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Before installing JTL-Wawi, check if your system meets JTL-Wawi requirements and only then download the latest JTL-Wawi version.

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a variety of professional services. Our services include JTL consulting (software, Wawi, WMS, eazyAuction), installation/setup, JTL training, template customization and much more.

An enterprise resource planning system is an IT-supported model that maps all flows of goods in business processes. The functionality is built on a database that manages all master and transaction data. With the help of such software, all areas of the company can constantly have up-to-date data. Above a certain size, no company can avoid using an enterprise resource planning system. Using JTL-Wawi, for example, all sales channels – no matter how many online stores are operated – can be managed in a single place in terms of assortment maintenance, inventory adjustment and order processing. In addition to invoices, reminders and credit notes, supplier orders and incoming invoices are recorded there. Prices and inventory levels of offers on eBay, Amazon and in the company’s own online stores are automatically adjusted as soon as a sale is made via one of these sales channels. Customers can thus concentrate fully on order processing and goods procurement rather than on inventory adjustment.

For all who want to make their business processes simple: JTL Wawi

By downloading JTL Wawi you will make their business processes a breeze. The flow of goods runs clearly and you gain complete control over your business. The handling is intuitive and easy to understand, your workflows are automated to such an extent that completely new possibilities are opened up to you: You can couple your JTL Wawi with various cash register systems if required and have excellent warehouse management. There is the possibility to use the software location-independent

and to involve their employees. Moreover, you can freely choose whether you prefer the cloud solution or have Wawi installed on your computer.

JTL Wawi Dowload as the beginning of your business success

It doesn’t matter whether you are a high-flyer or already experienced: A good enterprise resource planning software will be the factor that will give you the decisive advantage over the competition. As someone who saves a lot of money and nerves, by downloading JTL Wawi you can focus on more important things than your stress and take your business to a whole new level. You are ready to face the world of e-commerce and network your business units in such a way that you can cope with all the demands of everyday life. Everything at a glance, everything just a mouse click away.

JTL Wawi as the heart of your business

The purpose of a digital merchandise software is to have all relevant data at a glance and under control. We provide you with the JTL Wawi download, so you can have all your customer and supplier data in one go: You can seamlessly connect Amazon, eBay and many stores of your choice and optimize your picking and packing processes with internal solutions. All these features give you control over your growth and you decide yourself what you want to invest: You have the chance to move forward without a big budget and and become part of the very lively JTL community.

Logistics made easy with JTL Wawi download

JTl-Wawi also provides you with full service when it comes to purchasing: topics such as purchasing lists and supplier orders are easily managed for you. Moreover, you can manage the delivery status very easily and have all your invoices at a glance. It is easy to integrate the in-house JTL-Vouchers function into your merchandise management and to create vouchers of any kind: The JTL-Portal makes it possible. Connect JTL store, the POS system and other features and off you go.

Community and software that adapts to your needs

JTL-Wawi is constantly being developed and perfected. The JTL-IssueTracker is the tool that makes you the co-creator of the ideal merchandise management: you are completely involved and your feedback becomes the basis for the development of new content and improvements. You will get an insight into how JTL works and follow how problems are fixed. You can always give your input, your input is welcome to the developer and provides him with the motivation to constantly improve your experience as a user.

JTL Wawi and the maintenance of your assortment

The Product Information Management (PIM) of JTL-Wawi provides control over your assortment. JTL is especially suitable for merchants who take care of their own shipping, because returns and logistics are extremely simplified. Entrepreneurs who have little desire for bookkeeping will breathe a sigh of relief: individual tax settings round off the overall package in an attractive way. Especially companies that are growing fast should be excited about JTL Wawis features: The more orders you get, the less time you have for manual processes. Wawi remedies this and offers automated workflows of the highest class.

Help with JTL Wawi

You can choose from a variety of features to suit every budget. What features they need will determine what products you sell. As a food vendor, you need a very different approach than a t-shirt and merchandising store. Fortunately, there is a massive abundance of tutorials and help that will leave no questions unanswered. We are happy to support you with the setup: As a JTL service partner, it is eBakery’s pleasure to read all your wishes from your eyes and to advise you as well as possible. Among other things, you get a price plan so that you only buy the things you really need.

JTL Wawi: Conclusion

All in all, Wawi is an excellent German store system which scores with its strong community and good service. A low effort and an extremely high flexibility make it the tool for everyone who wants to be successful in e-commerce. If you are interested in the installation and support of Wawi, you are welcome to arrange a no-obligation consultation with us. We at eBakery, are already looking forward to a productive conversation.

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