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On this page, we would like to show you why product images on Amazon are anything but trivial. That’s why you should put the management of these images in our professional hands and benefit from the decisive advantages of having this done by real professionals in this field. The advantages for you are concrete:

  • Experience and expertise: eBakery has the necessary expertise and experience in creating high-quality product images and EBC images to maximize the potential of your products on Amazon.
  • Creative conception: eBakery can develop innovative and creative concepts for your product images and EBC images to present your products in an appealing and unique way.
  • Professional image editing: eBakery has access to professional image editing tools and techniques to ensure that your product images and EBC images are presented in the best quality.
  • Compliance: eBakery is familiar with Amazon’s guidelines for product images and EBC images and can ensure that your images are compliant to avoid any issues or delays.
  • Optimized image performance: eBakery Agency knows the proven strategies and tactics to design your product images and EBC images to achieve the best performance and increase conversion rates.

Professional product images for Amazon

Do you sell on Amazon and want to get the best out of your products so that you end up with better sales and conversions? Then a key point that you should pay attention to as an Amazon retailer is the correct use of product photos on Amazon.

With the right product photos and the use of enhanced brand content, you not only fulfill the guidelines, but also make the offer more attractive, stand out from the competition, increase the click-through rate (CTR) and ultimately increase sales with your products!

Why Amazon product images are so important

Good images of your products have become indispensable in online stores as well as on popular marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Customers want to be able to experience the transparency they are familiar with from the stores online. Details such as the texture and structure of a material, the actual color of the surface, but also the quality of the workmanship can be reproduced extremely well in the store – in online retail, on the other hand, you reach your limits with a mere text description.

Therefore, the product images should create as much transparency as possible, which is made possible by using different perspectives, hero images, EBC images (Enhanced Brand Content) but also by using different detailed views of the product.

Product images on Amazon are meant to answer the customer’s potential questions by looking at them, rather than raising new ones.

Improve Amazon ranking through product images

The visual presentation of your products using product images is not only the first thing the customer sees – and should therefore be of convincing quality – but also serves to improve your ranking and conversion rate, as mentioned at the beginning. It also ensures greater attention and better product presentation. Appropriate staging also strengthens the brand and builds trust.

Ranking refers to the placement of your product in the search results for a specific search term (keyword). The prerequisite for appearing there in the first place is the use of at least one image. This means: no image – no sales. Accordingly, you can sustainably generate more clicks with a meaningful, high-quality main image that is displayed in the search results.

If this main image has led the customer to click on the product, his initial interest is transferred by good product images to a convinced feeling of having found the right product for him and it comes to the purchase.

By convincing more customers with good product images, your conversion rate will also improve as a result of the purchase. The Amazon ranking algorithm takes both into account and thus favors the positioning of your products in the search results. This makes it clear that, in addition to other Amazon SEO measures, product images contributesignificantly to improving the click-through rate, conversion rate and ranking. Better information transfer should not be neglected either. By using EBC images, you can visually display additional information such as product features, size specifications or application notes to answer potential customer questions.

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What are the Amazon guidelines?

  1. It is possible to upload 9 product images to Amazon, one of which must be used as the main image.
  2. The aspect ratio of the images should be 1:1 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080px (Full-HD).
  3. In addition to the main image, other images should show the product true to the following criteria.


Take advantage of the opportunity to present the product from different perspectives. On the one hand, this serves to give the customer the feeling that they have seen the product from all angles, but also to build trust that the retailer is not just presenting the “chocolate shop” side of the product.


Certain products have the potential to express a certain attitude towards life, or they are only useful if this attitude towards life reaches and is conveyed to the customer. Thus, especially with dietary supplements, it is a good idea to illustrate the health feel-good factor and the improvement of health itself in a lifestyle photo.

Environment and size

By integrating your product into its appropriate environment, the customer can only imagine how it harmonizes with other objects. An example of this would be the interior. The living room table should also match the color of the rest of the furniture, which is very good to capture in an overall picture. The side effect that comes with the right choice of appropriate, high-quality companion products is the automatic enhancement of the main product.

In addition, this type of image composition, the integration into the appropriate environment and the relationship of the main product to other surrounding objects makes it possible to estimate proportions.

Misjudging the size is one of the most common reasons for returns. Therefore, as a retailer, you are also doing yourself a favor by correctly displaying the proportions with good product images in order to reduce the return rate.

Intended use

Show the customer the intended use of the product. This puts it into a practical context. The benefit of any product is always in its use, whether it’s inductively charging your phone without tying it to a cable or cleaning a window without streaks. By visually demonstrating the solution to this problem, the benefit resulting from this action is automatically associated with your brand or product.

Especially when the use or installation is not readily apparent, it is helpful for the potential customer to have this shown in one or more images.


In the case of very high-quality products such as cufflinks, watches or necklaces, the packaging of these products is also crucial and should be visually depicted.

What are the minimum requirements?

  • JPEG is the preferred image format, but you can also use PNG, TIFF and GIF files.
  • Products must fill at least 85% of the image.
  • Images must not exceed a resolution of 10000 pixels on the longest side.
  • Images must have at least 1000 pixels on the longest side and at least 500 pixels on the shortest side.
  • Resolution: 72 DPI
  • Images may only contain text that is part of the product.
  • They may contain few or no props and no logos, watermarks or inset images.
  • Pictures must show only the product that is for sale.
  • The main image must have a pure white background, it must be a photograph (not a drawing), and it must not depict any accessories that are not included.
  • People may not be depicted in the main image, except for adult clothing.
  • The main image must not contain multiple images of the same single product
  • The products for sale must not be cut off from the edge of the frame on the image. This does not include jewelry (especially necklaces).

How do I maximize my coverage rate with A+ content?

For all those who want to make the most of their opportunities, Amazon offers the option of using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content(Vendors) or Amazon Enhanced Marketing Content (Sellers). These two phrases have been unified by the term A+ content. As a prerequisite for using this content feature, the brand must be registered with Amazon. Through this A+ content, you can convey in more detail what the features and benefits of your product are by cleverly merging the combination of image and text and showing the potential customer what your product is all about. But it is not only the individual product that can be highlighted through the use of the EBC; the entire brand and its associated history can also be brought closer to the customer and legitimize prices that appear high at first glance.

For which products is A+ content worthwhile?

Of course, designing these detailed displays takes more time and should end up having a positive impact on conversion rates and a decrease in returns.

Therefore, here are a few features for which products we think the extra effort is worth it:

  • The product belongs to your best sellers
  • Your competitors’ products already have A+ content
  • Amazon uses a product comparison widget on your site that drives traffic away
  • Products with high prices and a large margin

How should A+ content be created properly?

Take advantage of the opportunity to develop freely within the A+ content. Branding on Amazon is very limited in itself, so you are bound by the guidelines. With all this freedom, however, make sure that your CI is represented in the choice of font and colors.

It is not the purpose to add more photos of your product without context, but much more to think about the relevance of each image. What is conveyed to the viewer through this further image? Does the customer better understand the added value of the product as a result?

This explanation can be reinforced by telling a story with your content that is modeled on the images in terms of writing style.

Ultimately, you can think of the creation of A+ content as the creation of a landing page, the purpose of which is to convince the customer of the product in the first step and then to get them to click the “Buy” button as gallantly as possible.

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