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As a multi-certified Shopware agency, we have been planning, developing and optimizing online stores for more than a decade and have already effectively helped a large number of customers. We are also looking forward to your project! The focus of our work is a professional approach as well as a focused way of working, which is completely oriented towards your individual requirements for a contemporary web store. Together with you, we create a shopping experience at the highest level and pay attention to many technical details, such as low loading times, search engine friendliness and full responsiveness. Thanks to our fair hourly packages, you stay within a manageable cost framework and have flexible access to the know-how of our Shopware professionals.

64 certificates for your online store success!

Further education and know-how on a professional level are close to our hearts! That’s why we have a highly trained team with a total of 13 Certified Developers, 5 Advanced Developers, 14 Template Designers and 26 Advanced Template Designers for Shopware 6, as well as 6 Template Designers for Shopware 5. We are constantly expanding and improving this team for your success. This makes us one of the very few agencies in the German-speaking world where you can find so much bundled Shopware know-how.

We are Shopware partner for more than ten years and support you in the implementation of your Shopware project. Whether you are planning a new store, a migration from another store system or want to update your existing store – we check all the necessary steps and advise you in detail.

Among other things, we will assist you with these steps:


Which Shopware version is right for you? Community, Professional, Enterprise? What are your advantages and disadvantages? What plugins do you need to optimize your online business? You have the questions, we have the answers.

Planning & Development

Together with you we create the concept of your new online store and put it into practice. If an important function is not yet available in Shopware, we will program it for you.


The design must be appealing, adapted to your business and designed in such a way that your customers can comfortably navigate through the Shopware store with as little effort as possible. With a good design, your store will also be liked by search engines.

Live walk & optimization

We ensure a smooth launch of your new store, or the new version of your existing store. We then review and implement further optimization measures for you, so that your online store looks good and responds quickly.

Hosting & Performance

If the performance of your current hoster is not sufficient, we will be happy to provide you with a suitable offer. Our servers are optimized not only for online stores, but also for merchandise management systems, bringing even more speed so that your customers enjoy browsing your store.

Support & Maintenance

Like a car, an online store must always be well maintained. Regular maintenance or adjustments to new search engine specifications are just as important as regular inspections of your vehicle. We are happy to take care of your store permanently, so that you always make good sales.


“We are thrilled with the solution-oriented and pragmatic approach, the extremely high level of commitment and availability, and the personal as well as professional approach of the entire eBakery team!”

Robert Knoop-Troullier
Managing Director of CKT Moden GmbH

Brought online in the shortest possible time: 56 stores mapped in Shopware

Aust Fashion

Corona did not stop at the fashion retailer AUST Fashion – and so a total of 56 stores were faced with the problem of only being able to provide limited customer visits. It was therefore necessary to act quickly – the stores were to receive a virtual image online via Shopware Shop in order to continue business operations.

The Shopware agency eBakery was commissioned to create a virtual shopping experience that would allow customers to recreate as closely as possible the experience of visiting a store on site. Furthermore, it was necessary to connect the webshop technically with the JTL-Wawi.

Within just one week, eBakery delivered a result that maps the total of 56 branches as a Shopware webshop and enables a smooth link with JTL Wawi. Here the JTL-Connecter was used. The management of AUST Fashion was more than satisfied with the results.

Find more eBakery success stories here.

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Shopware agency eBakery supports

Table decoration

task was to bring the online store up to date and present a modern shopping experience that stimulates with ideas around table decoration. The JTL-Wawi should be technically connected and interact smoothly with the store. Likewise, the store should meet all the requirements on the subject of search engine optimization.

The Shopware store should be, both visually and technically, up to date and invite to stay. At the same time, a connection to JTL-Wawi is important to the owners, as is good indexability of the individual sub-pages.

The Shopware specialists from eBakery delivered a store for the more than 300 products, which is well indexable for search engines and also supports a JTL-Wawi connection. In addition, a contemporary design was provided, which inspires visitors to design ideas for table decorations and provides a unique shopping experience.

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findable in search engines

“We have chosen eBakery as our JTL service partner because they have many years of experience in exactly this special field. Our store and order processing are running very stable. My special thanks go to Mohamed Ali Oukassi, who personally took care of the JTL-Wawi setup.”

Wolfgang Weinert


“Right from the start, the cooperation was characterized by clear structures and rapid processes. With eBakery, you have a partner at your side who is quick to act and who quickly produces presentable results. We are very satisfied with the implementation of our webshop FIBU interface!”

Johannes Seidel
Jera GmbH

JERA implements interface store with support from eBakery

JERA GmbH distributes complete interface solutions for various online store applications. The target audience in this case is B2B, which boils down to a store design that is as functional as possible. The end customer should be convinced of the products through objectivity.

Here the whole range of experience of eBakery as a Shopware agency was needed: Managing Director Johannes Seidel was particularly important that the interface products are explained in detail and that the webshop is well suited for SEO.

The requirements were implemented 1 to 1 and to the complete satisfaction of the customer. The products are well listed in Google and the B2B clientele is properly addressed by factual information. The management of JERA GmbH expressed its satisfaction.

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Customer satisfaction

Shopware SEO Agency

Search engine optimization is the be-all and end-all for an online store. Advertising is also necessary, but the optimization of your store is even more important. If the store is optimized, it will always appear high up in the search results, so you can target your ads elsewhere.

