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eBakery supports you in all matters around Xentral! As an official Xentral Enterprise Partner, we look back on many years of experience and have known Xentral ERP since the early days when it was still called “WaWision”. Since then, we have accompanied numerous customers on their way to success with Xentral and have always maintained a very close, direct relationship with the manufacturer, which we also visited on site, among other things. Benefit from our accomplished team of Xentral developers and experts in numerous related fields. As a full-service agency, we can not only be your Xentral service partner, but also professionally handle all directly and indirectly related tasks at the same time. Contact us, for a free initial consultation to determine your exact needs!

Xentral is a centralized enterprise software for startups and established companies of all industries alike. eBakery, Xentral agency and longtime specialist with certified staff, can support you as official Xentral Enterprise Partner of Xentral ERP Software GmbH during implementation and realization and present individually tailored solutions for you and your company.

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What is Xentral?

Xentral ERP evolved from a simple enterprise resource planning system into a comprehensive solution that can cover external processes from online ordering and delivery as well as internal processes from purchasing to accounting and production. In this way, Xentral has become a powerful enterprise software that is so flexible and powerful that it now handles over 12,000 orders every day. It is easy to use, clear, customer-friendly and can be expanded as required. Due to its modular design, Xentral can meet any requirement and can be customized without limits thanks to its open interfaces.

How you benefit from our services as Xentral agency

Modern online trade is inconceivable without complex software. In order to be able to organize and control all business areas of a company optimally, one has to rely on intelligent software solutions or ERP systems such as Xentral. Online retailers and companies that choose Xentral as their ERP software create an optimal expandable starting point for their online business. As an Xentral agency, we support our customers with a holistic view of individual requirements and help to create an organizational structure that meets all the demands of modern online commerce and simplifies business processes in a holistic manner.

  • As an official Xentral Service Partner, our staff is qualified and always up to date with new features, enhancements or version changes.
  • We see ourselves as a full-service provider, so you get Xentral support from a single source. Coordination between different service providers is eliminated.
  • Our Xentral experts are able to configure Xentral and implement appropriate modules to best match the software environment to industry-specific and individual requirements.
  • Existing e-commerce environments and tools can also be easily connected to Xentral, providing more flexibility and room for growth.
  • Benefit from our expertise. As a Xentral agency, we have already helped numerous clients realize a solid e-commerce environment based on Xentral that is flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.

We are your personal contact in all matters concerning Xentral and can take care of your individual concerns in a timely manner. If you have any questions for us as an Xentral agency, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation with one of our Xentral experts.

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Business workflows
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Team functions

Xentral Enterprise Partner

eBakery is an official Xentral Enterprise Partner and therefore has the necessary know-how to support you in development and implementation and to realize your requirements to your full satisfaction. The modular structure of the modern business software allows the ERP solution to be expanded and adapted as required.

Warehouse management and structure
in Xentral Talk

eBakery in conversation with Benedikt Sauter about different types of warehouse management, warehouse structures, their advantages and disadvantages as well as requirements of eCommerce merchants for a modern and pragmatic ERP.

and Picking in Xentral Talk

eBakery in conversation with Benedikt Sauter from Xentral. The two talk about different types of picking and sensible picking methods, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Hands-on experience and requirements of eCommerce merchants for a modern and innovative ERP like Xentral.

eBakery as a guest
in Xentral Talk

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Bitter love

Due to an appearance of the startup BitterLiebe on the well-known TV series “Höhle der Löwen”, a high volume of inquiries was to be expected. In addition, it was important to realize the project quickly. So a solid online store with a strong technical foundation had to be realized here.

The aim was to connect the online store to the Xentral ERP enterprise resource planning system and thus implement a perfect logistics process for the e-commerce area of the start-up. It was important that everything was ready to go before the day the TV show aired.

eBakery was able to meet the deadline and worked closely with ERP specialist Xentral on this. In just one day, the store received around 10,000 orders and a total of
2.9 million covered the BitterLiebe products on TV. This generated numerous web page hits, which the website was able to withstand due to a solid technical foundation.

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Customer inquiries in 24h
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Customer satisfaction

“For a quick implementation and a streamlined sales funnel, the Xentral team worked with eCommerce agency eBakery on this project. In less than eight weeks, the world behind BitterLove was smartly set up.”

BitterPower Ltd.


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