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The store system from France

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The store system from France

PrestaShop is a French store system and therefore mainly represented there. However, many PrestaShop installations can also be seen in the German eCommerce market. Read here to find out why and whether PrestaShop is also suitable for your business.

PrestaShop on the German market

The basic installation of PrestaShop is free and the system is not as resource hungry as Magento, for example. Nevertheless, it is highly customizable. Also, there are many themes and modules available that you can use to customize your store to your liking. Although these are usually chargeable, the investment is also worthwhile.

For the German market, of course, certain requirements must be met. From the imprint requirement to the legal requirements at checkout to the correct order confirmation, PrestaShop is easy to customize. To do this, simply install the free “Legal Security” module from the PrestaShop extension catalog.

The module is developed and kept up-to-date by PrestaShop itself. In the settings you will find everything important to adapt your store to the German market. A cookie module, as well as a DSGVO module are also available free of charge.


Symfony is the framework for PrestaShop and the software has more than 600 features. Thousands of templates and clean working modules guarantee a flexible solution for e-commerce. Resource conservation is already inherent in Presta’s design. Because all functions are very modular. The system is very easy to configure and customize. All elements and features are completely under your control, whether it’s choosing payment methods and shipping providers. Through Smarty, you have a variety of templates at your disposal and can enjoy a good, free basic software that makes it possible to decide for yourself what content you want to access and what you spend money on. Although the quite demanding maintenance requires the support of a good presta-shop agency, the high customizability outweighs many disadvantages.

For whom is PrestaShop suitable

PrestaShop is not suitable for beginners. Handling and interface are suitable mainly for medium and large companies, because installation and necessary extents, are designed difficult and usually require a professional PrestaShop partner: In any case, it is absolutely necessary to have knowledge of CSS and HTML, However, to get the most out of PrestaShop, you should be proficient in mySol and PHP: PrestaShop is created for these systems and offers the greatest added value for those who are versed in them. Although the software can often generate costs due to the extensions, it is still cheaper than Magento and other alternatives. For those who are looking for a versatile store system and have high demands, PrestaShop is the ideal choice.

PrestaShop individualize

There are some designs that you can easily install, but it should be adapted to your corporate design . Our designers will be happy to take on this work. Since the designs can be customized only with expertise, this should be done by professionals. Then nothing will stand in the way of your further success with PrestaShop.

A completely new design is rarely necessary, because usually the designs can be customized quite well. In addition, all standard designs and most of the other available ones are already mobile-friendly. This not only pleases your customers, Google also rewards this with a better ranking. Even more: websites that do not provide a mobile-optimized version are penalized with a lower ranking.

So if your online store is still using an old design that is not responsive, you should improve it as soon as possible. We will be happy to do this for you and customize everything to your company.

PrestaShop Backend

The admin area, where you will probably spend more time than in the front area, is well structured and easy to use.

This makes it easy for beginners to maintain categories and articles, as well as process orders and create content. Additional modules can also be installed quickly if you want to expand your store. This allows you to install modules for all major shipping and payment service providers, so you can offer your customers more convenience and process orders faster.

PrestaShop Frontend: The face of your online store

A well-designed front end is as inviting as a smiling face. Because PrestaShops Frontend has a special clarity and the usage is very intuitive, your customers will feel right at home. The creation of the different product categories is as simple as it is effective. The search function allows your customers to search for products both by name, category or tag. The filters allow to search the products by all possible scales. This functionality provides customers with all the convenience they need and is especially good for mid-sized businesses that want to optimize their user experience and take their e-commerce game to the next level. Customers and webmasters will love your store.

PrestaShop Marketing

This is where PrestaShop scores. Meta titles and meta descriptions for articles and categories are already possible out of the box. This makes it easier for you to control what appears in search engine results pages (SERPs) when someone finds your product.

Further possibilities can be opened up via modules, such as newsletter or e-mail campaigns.

PrestaShop system requirements

PrestaShop can be installed on comparatively small servers, but you should keep in mind that the online store should be able to serve many customers at the same time. We will be happy to advise you on which server is right for your project.

If you want to check whether your current server meets the software requirements, you can do this with the System Requirements Tool. Here, all requirements are clearly displayed and traffic light colors indicate whether the current software or setting is OK or not.

Attractive design with your PrestaShop agency

PrestaShop scores with a wonderfully simple layout that proves to be totally clear and functional. However, discerning tastes can also resort to a variety of templates for customization. There are many free designs and especially professional templates that can claim top prices of up to 300 euros. If you want to get the most out of your design opportunities, eBakery is the place to go: We create designs with you that are functional and cost-effective. As your partner for PrestaShop and established service for over 10 years, we are your agency for e-commerce.

Your partner when it comes to PrestaShop

Because the default template is so popular and designed according to the principles of Responsive Design, it also works wonderfully, with tablets and smartphones. Because not all of the paid templates are suitable for mobile view, as your partner we will pay special attention to ensure Responsive Design always. Moreover, with PrestaShop you can enjoy a very good backend that has excellent functionality. Those hoping for social media integration must first add it with a plug-in. Your webmaster will thank you. eBakery is happy to consult if you need more about extents and voucher and coupon management. With us you have the right e-commerce partner for all situations.

Different versions and regional differences

Because the original, French version of PrestaShop does not meet the legal standards of Germany, there is an extra version adapted to our market. Meanwhile, Presta Shop is very easy to use and legally compliant with DSGVO. The module “GermaNext”, makes it possible: With this module not only the menu language was Germanized, but all necessary plug-ins are still supplied, which guarantee the legal security. Because the developers are now working on a cloud version, this is available in your beta and you can try it out for free. All in all, you can expect a dynamic and versatile advanced store system that will open all doors for you with a little help. However, without a partner, the handling becomes very complicated: The right agency can work wonders for you and reliably bring your business to the top.

We install your PrestaShop

Are you looking for a PrestaShop partner and an agency that has your back? You want competent advice that is time and cost efficient and a store installation that goes smoothly? eBakery is the PrestShop agency of your choice, especially because the management of the store is more elaborate than the competition. With stores that are constantly growing, it is necessary to have a partner who can provide you with a complete overview of all the items and mechanisms, and advise you on all the pitfalls and traps of e-commerce. You achieve maximum transparency and we provide you with all the advantages of a uniform and dynamic design.

PrestaShop is a free system only at first sight. The software works on the so-called freemium principle. In practice, this means that the backbone of the software is freely available, but all other modules, plug-ins and functions are available for a fee. Thus, the basics of working with Prestashop are possible without a budget, but the complexity of the software and the subsequent acquisition of additional functions requires investment. In the case of the latter, this has the advantage that you only have to spend money on things you really need. However, PrestaShop requires professional guidance because its handling is more complicated than usual.

We will be happy to install PrestaShop on your server or a new one if you don’t have one yet. We set up the store and do the basic configuration so that you only have to provide the items. After everything is online, we will continue to maintain your PrestaShop if you wish, so that you are always up to date with the latest software and are also ahead in the search engine rankings.

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