JTL Shop 5

First insights into JTL Shop 5

JTL Shop 5

First insights into JTL Shop 5

New features in JTL Shop 5

JTL software has been working on the new version 5 of the JTL store for some time. JTL software is always with an ear to the customer and implements many merchant requests. As a JTL service partner, we would like to inform you here about the new features and how you can take full advantage of them.

The highlight of JTL-Shop 5 is the OnPage Composer – an editor with which you can master the editorial work on your store even without programming knowledge. Also included: a new menu structure in the store backend and first steps towards internationalization.

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OnPage Composer in JTL Shop 5

The new JTL Shop 5 is supposed to be easier to use. No special programming skills are needed to customize the design. You can simply drag and drop the content, which is called “portlets” here. This procedure is already known from various blog systems and has proven itself. This way, you can customize the chic design of your store in just a few steps without breaking anything.

“OnPage Composer” means that you make the changes to the respective store page directly there as well. Instead of doing the changes virtually blindly in the backend or in some files and then having to keep revisiting the page to see the changes, drag and drop all the components right where you want them.

Add images, videos, sliders and texts

You will design your pages in no time, without having to pay attention to specifics of page programming itself. Simply select what you want to insert in the left pane of the editor and then move it to the position on the page where you want it to go. Then fill the whole thing with life and your page is ready.

The only requirement: you use a template based on EVO. EVO is the default template designed specifically for JTL stores. It is inherently responsive, i.e. search engine friendly, and adapts to any device a visitor uses to access your store. Also included is the “LazyLoad” plugin, which really loads images only when they should appear on the screen. A decent speed advantage, which also pleases your customers.

Approximately 40% of website visitors bounce if the website does not load within 3 seconds. And who can afford 40% fewer customers? As a JTL service partner, we are happy to check your store for speed and other SEO-relevant topics, so that you can fully concentrate on your daily business.


Source: www.jtl-software.de

OnPage Composer compatibility

The OnPage Composer can also be combined with other systems, such as Dropper and easyTemplate360. With Dropper you have an interface similar to OnPage Composer, but with different features, such as grouping different sections for more clarity. The portlets that you push to different places on your web page are called drops here. These drops can then be grouped in the sidebar, where all drops can be found, just like you divide your website. This will give you more overview.

easyTemplate360 follows a similar principle. Again, there are various components on the side that you can use to customize your website. Simply click and drag to the desired location, your individual design is ready.

More about JTL Shop 5 on YouTube

On YouTube we discuss the topic JTL Shop 5 in detail. On our channel you will find, for example, tutorials, explanatory videos as well as interesting interviews. With our video content you are always up to date

New menu structure in JTL Shop 5

Here JTL software has implemented what was often requested. The backend, by which you manage the store settings and design, has received a fresh new design. It is now easier to find the different settings.
In the admin area of JTL-Shop the top navigation bar is replaced by a sidebar. The result: a better overview, easier navigation, and more intuitive and comfortable work with JTL Shop.

The new menu structure:

► Attractive sidebar
► Menu items marked with icons
► Clearly named menu items
► Logically sorted subcategories

Attractive sidebar

You will now find all the important settings on the left to take full advantage of the height of your screen. The sidebar has been completely redesigned and now has a simpler structure.

Menu items with icons

Pictures say more than a thousand words. You can now navigate through the menu items faster at a glance by not always reading the text, but just paying attention to the icon. A small change, but with a big impact.

Clearly named menu items

In the past, there was always confusion about which function can actually be found under which menu item. In the new backend, the menu items have been renamed to help you get where you want to go faster.

Logical subcategories

The subcategories are now sorted by alphabet. This allows you to work more intuitively, without long searches.

JTL Shop 5 can cover significantly more languages

JTL software is moving strongly towards the international market. Since the software products are already known and used far beyond the borders of the German-speaking countries, the internationalization of the products is being strongly promoted, as Stephan Handke also reports in an interview with Ali Oukassi.

A necessary step is UTF-8 support. UTF-8 is a character set that can be used to represent languages and is now also the standard character set on the Internet. It offers much more possibilities, including Cyrillic and Chinese script, as well as special characters.

As soon as JTL-Wawi has also been converted to the new character set, you will be able to take full advantage of this interesting feature.

English backend in JTL store 5

Another big step towards internationalization is the availability of the English language in the backend. Although JTL-Wawi, the data basis for JTL-Shop 5, is not yet available in English, at least English-speaking employees can work with the store.

In principle, of course, English-language articles can also be entered in JTL-Wawi, as well as all shipping documents, e-mails, etc.. Only the language of the interface is currently still German. However, since the internationalization is being pushed strongly and the developers have been working on it for a long time, it will probably be ready soon.

JTL Shop 5 NOVA Template

Especially for JTL-Shop 5 a new template is developed. So far, JTL-Shop comes with the EVO template, which already includes useful features. NOVA is built on a completely new base with current web techniques. Customization is greatly simplified and with the new OnPage Composer, it can be easily customized by anyone.

New category view in NOVA template of JTL-Shop 5

With NOVA JTL-Shop 5 gets the possibility to filter products. This eliminates tedious searching for the customer and enables him to reach his goal more quickly. Individual categories can be checked, a price range and special attributes can also be set.

The attributes can be displayed by AND or OR combination. This way you can specify possible filters specifically for your products and your customers can shop faster.

Note: The JTL store is being expanded. Soon you will be able to buy more portlets through it and integrate them directly into your JTL store, similar to plugins for the previous JTL products.

Test JTL Shop 5 with us

Currently, JTL-Shop 5 is only available in a so-called TechPreview. This means that while functions have been added so far, any errors that occur will not be fixed until later. Accordingly, the store may not yet run stably or may even cause database problems. It is therefore only available for testing purposes and should in no case be used as a live store! You can also request a test store from JTL software. As a JTL service partner, we are also happy to take care of this request. Of course, we are also happy to set up a current and stable JTL store 4, as well as the free but powerful foundation JTL-Wawi. If you have not used an ERP or enterprise resource planning system before, you will clearly feel the difference. The two systems harmonize perfectly with each other and make your everyday life easier. Since good and high-performance servers are necessary for this, we also offer to host JTL-Shop and JTL-Wawi on ourservers. Why not arrange a free consultation right away?

“The cooperation with eBakery was uncomplicated and ultimately led quickly to the goal. I knew in principle what I wanted to have, only how I could best implement the webshop was not clear to me. eBakery then showed me different options and finally the JTL store convinced me as a result.”

Josef Demir
Owner of Dukano GbR

Fast and professional implementation of a JTL store

Washing Guru

The car care store waschguru.de needed a new website. A wide range of special features, the integration of social media elements and the connection of various interfaces had to be taken into account. In addition, the customer had special wishes regarding the design.

We presented different options to the customer. In the end, he decided on a JTL store, which was to be realized promptly by eBakery.

The waschguru.de webshop went live on schedule and all interfaces were successfully implemented. The store is now one of Germany’s most important points of contact for automotive accessories and car care products and even enjoys international renown.

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