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A great step for anyone looking to take their social media accounts to the next level. A gigantic one for anyone looking to start fresh with us as a social media agency.

About eBakery - the social media agency

As a social media agency, we have been supporting our customers for years in the holistic appearance in the appropriate social media channels. We create professional social media accounts for you, plan social media campaigns and are your strategic contact. We develop creative marketing concepts for our clients for advertising campaigns that convert and support you in community management.

Our comprehensive social media consulting will take you and your presence further – this will significantly improve your online presence, whether you are a CEO or a solopreneur. At eBakery, you benefit from the expertise of our experts who can build your social media presence both organically and through targeted advertising. Through individual consulting, combined with the latest knowledge of viral effects, our method is practically implementable for you and sustainably successful. Every aspect is carefully thought out and designed to position your accounts correctly. eBakery aims to break down conventional thinking patterns and show you the shortcut to success, while we take the operational burden off you by bringing our practical expertise to bear. The more you are guided by us as a social media agency, the more you will realize that the roadblocks to viral success are getting smaller and smaller and you are getting closer and closer to the optimal result. As a social media agency, we place great emphasis on pleasantly surprising our clients and providing them with adept advice at a professional level.


Content marketing

Creative and unique marketing campaigns – the key to success is sometimes so simple, yet complicated. Our editorial team and community management supports you within the social media strategy with professional content in text, image and video.

For years, content marketing has stood for more than just the phrase “content is king” – content marketing is part of social media strategy and an integral part of a well-thought-out corporate strategy.

The triumph of Instagram and TikTok has reduced the attention span of users even more than before, and it continues to fall. With this sheer volume of information, a good social media agency is essential to ensure that all subtasks are considered. It needs a good push and pull strategy because the most common mistake agencies make is the inflationary use of push mechanisms. Especially in the phase where the customer is thinking, the foot must be taken off the gas pedal and necessary information must be given. We help you recognize when the recipient has the need for information and when it is better to give them the call-to-action.


Customers and successes

Through many years of social media consulting, eBakery developed a unique approach: combining insights from personal branding, content management and a modern service offering into a dynamic package. Get the tools you need to become the author of your own success. You must keep in mind that our social media support cannot be reduced to platitudes or ready-made templates: you will raise your profile and determine the number of your followers yourself.

Target group analysis

with the right social media agency

A good social media agency will first start by analyzing demographic data, creating a clear profile of the consumer and locating their whereabouts. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that companies that want to expand their presence fail to identify their target audience. People draw conclusions about others based on their own preferences, and far too often they are completely off the mark. The approach of inspiring others with your own content often fails because of little things that are too often overlooked. As an agency, our goal is to analyze your ideal customer with the greatest possible precision and to accompany a smooth customer journey. That you have access to the best monitoring is a given with eBakery.

Social media agency
Concept, strategy and marketing

Social Media Expertise

You keep the overview right from the start, because you are involved in the project planning right at the beginning and it is simplified as much as possible. First, we define your final goal and the most economical way to achieve it. Chaotic processes or horrendous budget wastage are not an option for us. Stress-free project management and perfect schedules will give you more time to focus on the essentials and prevent potential pitfalls. No matter what you have in mind, we will bring all our expertise to the table so that you, the customer, can’t go wrong and all processes are clearly laid out in front of you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is ideal to get in touch with your target group. Communicate with your target groups, with your customers of today and tomorrow. On social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, you can maintain direct contact and dialog withyour target group. Social media marketing is not only about sales – the information channel and its multipliers.

The reach in social media must be properly used and understood – so we regularly create product videos and image films for our clients in eCommerce – as these can be perfectly used on portals such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Social Media Coaching

Through our advice, you will quickly find your own niche and remove all blocks to digital success. An important part of the analysis is to identify your blind spots and eliminate all potential sources of error. You will succeed in developing their personality and bringing your brand to the forefront. Instead of you becoming a copy of any influencer, you find your own voice and get a distinctive profile that stands out among thousands of competitors and sets the tone yourself.

Social media advertising

Precisely addressing your target group: The watering can belongs in the garden, but not as a tool in performance marketing. With social media advertising, you have the chance to successfully advertise in the long term. The many possibilities, which our experts know, help you to minimize wastage and avoid unnecessary advertising costs. Our team includes experts with years of experience, including experts in search engine advertising such as Google Shopping, design, UX and Facebook Ads.

Social media communication

Community management on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook? We support you with experience and creativity. With our social media and marketing experts, we can take social media communication to a new level for you. You will quickly see the mistakes you can make in communicating correctly and how they can be avoided. Moreover, with our support, you will learn which measures will maximize your traffic and how you can steadily increase it. In short: You receive an all-round carefree package and are equipped with a completely new perspective on success.

Known from

eBakery: The social media agency with the viral effect

Certainly, today’s social media platforms offer a gigantic amount of communication opportunities. To make working in this area as profitable as possible for you, you should develop a clear vision with us and be open to change in your approach. Good campaign structuring sees content as the interface between your goals and customers. We will uncover all optimization potential and constantly adjust your targeting to keep wastage as low as possible.

Impeccable reputation

As a social media agency, we will protect your reputation as our own and practice effective reputation management. We are committed to ensuring that no shitstorm hits you and no fake content destroys your image. Too clumsy attempts to remove unwanted content can have exactly the opposite effect and trigger the Streisand effect. The Streisand effect, describes exactly this phenomenon and avoiding a faux pas represents an ongoing job that we as an agency are well equipped to handle. Our crisis management will make steering your public reputation, almost as tractable as a bicycle. Good public relations are also becoming increasingly important in business life and require a holistic approach.