As a Shopware agency, we know which screws to turn to make your Shopware store responsive and a favorite of search engines. This optimization is always appropriate and should be an ongoing process. The search algorithms are constantly being adapted, and a website that is found well today can slip far down the list tomorrow.

Our SEO experts know when which changes are due and continuously adapt your Shopware store to the latest requirements so that there is no sudden rude awakening.

Our free Shopware video courses on YouTube

Find over 100 videos about Shopware on our eBakery channel. Not only are we certified many times over, but we also disseminate our knowledge via YouTube. From step by step instructions to videos about Shopware basics – with us you will find everything and always be up to date!

Frequently asked questions

One of the great advantages of Shopware is that it is an all-in-one cloud solution. The company is also based in Germany, which brings the advantage of German-speaking support and the fact that the system is adapted to German legislation. Shopware’s modular design makes it easy to get started, as well as scalable later as the store grows. Numerous innovative themes are available, as well as the option to create your own custom designs. With Shopware, you are therefore positioned in line with the times and optimally supported by our services as a Shopware agency.

The ideal solution for your entry into e-commerce: The free Community Edition. Larger packages are available in the form of Lzenz Shopware Rise from 600,- €/ month, as well as the individual packages Shopware Evolve and Shopware Beyond. These have a special scope of services and an individual final price.

Unfortunately, we have to answer this question in the negative. The core of the new Shopware version is technologically completely new. Therefore, the system cannot be simply updated. However, we as a Shopware agency are happy to help you find a solution to get Shopware 6 running and migrated for your store.

Yes, it is possible to connect Shopware to merchandise management systems such as JTL-Wawi via various interfaces. For this purpose, we as a Shopware agency have the appropriately trained as well as experienced experts in our team.

Modern store systems like Shopware 6 are very complex, even if the basic functions are easy to learn. However, in order to get the most out of the system, you can’t avoid getting to grips with the functions intensively. A Shopware agency has the necessary competence and expertise to take into account all aspects of the design, implementation and optimization of the store. It is also possible to commission a Shopware agency only with individual measures, such as the technical support of the store, in order to place important processes in professional hands and have more time for the actual core business. Even trying to make technically complex adjustments to the Shopware store can sometimes lead to unforeseen problems.

We have a total of 64 Shopware certificates! There are quite a few different Shopware specialists in our team. At eBakery, we have everyone on board! The individual specializations are as follows:

  • Shopware 6 Certified Developer
    This has basic know-how of the Shopware technology.
  • Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Developer
    Here exists partial progress knowledge around the Shopware technology.
  • Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer
    A template designer creates customized templates for your store.
  • Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Template Designer
    Advanced Template Designers are more in-depth and good for creating custom designs, among other things.
  • Shopware 5 Certified Template Designer
    Shopware 5 is also still in circulation. You may decide not to upgrade to version 6 for a number of reasons. For this case, we also have certified Shopware 5 template designers on board.

Using the services of a Shopware agency can be beneficial for online merchants and businesses using Shopware for a variety of reasons. This is obvious, for example, when a company switches from another store system to Shopware and still needs to familiarize itself with the sometimes complex processes. A Shopware agency can ensure that the migration of the existing data goes smoothly and that the system is configured to the company’s needs so that the new store can go online quickly (keyword: time-to-market). In addition, Shopware agencies can also offer support with regard to the induction of all employees and provide appropriate training on-site or on remote. But there are definitely other situations in which cooperation with an agency can be useful. How the cooperation takes shape in detail depends on the respective requirements and goals. Feel free to contact us and discuss with us without obligation how we can effectively support you with your Shopware project.

Shopware 6 Agency

Shopware 6 is more than just an update, rather the complete technical architecture has been revised from the ground up. This not only results in significantly better performance, but also numerous new features that focus on the user experience. Highlights include the following new features:

  • Pagebuilder enables store operators to create emotional worlds of experience and provides them with numerous options for customizing product detail pages.

  • With the Sales Channels function, all products in Shopware 6 can be linked to various other sales channels. Making your own products available for social shopping via Instagram or Facebook, or transmitting the relevant product data to comparison portals and price search engines, is now easier than ever before.

  • The Rule Builder function is also one of the absolute highlights of the latest Shopware version. With the complex function, individual rules can be created where automated processes are triggered as soon as certain conditions apply. For example, the shipping costs can be automatically adjusted if a customer orders from abroad or the delivery costs can be cancelled as soon as the order value reaches a certain minimum level.

Shopware has been one of the most popular software solutions for online stores for years, and not without reason. Version number 6 once again offers numerous innovative new features from which both companies and store operators, as well as store visitors and customers, can benefit. Overall, Shopware 6 offers the following advantages:

  • faster loading times and performance

  • even more individual design and customization options

  • simple, intuitive administration

  • optimized usability for users and store visitors

  • Country-specific configuration options

  • individual creation of rules for automated processes

  • additional SEO tools

  • Integration of tracking and cookies

We are happy to be your personal contact and are available to answer any questions you may have regarding your Shopware 6 project.

We will gladly take care of your Shopware Shop

Whether version 5 or 6, migration or new creation, you will always receive a suitable offer from us. For all cases we have the Shopware expert on board and together we take care of your success. With eBakery as your Shopware agency, you have a reliable partner at your side who can draw on a network of numerous specialists. Pragmatically and goal-oriented, we take on every challenge and position your project well for the future.

Why not arrange a free preliminary consultation right now, where we will discuss all the important questions with you!

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