Wie wird Ihr JTL-Shop gefunden?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means to establish a website on the top positions of well-known search engines under frequently frequented search terms. The need is obvious, as over 90 percent of Internet users use search engines. They often click no further than the first two or three pages(SERPs; Search Engine Result Pages). A professional search engine optimization includes a number of measures that aim at a sustainable increase of the ranking.

Wichtige Maßnahmen für Ihr SEO

Search engine optimization means a lot of work, change and control. Like a baked good at the bakery, which is prepared, baked, checked and advertised until it is finally bought by the customer, this is how your search engine optimization must be treated.

On-page SEO:

  • Optimization of content (texts, graphics, media)
  • Optimization of technology (WebServer)
  • Source code optimization (H1 – H6, <p>, <a>, …)
  • Meta tags (Title, Discription, FB OpenGraph optimization)
  • Cross-link optimization
  • uvm.

weitere SEO Maßnahmen

Off-page optimization:

  • Backlinks / Link building
  • Listing in meta search engines
  • Entry in directories, such as DMOZ, Wikipedia, Alexa and Co.
  • Manual indexing on Google, Bing and Yahoo!
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Google Page / Google Business / Google Maps
  • uvm.

Regular analysis and tracking

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Data protection formulations
  • uvm.

JTL SEO; search engine optimization from A, like Google Ads to Z, like target group analysis.

What is JTL SEO?

Sales & turnover in your JTL store are generated by satisfied visitors to your website. So far – so good: Sounds quite simple! But how do we get these visitors to the website? Answer: Either through expensive paid online advertising (Ads (formerly AdWords), Facebook, banners, etc.) or through good rankings in the organic (= not paid) Google search. But how do you rank well? How fast does it happen? And for which search phrases?

Below are some hints from practice, which of course can only touch on the complex topic of SEO and best thanks to the colleagues at eBakery for giving me the opportunity to do so.


Keyword research instead of flying blind

The basis of every successful initial optimization is a keyword research. Using various tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush or the Google Keyword Planner, it is determined with which keywords end consumers actually search and how often this happens on average (search volume/month).

After the keyword research and the definition of a keyword strategy, the keyword mapping follows, i.e. the assignment of the most relevant keywords to the individual URLs. A special focus in your JTL store is on the categories, because the searching users should “land” on these landing pages if possible.


The power of the links

Links boost the performance of your store in organic search. The internal links tell the search engine which pages are the most important. 8-10 internal links for each URL that should rank are mandatory. Often you can already reach this via the main navigation – but you can also often use useful internal links within a product text.

The external backlinks of other quality domains and pages are valuable recommendations for your JTL store, which remain unchanged among the strongest ranking criteria in the Google universe. This means nothing other than that even stores with outstanding content and high usability would be well advised to engage in continuous link building.


Rankings – Not from now on

Everything done right and still not (yet) on page 1? Take it easy, because there are no top rankings overnight. First, you also need to build trust for Google. This applies to your domain as well as to individual URLs and all links. But staying on the ball is worth it!


Conclusion: JTL SEO is very important

Search engine optimization (SEO) can significantly influence the number of visitors to your JTL store. It is not a sprint, but rather an endurance run. The focus is on content & links based on a keyword strategy, which is also crucial for the formulation of the important meta information. Here you can find a more detailed article about SEO for JTL stores.

Good content is important in the store

The next step is the creation of content. Google and Bing are text search engines that love good text. Products and categories alone are not enough for a significant ranking. Even if, we want to mention here that you always write the texts for your customers, and do your customers love your content, so will Google.

The focus of the copywriting for the category example page mentioned above is the user first, then the selected keyword(s) and semantically related terms and synonyms. Often, the text above the product listings is only tapped and continued below by means of jump anchors.

Beyond text, promising content should also consist of images, graphics, videos, etc.


Score with meta information

The title tag and the meta description are enormously strong OnPage levers for successful SEO. Together with the URL they form the “snippet”, i.e. the search result snippet of your store, which in the best case is displayed on page 1 of the organic search results.

Source: https://guide.jtl-software.de/Globale_Meta-Angaben_pflegen

The pagetitle (title tag) should contain the selected keyword(s) at the front, if possible. In the page description(meta description) as well, but here the focus is also on the “enticement” to click: Why buy from you of all people? … Perfectly mixed with a dash of emotionality and tied off with a concrete call to action.

Google surprisingly started serving meta descriptions up to 320 characters in length at the end of November 2017. It is not known whether this will be the case in the long term, so selective tests are advisable for the time being. Update: The character length has already been reduced again, and Google also continues to test a lot.

Meta keywords, however, are ignored by Google, among others, and should basically not be recorded at all.

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