Social media channels

Since each social media channel has its own requirements, we create a strategy for you in advance and advise you on which social media channel can be integrated into the corporate culture, and to what extent. For example, it’s more worthwhile for a younger target group to use TikTok or Instagram than it is for older users. Furthermore, the requirements of the channels differ depending on the industry. Factors like this and knowledge of what strengths each platform has are incorporated into our consulting. eBakery is the social media agency that will ensure you a solid foundation for the steady growth of your online presence

We develop professional fan pages for our clients on the appropriate social media channels, such as:

Nowadays, it is essential to develop a sustainable strategy when it comes to successfully marketing a company, a brand or a product. It is therefore essential to consider all relevant aspects and areas during the design phase. Our social media agency has specialists in all areas related to e-commerce, so we are able to offer our customers a complete service from a single source.
Regardless of whether it is a new design from scratch or only individual aspects are to be optimized, it is a great advantage to have a fixed contact person. The more service providers are involved in a project, the greater the risk that misunderstandings, incorrect agreements or the like will lead to avoidable errors. As a full-service e-commerce provider, we ensure that your online business is built on a professional foundation from A to Z. While social media played a subordinate role in e-commerce until a few years ago, today hardly any company can ignore social media marketing.

A little digression: What makes eBakery the ideal social media agency?

When we from the eBakery team started to gain a foothold in the fast-moving e-commerce business over 10 years ago, we as stakeholders had no idea that after only a few years we would be among the leading experts in the German-speaking region. Thanks in part to the principles taught in this consultancy, we have been able to establish ourselves as the place to go for anyone who wants to get more out of their online business and position themselves as a winner in the social media game. Maximize your presence and get started with eBakery!

Social media consulting

We evaluate your social media goals with you and develop your perfect social media strategy, incl. the selection of suitable portals such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

We support you in planning and creating social media content such as product videos or image films. Monitoring and reporting are part of our tasks, as well as the maintenance of your social media profiles on LinkedIn or comparable platforms.

We are happy to advise you as a social media agency and are your contact for advertising campaigns in social media.

Why should you use social media channels too?

The bare figures alone speak for themselves. In Germany alone, there are around 40 million active users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, and the trend is rising sharply. This means that companies can reach a growing user group with an individual social media strategy, which results in advantages on several levels:

  • Increasing the level of awareness
  • Increase of traffic on the company website and acquisition of new customers
  • Strengthening the brand image
  • Communicating corporate values
  • Building a community

Which form of communication strategy is chosen has a decisive influence on the success of social media marketing. Of course, the target group must be addressed appropriately in order to attract any positive attention at all. For a young fashion company or a manufacturer of leisure sports equipment, different communication rules naturally apply than is the case for traditional companies or manufacturers of luxury products. It is also usually the case that several, different target groups have to be defined and addressed individually. This can also mean that certain campaigns or actions are only published on certain social media channels.

What is important to keep in mind when it comes to social media communication?

Just as a well-thought-out social media strategy can help businesses be more successful, it can also prove detrimental if you’re not skilled at using social media. Numerous companies have faced minor or more severe consequences from social media communications in the past. It is therefore advisable to observe the following basic rules:

  • Only publish content that represents real added value for the user and potential customers.
  • Feedback in the form of comments or messages from users should be answered quickly and by a competent contact person.
  • Negative comments or even constructive criticism should not be ignored under any circumstances. Smaller companies in particular should take strict care never to confuse private accounts on social media with the company profile and inadvertently publish content “under a false flag”.
  • In the best case, certain aspects set you apart from the social media presences of competitors or rivals.

What our customers say

As a social media agency with many years of experience, we have already served numerous clients from a wide range of industries and supported them in their social media careers. From strategic consulting and branding, to the implementation of individual measures to increase reach, to professional account management or the revision and optimization of entire social media presences, we can get you to your goal quickly and with a focus on success.

As a professional social media service provider, practical experience in dealing with the individual platforms is essential. This is the only way to develop targeted marketing strategies that promise sustainable success. Social networks are particularly fast-moving and what is important to be successful today may be obsolete tomorrow.

In addition, it is important to know the specifics, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each social media platform. Not every network is equally suitable for achieving certain goals. It is by no means enough to register with any platform and get started without a specific goal. Only if a sound knowledge of the individual networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is available can a marketing mix be put together for the respective customer that also meets the individual requirements.

As a social media agency with expertise, we are your service provider for all relevant marketing areas concerning social media. Take advantage of our many years of practical experience to plan and professionalize your social media presence, improve the bond with fans and followers, increase your level of awareness or expand the target group you are aiming at and reach new users.

Daisy Dee


“Thanks to eBakery’s support, I have been able to make further progress in professionalizing my social media channels. Among other things, this helps me increase reach and target my audience.”

Kristijan Krstacic


“I turned to eBakery mainly because of the numerous positive references. I was also able to find a lot of useful information on various social media topics in the eBakery YouTube channel, for example, which motivated me to get appropriate support from this agency in particular. Also, eBakery helped me to revise my online presence as a whole.”

Ebby Thust


“The social media experts at eBakery provide me with competent support in all matters relating to Instagram and other channels. Above all, I like the fast and pragmatic but at the same time serious approach. You can tell there’s a lot of experience at this social media agency.”


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