Enterprise Resource Planning System

What is an enterprise resource planning system?

Enterprise Resource Planning System

Anyone who wants to sell products via an online store or in a store will sooner or later need an inventory management system. With this, you organize all processes that take place in your retail business – from online ordering to sales at the counter. In addition, many enterprise resource planning systems also offer interfaces to the online store and support you with inventory as well as the annual financial statement.

For a long time now, they have not only been a great relief for large retail companies and chains: small and medium-sized companies also save time and work more efficiently with you. Because with a good enterprise resource planning system, you keep an eye on all processes related to purchasing and sales – a fully comprehensive warehouse management.

An enterprise resource planning system, also referred to as merchandise management (abbreviated to WaWi or WWS), is a computer-supported procedure for the recording and target-oriented processing of inventory and movement data, which serves to control the flow of goods.

Enterprise resource planning system requirements

If you want to invest in an enterprise resource planning system, you should make sure that it meets some basic requirements. Otherwise, software that is supposed to save you time becomes an obstacle in your daily business.

An enterprise resource planning system should meet the following requirements:

► Timeliness: All information on the flow of goods and inventories must always be up to date. It is immensely important that the inputs and outputs are displayed in real time – only then can you work efficiently and reliably.

Availability: The data from the system must be accessible to you at all times. When a customer wants to know if an item is available, you should always be able to give a reliable answer.

Accuracy: All data collected by the system must be accurate. If goods receipts and issues are posted incorrectly, this will upset your entire merchandise management system and it will cost you a lot of time to get the data back in order.

► Evaluability: In order for you to be able to derive helpful information and empirical values from the system’s data, it should be possible to retrieve the data in a clear and structured manner.

► Possibility of exchange: Ideally, you should be able to connect your enterprise resource planning system to your other systems, such as accounting software, in a simple and complicated way in order to exchange data. In terms of financial statements, this saves you a lot of resources that you can use elsewhere.

You see: There’s a lot to consider when looking for an enterprise resource planning system for your business. In addition, there are both general and industry-specific solutions. The latter are often adapted to the specific requirements of an industry and bring with them important interfaces.


What is an enterprise resource planning system?

An enterprise resource planning system maps the flow of goods in your company from the order to the final sale. Such systems can be helpful for both online stores and store operators. They can also be used for Amazon and Ebay.

Because you always get an up-to-date overview of all stock movements. To do this, you create your items once in the system and then see what happens to them. So you always know where your items are and how often they have been sold. You will receive valuable data that will help you to optimally plan your inventories.

Some inventory management systems also provide you with other components that help you manage your inventory, such as:

► Cash register interfaces
► Time recording
► Financial management
► Data exchange via interfaces
► Data evaluation

Which enterprise resource planning system is best suited for your company depends on many factors. It is enormously important to find a suitable system. If you discover after the fact that important functions are missing or that certain tools are not suitable for your purpose, the greatest benefits of an enterprise resource planning system are lost: time and cost savings.

How does the enterprise resource planning system work?

An enterprise resource planning system is based on a database. Master and transaction data are managed by him in a clear and structured manner.

The master data is, for example, the individual items that you offer. In addition, there is the data of customers, suppliers, prospects, employees and much more. The transaction data are e.g. quotations, orders, invoices, purchase orders, etc.

To begin, you need to enter or import the relevant data into the system, and then you’re ready to go. If you receive a delivery with new goods, this is recorded in your merchandise management system. If an item is sold, you can look up where it is in the system and record the sale as well.

Such a system is based on constantly managing all relevant data and keeping it up to date at all times. The advantages are obvious: you always know how much product is in your warehouse. In this way, you counteract supply bottlenecks and can also evaluate which items are sold most frequently, when demand is particularly high, and what quantity you can plan for in the future.

Merchandise management systems enable you to work in a structured manner: Long searches because individual items have disappeared in the warehouse and can no longer be found are now a thing of the past. You can offer your customers fast and reliable delivery. The bottom line is that you work more seriously, more efficiently and faster. And that will also be reflected in your sales figures.

Merchandise management systems: Selection, provider and use

Introduce an enterprise resource planning system into your retail or online store, and you’re taking a big step toward success. If you are looking for a suitable system for your company, we will be happy to support you. We are an independent partner of the major manufacturers and can therefore respond precisely to your needs. With more than ten years of experience, we will advise you extensively and find the right thing for you. Arrange a free consultation now and learn how an enterprise resource planning system can support you.

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