yet, or if you use another one, our professionals will be happy to contact you in order to create a unified system here, the processes of which can be greatly simplified. A wide range of automated functions relieves you and your employees of more and more work, so that you can concentrate more on the essentials and generate higher sales.

Marketplace optimization for by eBakery

Since we know Otto’s best practices, we’re happy to optimize your items for higher sales. Since the marketplace is not open to everyone, you can score points here right from the start – we’ll make sure your application is worthwhile.

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