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As an experienced Amazon agency, we know the central importance of Amazon as a marketplace. As an eCommerce agency, we are basically familiar with many interfaces to Amazon as well as other marketplaces, so we are, for example, well acquainted with the automation as well as many other central aspects of Amazon. Rely on our expertise and hold your own against your competitors through targeted optimization. Whether it’s tasks like Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC, targeted marketing, product videos, or even product photography, eBakery is the place to go. Request a no-obligation inventory today.

Amazon SEO

As a professional SEO agency, we understand search engine optimization. Through Amazon SEO, you benefit from our many years of SEO expertise in general, as well as our specific Amazon knowledge. We know the details and settings that matter and with which you can sustainably ensure a better listing. Since the topic of search engine optimization for Amazon depends on both technology and the right instinct, a high level of experience is crucial here.

Amazon PPC

Do you already advertise on Amazon? With the help of Amazon PPC, you can target and effectively promote your products to buyers on Amazon. Basically, Amazon PPC optimization takes into account advertising media that are used within Amazon to achieve more reach for products. In order to use corresponding advertising budgets here as effectively as possible, it is a matter of making all settings optimally and also measures such as split tests and, in addition, the visual optimization of ads are decisive for the success of a campaign.

Amazon Marketing

By Amazon Marketing we mean external measures that strengthen your products on Amazon. Together with you, we develop a strategy to get additional users directly to your Amazon products. We always keep an eye on the effectiveness of the measures and pay attention not only to quantity, but also to the relevance of the traffic to be generated. The idea of return on investment is therefore fundamentally the focus.

Amazon product photography

Product images on Amazon are the figurehead for you as a seller and your brand. We support you with our know-how about Amazon product photography. Consumers on Amazon often decide after just a few moments whether to click on a particular product or stay on its landing page. The presentation of the product images is of central importance here. Reach out to our accomplished photographers and graphic designers for optimal results.

Amazon consulting through eBakery

Your Amazon agency eBakery

eBakery is your Amazon agency with many years of experience – we support you Europe-wide on all Amazon EU marketplaces (DE, UK, FR, ES and IT). As an Amazon agency, we know all the sub-disciplines that matter on the world’s largest sales platform and understand, for example, the different ranking factors, what matters in perfectly staged images, how to shoot product videos or get qualified traffic from external sources.

Amazon is also the most important product search engine. As an Amazon agency, we focus on increasing visibility and sales on Amazon. Request a free initial consultation for an Amazon consultation now.

Amazon strategy and consulting

Thanks to our many years of expertise in the operational Amazon business, with companies and online retailers of all sizes and orientations, we can provide you with comprehensive information about your opportunities on one of the most relevant sales platforms and show you how to position yourself optimally. Based on a detailed analysis of your personal requirements and needs, we develop an individual Amazon setup for you, with which you can build on a solid foundation right from the start.

In addition, our Amazon consultants will be happy to advise you on a suitable Amazon strategy designed to achieve sustainable stable growth. Our Amazon experts know exactly which measures need to be implemented to gain a long-term competitive advantage over rivals.

Amazon account management

If you want to take care of your Amazon Seller account as little as possible yourself and still want to know that your Amazon business is in safe hands, we will be happy to take over the entire account management for you. In doing so, we can monitor all account activities in real time and provide you with suggestions for action as needed. Furthermore, we manage advertisements, inventories and customer inquiries so that a smooth process is guaranteed at all times.

Of course, you also have the option of having individual areas of account management taken over by our Amazon agency.

Amazon Reporting

Today, more than ever, data is a critical key to success. Amazon tracks nearly all user activity, resulting in an almost unmanageable mass of data. In order to use this information for your own benefit, it is important to evaluate and analyze it correctly. However, this can be difficult, especially for newcomers to e-commerce.

With our comprehensive Amazon reports, you receive a clear presentation of all relevant data and complex, individual analyses at regular intervals. For example, you can analyze purchases from different suppliers and distributors and reduce costs.

Reasons that speak in favor of hiring an Amazon agency

Whether it is worthwhile for your company to hire an Amazon agency naturally depends on your individual starting situation and your specific expertise. It is therefore essential to always carry out a cost-benefit analysis. If you find that your knowledge of Amazon is limited or if you simply don’t have enough time to devote to optimizing your Amazon presence, working with an agency can be a worthwhile investment.

Even if you or your company already have extensive expertise in the field of Amazon sales and are able to develop and implement effective strategies yourself, working with an agency may make sense in certain circumstances, for example if you want to save valuable time and resources. In addition, an agency can increase overall efficiency through specialized, platform-specific knowledge and help you reach your sales goals on Amazon faster.

Take advantage of our expertise and benefit from numerous advantages

Whatever your individual situation is, in order to sell on Amazon with maximum success and exploit its full potential, it is advisable to consult an established Amazon agency that has the necessary expertise to successfully position a product, brand or company on the platform and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Maximum expertise in terms of platform rules and requirements
    Our agency has extensive knowledge and experience of Amazon’s specific platform rules and requirements. We are also familiar with current trends and best practices to ensure that your business complies with all guidelines at all times and can operate successfully.
  • Avoidance or early detection and resolution of potential problems
    Thanks to our many years of expertise, we have worked with companies and online retailers of all shapes and sizes. This enables us to identify potential problems at an early stage and solve them quickly and effectively. In this way, we avoid downtime or other negative effects for your company.
  • Freeing up staff for other important tasks
    If you choose us as your competent Amazon partner, you can relieve your internal staff of time-consuming tasks, allowing your employees to concentrate on their core competencies and strategic tasks. This maximizes your team’s productivity and frees up time for other important company activities.
  • Cost optimization
    Using our expertise and effective strategies, we can optimize your spending on advertising, warehousing, logistics and other business areas to increase the profitability of your business activities and minimize overall costs. Professional support and regular optimization can lead to cost savings that will have a positive impact on your company’s balance sheet in the long term.

Use your full potential

Through our customized solutions and effective marketing strategies, we as an Amazon agency can increase your company’s sales and improve its overall competitiveness on the Amazon marketplace. Let us help you take your Amazon business to the next level! Contact us today and let our experienced team provide you with professional advice.

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