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The cash register with system for retail and multi-channel

JTL POS is a new POS system and so versatile that you can use it in retail, but also probemlos in multi-channel sales. Thanks to regular updates, you are always prepared for cash law requirements and can concentrate fully on sales. JTL POS is also so versatile that you can use it flexibly. Because the POS system adapts to your needs and business, regardless of industry and product range. Furthermore, you can also upgrade the hardware as you wish. Scanner, cash drawer, customer display or receipt printer – JTL POS can be expanded at will.

Functions of the JTL POS software

Extensive assortment and article management (configurator, variations, parts lists, etc.)

Countless checkout functions (manual selection, direct PLU and price entry, favorites function, scanning, etc.)

Direct and fast access to tax-relevant data including CSV export for direct DATEV upload

Detailed insight and monitoring of the status of ongoing and completed processes incl. Reasons for cancellation

High security during checkout due to comprehensive user and rights management as well as automatic log-out

Wide range of options for connecting external hardware via LAN, WLAN, USB or Bluetooth

Clear statistics in real time for evaluating key performance indicators

Easily print coupons and vouchers or send them digitally to customers

More overview for your customers

With the unique JTL POS CustomerDisplay you can show your customers the current payment process on a separate display. In this way, for example, you can use individual advertising graphics to draw attention to current special offers or discount promotions.

Extend JTL POS as desired

JTL POS allows you to connect to any payment terminal in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand way and to transfer payment amounts without errors. And this is not only possible via credit card or checking account, but also novel payment options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay work flawlessly. This is guaranteed by the partnership with well-known payment providers and hardware manufacturers.

JTL-POS as your ticket to e-commerce

If you finally want to get started in online business, you simply have to couple the JTL POS system with JTL WAWI and get started. Your items now cross the counter not only in your own store, but also in your own online store or on channels such as eBay or Amazon. All the threads remain in your hands, you oversee all processes. Easy as pie via WAWI. You can try out a wide variety of ideas and quickly find out the sales processing that your customers like best. It doesn’t matter whether your customers want to have the products delivered to their homes or pick them up from your premises, you always retain control.

Convincing all along the line, even on the move

Do you own a small special interest store? A music store or a boutique? The mobile app lets you cash in anywhere, even if you should be out and about at trade shows or other events. Flexibility and usability remain the top priorities. Your smartphone becomes a high-tech cash register with a gigantic range of functions and helps you to structure and professionalize your business processes more and more. In addition, your customers have the option to have their receipts sent to them via QR code and mail. Dealers and customers are offered the greatest possible convenience and absolute security.

A symbiosis with your customers: JTL-POS as your POS system

The profile of JTL-POS is rounded off by a variety of business-saving features. You get many opportunities to showcase your brand: Receipts, for example, can be customized and enhanced with the in-house logo, and the rating function, lets you enter into a real dialogue through your customers’ feedback. You can design and create your digital coupons wonderfully, people will be able to redeem you digitally and in the store.

The cash register system of the digital economy

If you are one of those merchants who do not have a brick-and-mortar store, JTL-POS can work wonders as your POS system of choice. Moreover, the offline function serves you in trade show sales and similar situations. The great flexibility even allows spontaneous switching to different hardware. You are prepared for all situations and the offline features work without any limitations. All offline processes are automatically synchronized after connecting to the network, which can be very useful given frequent presence at events with fragile network. No distribution channel remains closed for JTL-POS.

The Choice of Omnichannel Experts – And Those Who Want to Be

The perfectly functioning JTL-WAWi interface enables the effective use of multiple sales channels and the clarity of a POS system. The combination with WAWI makes JTL-POS unbeatable: All article and customer data can be found in the palm of your hand. For your retail store, the POS system is even suitable as an all-round carefree package and stand-alone solution that does not require any additional software.

JTL-POS as the heart of your payment processing

JTL-POS supports most android enabled devices and can be found in the Google Play Store. Because you can use the app without external extras, devices such as hand scanners, cash registers or receipt printers can be controlled immediately. Additional devices and hardware can be retrofitted without much effort. The setup wizard will answer all questions. All the important details are configured and the software allows you to create articles and categories with just a few clicks and feed in product content such as images. Discounts can also be assigned and configured.

Legal security with your JTL POS system

You will be able to use JTL-POS without hesitation, because legal requirements are secured by regular updates. They meet all legal requirements of the GDPR and other laws. The outstanding functionality of the JTL POS system delivers the most efficient and clear checkout function you can imagine and the seamless connection of external hardware does the rest.

JTL-POS and your payment providers

All possible payment options are made available to your customers: All conceivable payment providers are just a click away in JTL-POS and your customers can pay cash, by card or contactless. Even if you are a career changer, JTL-POS is the right choice for you: Because the system connects seamlessly with JTL-WAWI and can be upgraded with any hardware at any time, you are optimally equipped for all eventualities and have everything under your control. JTL’s bundles also allow you to find the right hardware for your individual needs.

JTL-POS as a cash register system for all lines of business

JTL-POS works, combined with enterprise resource planning, through ERPConnected. Multichannel processes are becoming easier for retailers and larger business owners, and the software will seamlessly adapt to the way you work. Also, the automatic access to bureaucratic as well as relevant tax figures and legal content, relieves users so some worries. With the Customer Displays, customers can view POS data, which they can of course also use as an advertising and information opportunity. The DSGVO-compliant design of the POS system enables all stored data to be forwarded to financial accounting and the tax advisor.

JTL-POS and JTL-WAWI: A match made in heaven

It is better not only to focus on normal, analog sales, but to distribute your product range as widely as possible across a wide variety of channels. JTL-WAWI is all it takes to play to the strengths of JTL-POS. Especially in times of corona crisis, the POS system helps with click and collect solutions: It is possible, despite the very tense situation, to set up your business crisis-proof and keep your retail store alive. Click & Collect will continue to gain weight in 2022 and represents the hybrid union of analog and digital. Necessity is the mother of invention: this method of selling has evolved from an expedient stopgap to a popular concept, and the combination of WAWI and POS has become the secret weapon for those who don’t want to be held back by the crisis. The advantage of Click & Collect also lies in the fact that it spares the nerves of both customers and retailers. In addition, collection can often take place on the same day and the customer does not have to endure long delivery times. All entrepreneurs who run retail stores have the advantage of reaching clientele who otherwise do not go shopping in an analog way.

eCommerce success

If you are a retailer or entrepreneur and dream of your own online store or would like to offer your items and products on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, the JTL POS POS system is exactly the right solution for you! Thanks to the various connections to external systems and the almost unlimited expandability, your success is not limited to stationary retail.

The JTL POS system can be easily connected to JTL Wawi, one of the most frequently used merchandise management systems in Germany. With it you can centrally control and manage everything: From the individual articles to categories to your customers. Together with the JTL POS checkout system, it is your ticket to the world of eCommerce and guarantees you long-term success.

Take off together now!

As an official and certified JTL service partner, we offer you all services for your sustainable success in the eCommerce sector from a single source. We plan, design and program your individual online store according to your wishes. We offer customization and are happy to assist you with regular maintenance, help with support requests, and training for you or your staff.

With us, you also have a competent partner at your side in online marketing and search engine optimization. We ensure that your store is optimally found by search engines and thus also by potential customers. This way, your online store and the JTL POS system become a real dream team that guarantees you long-term success.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to advise you without obligation!



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