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The extension for your WordPress

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The extension for your WordPress

You want to set up your webshop based on WooCommerce? Then eBakery is the right address for you! As an accomplished WooCommerce agency with more than a decade of hands-on experience, we have the full range of services on board that you need to implement a sustainably successful store. Starting from experienced programmers, design specialists, copywriters, marketing consultants, to specialists in SEO and SEA. Thus, we provide you with everything you need from a single source. With eBakery you fall back on an agency, which is generally also familiar with all issues around the CMS WordPress, which is used in conjunction with WooCommerce. No matter how you imagine your WooCommerce webshop, we surely have a suitable and individual solution ready for you, incl. Development of tamplates and all necessary technical connections. Simply contact us and let us convince you in a first free consultation!

Background: WooCommerce is a free online store system built on the world’s most popular content management system (CMS): WordPress. WordPress serves about 34% of websites worldwide and is also the most popular CMS alongside the others with 60.8% market share. This is mainly due to the ease of use, good extensibility and good development. The community is very large and helpful, which is why new plugins and bug fixes are delivered again and again. And it’s completely free with your own hosting.

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Set up WooCommerce

After the famous 5-minute WordPress installation, you can install WooCommerce without any further preparations. WooCommerce is a plugin that is installed normally from the backend of WordPress. To do this, simply click on “Plugins / Install Plugins” on the left and write “woocommerce” in the search field at the top right. Now click on “Install” for the plugin, then on “Activate” – done.

After the short installation, you can start directly with the settings and first define your company data, as well as tax settings there. If in doubt, consult your tax advisor here, otherwise it can quickly become expensive.

After you have checked all the settings, you can proceed with the products.

Add WooCommerce products

Via the menu item “Products / All products”, which you can find in the left area, you can either create individual products or also start an import. The list to be imported must be in CSV format and have UTF-8 encoding. In the list you can provide all the details regarding the products, from the item number to the description and links to the pictures.

WooCommerce then imports all the data, creates the categories and fetches the images to link them to the products. Depending on the number of products and server capacity, this may take some time.

By the way, WooCommerce is not limited to a certain number of products. With a suitable server, even more than 15,000 products are no problem if the WordPress installation that underlies it all is optimized accordingly. This can be done with plugins and appropriate expertise, which we have built up over the last few years.

Custom store design by a WooCommerce agency

As a full-service WooCommerce agency with many years of experience in e-commerce, we always put special emphasis on the look and feel of online stores.

The design of a WooCommerce online store must meet some criteria to make potential buyers stay on the site and, at best, make a purchase. Numerous studies prove and show that it usually takes only a few seconds for a user to make a decision. If you do not manage to convince him within this period of time, he will most likely go to another store.

A clearly structured start page and navigation are only the basis. Furthermore, the ratio of texts and images, the general user-friendliness and functionality as well as the choice of colors and the graphic design also play a major role in the design of an online store. In the best case, the corporate design is also reflected in the store design.

Our WooCommerce experts are able to perform extensive redesigns of the basic templates, so that maximum recognition value is given and the design of the WooCommerce store fully meets the expectations of the respective target group.

Customized technical configuration

In many cases, it is important that an online store not only visually fits the company. WooCommerce offers a whole range of special features for this purpose, which can be added to the basic version as needed. For example, the most popular WooCommerce extensions include:

  • Stripe and PayPal
    It is not uncommon for store visitors to abort shortly before completing an order because they cannot find their preferred payment provider. With these two free payment gateways, the payment methods can be expanded.
  • Direct Checkout
    This enhancement speeds up the checkout process immensely by eliminating the need for customers to add products to the digital shopping cart first. With the Direct Checkout option, products can be purchased directly from the product page.
  • Smart coupons
    This additional function allows you to create vouchers, discount codes or coupons. For example, advertising campaigns can be supported in an uncomplicated and effective way, or regular customers can be rewarded.

The installation of WooCommerce extensions differs in some aspects from the installation of WordPress plugins, gladly we as WooCommerce agency support our clients in this process as well. Overall, WooCommerce offers the following advantages that can benefit both large and small online retailers and businesses:

  • In the basic version, the WordPress store system is completely free.
  • Simple and quick installation and intuitive operation.
  • WordPress as a basis provides a powerful content management system (CMS).
  • Numerous plugins and extensions enable individual adaptation of the online store environment to the respective needs.
  • WooCommerce offers extensive search engine optimization (SEO) features for more traffic.
  • A large community offers quick help with frequently asked questions
  • Continuous development.
  • Legal certainty for the German-speaking region.

Customize WooCommerce for the German market

Originally, WooCommerce was developed for the American market. As with many other store systems, this results in some conflicts with German law regarding the processing of personal data. Problematic are, for example, the request of a delivery address or the integration of a checkbox for the cookie hint. Nevertheless, a free extension makes it possible to use WooCommerce legally compliant and without restrictions in Germany. We as a WooCommerce agency are up to date in this respect.

Via the freemium plugin WooCommerce Germanized, WooCommerce is adapted to the German market. In the free variant, all legal requirements are already met, which includes information on delivery times and shipping costs as well as taxes. In the paid Pro version, legal texts are also attached to e-mails as PDFs. You will also receive sample texts for general terms and conditions, right of withdrawal, etc.

WooCommerce and ERP systems

Since WooCommerce is so popular, there are also interfaces to many major ERP systems, like JTL-Wawi. Here the interface is called “Connector” and is maintained by JTL software itself. This always ensures that the Connector is up to date.

The connector is free of charge and is booked as a license in the JTL customer center. This still includes a plugin that can also be installed via the backend of WordPress. Then enter the store data into the connector in JTL-Wawi and the connection is established. Now the stocks are continuously reconciled and you always have an overview. An interface is also available for the Xentral ERP system. Orders are matched and recorded in the system.

If orders come through these interfaces, you can also specify in the ERP system that shipping labels are printed, order confirmations are sent to the customer by e-mail, and much more.

We set up WooCommerce for you

We will be happy to set up this successful store system for you so that you can increase your sales more quickly. From the installation to the product images to the texts, we can fully support you, because WordPress SEO is also part of our tasks as a WordPress agency.

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