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Product videos on Amazon

The goal of this type of video is to bring the product to life online. In addition to a product video on Amazon, a complete product description and appealing product images should not be missing – however, product videos offer the site visitor a completely different approach.

According to a study by e-commerce expert Andres Frank, only 15.9 percent of respondents searching for a product do not watch the product video if one is available. While product videos do not appear to be the ultimate selling point, 72.7 percent did not prefer one product over another in comparable videos simply because a product video was available. Nevertheless, 71.3 percent of respondents would like to see more videos on the Amazon marketplace.

This shows that product videos are not yet the “one-and-only” medium on Amazon, but already enjoy a high status. It is clear that users recognize and appreciate the added value of the videos. As Amazon marketing experts, we are happy to advise you on product videos on Amazon.

That certain something: product videos as a secret weapon

There’s no better way to increase your sales than to make an engaging product video. eBakery has the expertise it takes to create product videos that have a better impact than competitor content. While engaging text content is also of great importance, a video has such a “professionalizing” effect that all other measures have only a supporting effect in comparison. The functionality of your product, is presented in an appealing way, thus answering all the questions of customers

Why are product videos important on Amazon?

Fewer returns through transparency

The video as a used presentation format offers a higher potential to create more transparency. What is rather more difficult to accomplish with product images on Amazon, becomes an ease with video. We are talking about the representation of proportions and the correlation of related products. In addition, it is more difficult to present only the beautiful side of the product or use Photoshop to make the product appear more beautiful on the display.

Sales increase made easy

Video content is gaining traction across all social media. To win, you need to anticipate this development and work with a professional partner. Fortunately, eBakery offers you the choice between simple product videos and fancy promotional clips. You will be prepared for any eventuality and will receive a profile in the field of moving images that is individually tailored to you. Perfect coordination and ideal service.

Success for every budget

eBakery tailors video content to your budget and offers a variety of flexible rate options. It doesn’t matter if you want to start a video offensive, or start with something for the small budget: eBakery accommodates you and offers effective solutions in every price range. Whether you need 30 short product videos on Amazon explaining how your products work, or you want a particularly elaborate single video, you can decide for yourself which option is the most attractive for you. Comprehensive consulting and elaborate post-production all-inclusive.

Sales psychology on Amazon

Appealing product videos on Amazon have an extremely large impact on the psychology of users. It has been proven that product videos on Amazon significantly increase trust in a company and are a great way to reinforce a positive and professional image. The way into the heart of the customer is through the moving image and eBakery is your matchmaker. Important information reaches the customer much faster than via any other medium. Get in touch with the experts at eBakery and you’ll get customized product videos that won’t miss their mark. Make a non-binding appointment with eBakery and receive a customized offer that will more than meet your needs.

The digital age on the move

In our over-stimulated world, people don’t engage with written content as much as they used to. Product videos offer the perfect added value for the customer and it doesn’t matter if it’s a short or long product video on Amazon. eBakery’s content will give your customers a warm feeling that will make customers feel at home and increase trust in your brand to the maximum. The user will feel as if they have tested your product themselves and they will thus be invited to sell in the best possible way.

Increased conversions and better customer relationships

Your company’s DNA can’t be communicated well enough through images and text, so to make your identity distinctive and solidified, you need to embrace the full power of the moving image. Fortunately, not many users have jumped on the product video bandwagon yet, so it’s possible to excel at standing out from the competition. You need content that is optimized for the smartphone? No problem, the experts at eBakery will use all their skills to create content that is one hundred percent up to your expectations. All videos will be formatted the way you want.

How long should my Amazon product video be?

In our experience, videos of a 30-second length are best for use on Amazon. However, if you want to include a lot of information, you should choose a 45-second clip. 30 seconds is simply not enough to adequately convey information. The maximum are clips of one minute, which really should be used only for very complex products and services, when there is no other option. No matter which option you choose, eBakery will flex its audiovisual muscles and propel your business forward.

Which style should you choose?

If you don’t know which style to choose yet, you can play it safe and go for the classic promo video: A dynamic cut and funny effects will appeal to a modern, younger target group and you won’t take a big risk. This form of advertising is suitable primarily for brand communication and less for selling the actual product. Especially with an Amazon product video, it is particularly worthwhile to shoot it in a top-down style. Top-down videos are the ideal framework for creating unboxings that build anticipation. There is no easier way to trigger dopamine in viewers.

Emotions and willingness to buy

Amazon product videos in the style of the application are particularly suitable for arousing emotions and creating a real connection with the buyer. Storytelling that evokes emotions goes symbiotic with smooth transitions and tell the user what to expect when buying your product. If you mainly want to convey info, a “dry” how-to video will help you out, conveying technical details such as set-up diagrams and the like. If you have a limited budget, the Video Ad Format will help you: this style is not applicable to every product, but it is very effective. These are animated slideshows that are very modern and will not fail to make an impact, especially in the cosmetics or lifestyle industry. If you need teasers, you will find them at eBakery: With a 10-second teaser of this kind, you can advertise your product and your Amazon product video on various platforms.

Attractive sound design for your Amazon product video

If you want to create a good Amazon product video, you definitely need to make sure you create an inviting soundscape that creates the right atmosphere. This is of vital importance. Good sound effects underline the action of your clip and have an effect on your customers that should not be underestimated. A suitable background music does the rest and makes the browsing recipient first curious and then a paying customer. At eBakery, you get your content in the format of your choice and can look forward to short wait times and a cooperative, helpful staff of content experts.

Improve your Amazon ranking

Even if audiovisual presentations on Amazon don’t seem to be the ultimate selling point, they can significantly increase the conversion rate.

The performance and relevance of your offers can also be increased. An indication of high relevance is, for example, the following. in that a customer comes across your product page through an external link and purchases the product on Amazon.

Product videos are a great way to be shared on social media, attracting potential customers to your offer and creating more relevance for your product.

Product videos on Amazon, YouTube, Facebook

Not every seller on Amazon has the privilege to embed product videos. However, as just mentioned, external links can be used to draw attention to your product while increasing relevancy. The second largest search engine in the world – YouTube – is particularly suitable for this purpose. But also on Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook & Co, as well as blogs and forums, but also in the newsletter of your company, the product video can be placed.

In 7 steps to the finished video

Now that we’ve explored why product films really add value to your Amazon product, I’d like to explain how to get to the finished video.


I think it’s become clear that Amazon product videos have been embraced by consumers and will be increasingly important in the near future. Certainly, good product descriptions and meaningful product images cannot be replaced by product films, but they do form a value-added supplement. It is quite possible to create a very good result on your own with your smartphone and suitable light sources.

But as my comments have made clear, it takes a certain level of understanding of the basic parameters of the camera to achieve this result.
If you’d rather focus on your core business and not waste time testing and learning, feel free to make an appointment and leave the filming to us. We are also happy to offer you a professional Amazon consultation.

If you have questions about creating Amazon product videos, get in touch for a no-obligation consultation. We will answer all your questions and are already looking forward to your message!


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