Amazon Backend Keyword Byte Counter

You can use our keyword tool for this

For Amazon backend keywords bytes and characters count. Never get over the 250 bytes maximum in your Amazon account again. Get the most out of your Amazon backend keywords with this free 250-byte tool.

Amazon Backend Keyword Byte Limit

Amazon does not count directly by character here, but by byte. This can be a bit confusing, because a character is not always a byte. It can be more or less. Normal letters usually have one byte – but if you insert e.g. an emoji like 😀 it consumes 4 bytes. This hook ✅ consumes 3 bytes. An “ä” is also a letter, but it consumes 2 bytes. So to keep within the limit of 250 bytes and to use it optimally, you need a byte counter.

Exceed Amazon Backend Keyword Byte Limit

If you exceed the limit, the entire keyword will not be counted. By the way, the limit applies to all fields together. If you have already stored 150 bytes (not characters) in the first field, you can therefore use only 100 bytes in the second field.

Test Amazon Backend Keywords

To check if your keywords have been accepted, you can perform a simple test. Write your ASIN and one of the keywords in the Amazon search. See your products, everything is fine. Otherwise shorten the keyword to a suitable size

Amazon SEO from eBakery

As experts in Amazon SEO, we are happy to optimize your products and keywords. While a good keyword byte counter can be a supplement, it also requires good keywords. We analyze your products and the target group. We will then compile new keywords for you, optimize the existing ones and, if desired, also create advertisements if your products have been difficult to find so far.

We are happy to work with your marketing team on this.

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