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See for yourself that eBakery is the leading Gambio store agency. We are not only official partner for the Gambio store system, we are also your partner around eCommerce and your success all along the line. We ensure, thanks to our over 10 years of expertise, the profitability of your online store and will lead you safely by the hand to success.

Only a handful of eCommerce agencies provide holistic consulting and strategic planning that is so sustainable that you, as an online retailer or multichannel distributor, can cope with the rapid dynamics in eCommerce. We customize your Gambio store with marketing – tailored to your needs. Your maximum profit with minimum effort is our is our work mission.

Gambio store software

Over 25,000 users successfully use the Gambio software. The German Bundestag in Berlin also sells products from the “High House” in its Gambio Shop. There are no better references! Be our reference.

Gambio combines everything you need to sell successfully online: A modern, visually appealing store system with a wide range of functions, connected to all major marketplaces and payment systems, and optimized out of the box for the best search engine rankings.

We are the
eCommerce agency
of your trust and ensure performance and future-proofing of your online store or multichannel sales with the Gambio store software.

The history of Gambio

Gambio was founded in Oldenburg in 2005. Daniel Schnadt created the first version of the software while still in his childhood bedroom. From there, Gambio has grown into a real empire, generating more than two billion euros annually: Today, the company is based in Bremen with 60 employees and uses its experience as a start-up to also lead other companies to the success it enjoys itself.

Gambio Partner and e-Commerce Experts: Get there with eBakery

If you need help with planning and sales, you have come to the right place: we will take care of your projects from the initial idea to practical implementation, and you will get a tailor-made solution for each of your problems. Your online store and the marketplaces will be interlocked and your products will be present on all desired platforms. Whether you need a Gambio agency or support regarding other store systems, our expertise results from over 10 years of market experience and a large number of satisfied customers. We actively focus on your competitiveness and make you a rock, no matter how dynamically the e-commerce market is currently developing.

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Holistic planning and consulting by a Gambio agency

In order to remain competitive in the long term, it is enormously important to gain an edge over the competition. However, this is only possible if all relevant areas of e-commerce are included in the planning and strategic orientation. Many online retailers fall far short of their theoretical sales potential by neglecting individual areas. With a Gambio agency / a Gambio partner you get the maximum of possibilities!

Also, many rely on structures once created. A holistic e-commerce strategy must remain flexible and be constantly adapted to changing conditions such as user behavior, current trends or technical possibilities. Without constant optimization of processes and workflows, it is difficult to achieve long-term success in online retailing.

Take advantage of our expertise and create an optimal basis for long-term successful online business with a Gambio store tailored to your individual needs.

eBakery as Gambio Partner

Gambio is similar to Shop Ware, a German store system that is aimed at both small and large businesses and is especially suitable for startups. The low costs make Gambio especially attractive for career changers with slim wallets, and the fact that you don’t need any complicated configuration with the cloud solution particularly underscores its enormous beginner-friendliness. Gambio scores points for having a variety of attractive features that are extremely expensive in many competing products. If you want to sell your items abroad, Gambio is also very good, the check out is compatible with different currencies and the digital “paperwork” is also very easy to manage. We at eBakery are happy to act as your Gambio partner and will show you every trick imaginable to get the most out of your online store.

Your agency for Gambio: How to bring your webshop to the top

Gambio’s internal hosting provides all users with a pre-built store and competent 24/7 support. There are a total of three available rates to choose from: the start-up rate costs EUR 19.95 per month. “Small Business” is priced at 49.95. The most expensive of the bunch is “Professional” and offers the most comprehensive service for 99.95 euros. In any case, you get your own encrypted domain, automated updates, your own account manager as a partner and much more. It is possible to test Gambio for free, for that you go to the official page of the manufacturer and you can choose from two options: You can get a 14-day private demo store or some public test stores. Those who want to experiment with Gambio for the first time can use the free open source software and practice extensively in webshop operation. However, support is not available for the latter variant.

Gambio Partner or better without agency?

