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Amazon PPC Agency: Successful Advertising on Amazon - Sponsored Products / Brands

The term Amazon PPC stands for paid advertising on Amazon – or the term pay per click– there are also some similarities to Google Ads and Bing Ads. In Amazon Seller Central, you can create campaigns, which in turn include ads to bring your products closer to potential buyers when they use search queries with related keywords, or search for similar products on Amazon.

As an eCommerce agency and Amazon experts, we help our clients create Amazon campaigns and monitor performance. In addition to Amazon PPC, we also specialize in Amazon SEO – because search engine optimization is also an important building block for success on Amazon. Learn more about Amazon PPC and the possibility of targeted advertising on Amazon on this page. Learn from Amazon PPC for Amazon SEO. Take advantage of our Amazon consulting services and benefit from more visibility through a more prominent placement of your ads in the search results, a targeted customer approach that addresses your target group using effective keywords and thus encourages more interaction, as well as real competitive advantages that we make possible for you. Increase your sales and drive more relevant traffic to your products – thanks to eBakery’s Amazon PPC strategies!

Advertising on Amazon

If you choose to advertise on Amazon, you can choose between two campaign types “Sponsored Products” and “Sponsored Brands”. For the “Sponsored Brand” campaign type, you need to register the brand on Amazon.

In a “Sponsored Brands” campaign, relevant products from your catalog are featured by Amazon shoppers who perform searches with related keywords on Amazon. The ads for this appear on the top position of Amazon’s search results page.

Amazon PPC campaigns

For a “Sponsored Products” campaign, you can choose between automatic targeting and manual targeting. With automatic targeting, you leave it up to Amazon to decide which search queries or products your own ad appears for. However, pay attention to the negative keywords here as well. Although Amazon calls this “optional” – we think it is mandatory here.

In the first step you decide on a campaign name, set start date, end date, daily budget and targeting for the campaign.

Tip: Choose a campaign name here that is meaningful. This makes it easier if you want to monitor Amazon PPC performance in a larger account.

Amazon PPC Ad Groups

Within an ad group, you define which products should be advertised – therefore, even here the ad group name should be as descriptive as possible, so that you can better monitor Amazon PPC performance.

An ad group can be a group of ads with the same keywords and products. However, we recommend grouping products, as this allows for better campaign control.

Tip: With the help of the ad group and keyword match types, you can create a clear campaign structure and thus advertise on Amazon as effectively as possible. Here, it is a good idea to choose the match types “Exact” and “Phrase”. However, you should not forget about the negative keywords in the “phrase” ad groups.

Amazon PPC Keywords

For example, if you choose “manual targeting” and “keywords targeting”, you will select keywords or products in Amazon that are targeted to buyers’ search terms. Amazon makes keyword suggestions when you create the ad, you can enter each keyword individually or upload an existing file of keywords. If you choose “Fixed bids” in the bidding strategy, you can choose the CPC (cost per click) for each keyword.

Using the match types (keyword option) Exact, Phrase and Broad you can influence ad delivery to buyers’ search terms and optimize your own campaign structure.

Match types:

With the various keyword options, you can specify exactly which customer search queries your ads appear for.

  • Broad: Contains all keywords in any order and includes plurals, variants and similar keywords.
  • Phrase: Contains the exact phrase or sequence of keywords
  • Exact: Matches the keyword or sequence of keywords exactly

You can add up to 1,000 keywords (search terms) per ad group.

Tip: Use the “Search terms advertising report” to optimize your keywords and influence campaign performance.

Amazon PPC: Negative Keywords

Depending on the campaign type, negative keywords are very important. You can also add up to 1,000 negative keywords here. Be sure to note the match types(exact and phrase) for the negative keywords. As Amazon PPC experts, we support you with Amazon campaign optimization.

Amazon PPC Consulting by eBakery

How to place advertising on Amazon

  1. Create Amazon PPC Campaign
  2. Select alignment
  3. Create ad group
  4. Select product(s)
  5. Set campaign bid strategy
  6. Set campaign direction
    • Set keyword(s) or product(s)
  7. Enter negative keywords, brands or products
  8. Launch Amazon PPC Campaign

After Amazon reviews your campaign, you promote your products on Amazon.

Note: However, within these 8 steps there are things to consider and you can also invest a lot of money and not measure success. If you already advertise on Amazon, feel free to request an Amazon PPC Check. In a personal meeting, we take a look at your Amazon campaigns and give you suggestions for improvement.

Basic requirements as a seller or vendor

Decisive for the success of an Amazon seller is, in addition to desirable and high-quality products, top customer service and fast shipping, above all the right marketing. Often Amazon SEO or equivalent does not help or is not enough to achieve the desired marketing goal. Amazon PPC is a very effective way of placing products in a highly visible position and boosting sales in a targeted manner. But in order for an Amazon PPC campaign to be as successful as possible, a few basic requirements must first be met. The following aspects should apply before planning and conception can begin:

  • There is a professional seller account

Only as an Amazon Seller with a professional seller account is it even possible to place ads on Amazon. In addition, as a Seller, you must own the Buy Box or make it available to Amazon Retail as a Vendor.

  • There are reviews for the respective product

If there are not at least a few reviews, it is not very likely that potential customers will click on the ad. Reviews are a very crucial factor, not only for Amazon customers.

  • All product descriptions are optimized for Amazon

Even if not all product-relevant information is tailored to Amazon’s requirements, it makes little sense to launch an Amazon PPC campaign. In addition to the selection of suitable keywords, this also includes the optimal presentation of product photos, bullet points etc.

It is important to invest enough time in the preparation of an Amazon PPC campaign and make sure that the optimal conditions for the campaign are in place before they are launched.

Amazon PPC Agency

eBakery is your Amazon PPC agency and takes care of all aspects of optimizing your ads and campaigns. Together with you, we design the measures on Amazon in such a way that the best possible return on investment (RoI) is achieved for you and your products can be sold more successfully in the long term. This usually involves not only a one-time setup, but also mostly regular control and readjustment of your campaign. An Amazon PPC measure is therefore basically understood by us as an ongoing process that needs to be monitored and improved on a regular basis. Here, the latest findings and also the evaluation of the current competitive situation are included. You can rely on our years of expertise as an Amazon PPC agency, which we have built up in dealing with numerous customer projects. Here is a summary of the most important reasons why we are the right partner for you when it comes to Amazon PPC:

  • Efficient budget management: eBakery can efficiently manage and optimize your advertising budget to get the best return on investment (ROI) from your Amazon PPC campaigns. It helps you set realistic budgets and bidding strategies to achieve your advertising goals.
  • Continuous optimization: eBakery continuously monitors and optimizes your Amazon PPC campaigns. We analyze performance, identify potential for improvement and adapt the strategy to achieve the best possible results. Through regular testing and adjustments, you can achieve long-term optimization of your advertising campaigns.
  • Data analysis and reporting: eBakery can provide you with detailed analyses and reports on the performance of your products on Amazon so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Holistic approach: eBakery can optimize your entire Amazon presence, including product pages, advertising campaigns, customer reviews and much more, for maximum results.

Contact us today for an initial consultation and let the expertise of our team convince you.

Amazon PPC Consulting

Would you like to learn more about Amazon PPC, would you like a no-obligation Amazon PPC consultation? Then simply write to us.  As a professional Amazon PPC agency, we are always ready to help and advise you!


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