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From the very beginning, we at eBakery have been following the rise of artificial intelligence and were among the first to set up a service offering as a ChatGPT agency. For example, we can help you with ChatGPT Prompt Engineering and support you in the proper operation of the AI. Fed the right data and parameters, AI systems like ChatGPT are a tool that makes the unexpected possible. Automate internal processes, create AI-generated texts or even program code. We as ChatGPT agency coach you in the possibilities of this technology and support you in the optimal practical use. Inquire with us today without obligation!

AI is causing a revolution

Not only can business processes be optimized through the use of AI technology, companies can also benefit greatly from artificial intelligence in other areas. As a ChatGPT agency, we are a specialist agency, with a focus on implementing AI solutions for companies from German-speaking countries. We can help you realize the potential of ChatGPT in your business and use the technology in a way that can greatly simplify and speed up many of your business processes. In the future, numerous tasks will be optimized in such a way that this can significantly reduce personnel expenses as well as other costs. You too can be part of this trend right from the start.

Wide range of applications for your business

Whether in the financial sector, in manufacturing or even in retail, ChatGPT’s application areas are diverse. The AI-powered communication solution can be used in any company and significantly improve internal communication, customer service as well as marketing and product management. Already today, corresponding solutions are successfully used and one can expect that the possibilities will greatly expand in the future.Already today, your company can benefit from the use of customized ChatGPT solutions, especially in the following areas:

  • Virtual assistants and chatbots (automated customer service)
  • automated creation of personalized content for social media and co.
  • Automatically generated reporting and reporting
  • Replacement / supplement for classic search engines / search functions
  • Analysis of user behavior / customer behavior

Automated content creation in particular should not be underestimated. ChatGPT is not only able to create simple texts like product descriptions, also topic-related articles, blog entries or newsletters are possible with the technology.

Your competent partner in the field of AI and ChatGPT

As a ChatGPT agency, we have specialized staff, with a thorough understanding of the technology and extensive know-how on specific use cases. For example, our specialists know exactly what is important when defining a target-oriented ChatGPT Promt. Thus, we as an agency are able to advise and support you competently in every aspect around ChatGPT. Together with you, we develop customized solutions that are precisely geared to your individual needs and the specific requirements of your business. Our services at a glance:

  • Individual consulting on the specific areas of application in your company
  • industry-specific adaptation of ChatGPT to your individual needs
  • Implementation of customized ChatGPT solutions into your business processes
  • Optimization of ChatGPT solutions
  • ChatGPT Promt Engineering

Take advantage of the opportunity to gain a long-term competitive advantage over rivals and competitors, increase the efficiency of numerous areas of your business, and work with us to deliver the best possible user experience to your customers.

Contact us today

We are your competent partner when it comes to ChatGPT and the successful development of innovative AI applications to optimize business processes. Work with us to ensure that processes can be made more effective and implemented, and that your customers and potential new customers can benefit from the use of new technologies. Arrange a no-obligation consultation today and let us show you the potential and possible use cases specifically for your business.


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