With the hosting rates and the related pre-built store software, it is actually not necessary to resort to a Gambio agency. Unless your store has a high logistical effort or a very large selection of items: eBakery will gladly take this problem away from you and provide you with clarity. The situation is different with the self-hosted variant: The Gambio webshop is more complex and more difficult to use than most other store systems. Installing and setting up the content is so difficult that you won’t get far without expertise. Fortunately, as an official Gambio partner and leading Gambio agency, we have the tools to make even the most difficult processes a breeze. If you still decide to set it up on your own, you need to keep in mind that CSS and HTML know-how are vital for this.

Freely configurable and customizable

The design of Gambio and the store environment can be customized. Our CSS experts ensure a coherent design and adapt it to your corporate design if necessary. In addition, a number of add-on modules offer extensive expansion options. For example, the following functions can be added and optimizations achieved:

  • Create coupon codes and discounts
  • Load time optimization
  • Create QR codes for payments
  • Inform customers of out-of-stock products via automated email about availability
  • Search engine and social media. Optimization
  • Place 360° product images optimally

It’s hugely important to offer your customers the best possible shopping experience. Depending on the target group, different aspects must be taken into account. In general, the more benefits an online store offers users, the more likely they are to make a purchase and thus become potential repeat customers. This is also what the Gambio experts at our agency stand for.

Cloud plan or classic hosting?

Meanwhile, more and more online retailers are opting for cloud-based store systems. In order to also give them a way to use Gambio and benefit from the advantages, Gambio is now also available as a cloud version. The advantages in contrast to classic hosting are mainly the simple installation and automatic updates.

With classic hosting, the setup and installation as well as updating the software can be complicated for inexperienced users. This is where the support of an experienced Gambio agency can be of great help. Of course, we are able to provide you with competent support or comprehensive advice for all processes in this context. Which variant is best for your project depends on different aspects, basically the range of functions is about the same. The advantage of a self-hosted Gambio solution is that it allows third-party extensions to be integrated into the system, making it even more flexible to use.

The advantages of Gambio at a glance:

  • Automatic updates
  • Unlimited number of articles
  • secure SSL encryption and privacy package
  • full-featured store system
  • numerous enhancements
  • several variants for different requirements
  • German developer (DSGVO compliant)

Contact Gambio partner eBakery today for a no obligation consultation regarding your Gambio project.

Topic legal certainty

Fortunately, Gambio offers extensive legal texts for all tariffs, such as imprint and data protection. GTCs and other documents were prepared with the help of a lawyer. The internal update service and the legal assumption of liability do the rest to keep all processes within the legal framework. After answering a few questions, you will quickly receive customized legal content that is completely tailored to your needs: Their implementation is automatically adopted and all changes reach you immediately. With the constant changes in German law, many business owners feel nervous and tense: No wonder, with all the losses that jurisdiction can cause. Gambio offers absolute security through real-time updates and the prevention, of all avoidable warnings. Moreover, as a German company, Gambio is adapted to German law from the start and knows the needs of the national market perfectly.


Anyone looking for a store system that offers good customer support and legal security. is at the right address with Gambio. One of the biggest advantages is that the many features that are very expensive in the competition are simply included here. With small investments you get a large range of functions. For small businesses, Gambio is definitely the right choice. If you have been in the race for a while, you can set up extensive extensions with the help of a Gambio partner and make the software lucrative for your needs as well. One of the disadvantages is that Gambio does not offer English-language support, making it difficult to work in international teams. However, the foolproof application of the cloud version is one of the strongest arguments for its use: if you want to take care of getting appealing themes for your store, we at eBakery are here to help and advise you as well. If you value a strong community, you can use the help forum with tens of thousands of posts and get support in all situations. The internal marketing tools make creating newsletters and social media content very easy, and you can make design changes in record time. The respective optimization for smartphones, tablets and desktops has proven to be particularly practical. With just a few simple steps, you have customized everything for your customers. If you are considering which version is best for you, it remains to be said that all beginners should stick to the cloud version and the self-hosted version should definitely not be considered without a powerful agency. We at eBakery, will be happy to take care of your webshop and you will benefit from our extensive expertise in any case.

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