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Advertising on Google can be easy. Book our professional Google Ads support today.

As a Google Partner Agency, we support you in setting up, optimizing and managing your Google Ads campaigns.

Professional Google Ads support

Google is the most popular and largest search engine in the world. For many people, simply Googling everything is part of daily life. This adds up to almost 250 million views a day. So Google offers you quite a lot of possibilities as a company.

Google Ads is a good example of this. On the platform you can create paid ads. The model offers your company a great opportunity to appear at the top of the search results of potential customers. Book our Google Ads support so we can get the best out of your campaigns.

How does Google Ads work?

The Google Ads process is simply explained for the search network: a user enters a search query on Google, their paid ad appears in the search results. Ideally, the user then clicks on your ad and is taken to your website or a specific landing page.

In your Google Ads account, you can then view some information about the success of your ad:

  • How often was the ad placed?
  • How many times was the ad clicked?
  • For which keyword was the ad placed?
  • How old are the users who click your ads?

These values will help you to gain experience values. You can then use these to optimize your ads. If you book our Google Ads support, you will of course also have insight into these figures.


Analysis / Keyword analysis

Strategy development

Setup & Concept

Tracking & Web Analytics

Support & Optimization


Campaign types in Google

Before you can advertise with Google or Google Ads, you need to create a campaign. The advertising option is determined by the campaign type, and so you can currently choose from 6 campaign types:

  • Search Network Campaigns
  • Display network campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • App campaigns
  • Smart campaigns

Tip: Select the “App” campaign type if you want to increase your own app installations (Android and iOS).

Is it worthwhile for me to place an ad via Google Ads?

Google records over 4 billion search queries every day. This, of course, makes it by far the most used search engine in the world. People from all over the world use it to ask questions. To do this, they enter certain combinations of words.

In response, they receive organic search results and ads served through Google Ads. As an advertiser, you can see a high ROI with Google Ads – a compelling reason to place an ad through the platform.

In all likelihood, your direct competitors are also using Google Ads to get customers to their website. Just about all large companies have been using this option for years. Even if you are among the first hits via organic search, ads will still always be displayed in front of you – you can’t influence that.

Nevertheless, in order to get as many clicks as possible to your website, you should run ads through Google Ads for important keywords that are related to your business. Book our Google Ads support if you want to leave this topic in professional hands.

The 1x1 for campaigns that work

Google Ads offers you countless possibilities, but is therefore also quite complicated and detailed. To be able to create, manage and optimize ads professionally, you should familiarize yourself with some important terms in advance.

Ad rank

The ad rank indicates on which position your ad will be placed. Of course, it’s best if your ad is as high up as possible. Because then it catches users’ eyes directly and they are more likely to click on your ad.


To place an ad, you bid for it as you would in an auction. Advertisers enter a maximum bid – the higher this is, the higher you will be ranked in the end. The cost of this can be calculated using three options:

  • CPC: A certain amount is charged for each click on your ad.
  • CPM: A certain amount is charged for every thousand clicks.
  • CPE: The costs are calculated per interaction.

Which of the three you choose depends entirely on your campaign and your business.

Campaign types

You can do much more with Google Ads than simply place an ad. You can choose from different types of campaigns, which we will gladly adapt to your individual situation:

  • Search engine ads: These text ads are placed in Google search results.
  • Display ads: These graphical ads are displayed on Google Display Network, which also consists of YouTube, among others.
  • Video ads: These short promotional videos are displayed on YouTube before the actual video plays.
  • Shopping campaigns: Campaigns specially adapted to Google Shopping help to address customers who already have an intention to buy.
  • App campaigns: Advertising measures within apps.
  • Local campaigns: These are measures that are played out in a locally targeted manner.
  • Smart campaigns: We are also familiar with so-called “smart campaigns”, which adapt individually to your online offer.
  • Campaigns for maximum performance: These measures help you find more customers, increase value creation, and get more meaningful evaluations.

You see: Google Ads offers more than just simple text ads. The possibilities are far greater than you think and offer you numerous options to attract customers to your website.

Click rate

The click-through rate (CTR for short) shows you how many clicks were made on your ad. Strictly speaking, the number of clicks is divided by the number of impressions. “Impression” indicates the number of people your ad was shown to. For example, if the ad was clicked by 50 users, but was shown to 100 users in total, your click-through rate will be 0.5.

How high this value should be always depends entirely on the keyword for which you have placed your ad. If Apple’s click-through rate for the term “Apple” was only 1%, that would be incredibly low. On the other hand, an ad for “Best Smartphone” with a click-through rate of 1% would be good. A distinction is made here between brand terms (i.e. brand and proper names) and generic terms.

Quality factor

An ad can only be displayed high up on Google if the quality is right. This is calculated based on the click-through rate and keywords. In addition, of course, there is the quality of the ad and the past performance of your website. So there are many different factors that influence the ranking of your ad.

We are happy to support you with your Google Ads ads. Our Google Ads experts are specially trained and deal with the innovations that Google brings out on a daily basis.

Google Ads support through eBakery

What is there to consider with Google Ads?

Many factors influence the success of your ad – both positive and negative. Be sure to use the right keywords. Keywords that are too general will not reach your target audience and the ad will not serve its purpose. Keep trying different keywords and combinations over time. The better you reach your target group.

Your ad should also match the intentions of Google users. Pick up a keyword that appears in both the headline and the text of your ad. The solution to the search intent should also be presented directly in the ad. Because then Google will classify your ad as relevant and reward you with a better ranking.

For this, it is also important that the landing page to which the ad leads are also relevant. The keyword should still be represented there and appropriate terms and questions should be used. Here, too, the focus should be on quality.

Frequently asked questions

What does Google Ads cost?

Whether you set a budget of 100 euros or of 10,000 euros – you only have to pay as long as someone clicks on your ad when you advertise on Google.

What are the payment methods for Google Ads?

As a payment method you can choose Google Ads credit card, debit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

Agency for your Google Ads campaigns

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Google Ads is huge and there’s a lot to consider. To ensure that your advertisements bring the desired success, we support you with professional Google Ads support. We look forward to seeing you.


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