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JTL Repricer for Amazon

Automatic price adjustment for Amazon

Monitoring the price developments of Amazon products is now possible at any time with the JTL-Repricer! This way, you can always ensure that you are the most favorable provider and stand out from the competition. The JTL-Repricer for Amazon regularly checks your price based on predefined criteria and automatically adjusts it if necessary. This increases your chances that your products will end up in the shopping cart more often.

The JTL-Repricer does the work for you

The competition and price war on Amazon is immense. It is therefore important to constantly monitor price developments and, if necessary, adjust one’s own prices in order to continue to score points with one’s own products. But instead of investing more and more time and effort in the battle for the shopping cart, rather rely on the appropriate assistant from JTL, which can take this work off your hands. You can specify when the JTL-Repricer should adjust the prices for your items based on precisely definable criteria. With additional upper and lower limits, you can ensure that no item is offered at too low or too high a price. Additionally, if you wish, you can exclude competitors from the comparison whose Amazon rating is negative.

Fully automatic price adjustments

The JTL-Repricer reacts automatically to price changes of the competition according to predefined criteria and supports you in the price war on Amazon.

Upper and lower limits

You define the frame in which the JTL-Repricer is allowed to move. Prices are always adjusted according to the criteria you define.

Rules of the game

You independently determine with whom the JTL-Repricer compares you and your products.


Amazon Price Adjustment with JTL Repricer

The most important thing on Amazon is to place yourself and your products in the Buy Box as often as possible. This is because thousands of potential customers buy directly from the merchant placed there without looking for other offers. The JTL-Repricer supports you to reach the buy box as often as possible and thus leave the competition behind. Of course, you can’t directly influence all of Amazon’s algorithms, but you can improve your position to the point where you get the most out of your options. And it is guaranteed with JTL-Repricer that you will no longer be excluded because your price is too high.

Price adjustments in seconds

The JTL-Repricer constantly checks the prices of the competition and reacts to price reductions or increases if necessary. So that you and your products are always in position.

Sustainably increase chances of winning

Since you are often the cheapest provider with JTL-Repricer, you have a better buy box chance and can thus sustainably increase your sales and profit.


People are more likely to buy from merchants in the shopping cart field without looking at their direct competitors.

Amazon price adjustments with the JTL repricer

With the JTL-Repricer you secure competitive advantages and larger margins. You can have the prices for your products optimized automatically and thus stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the JTL-Repricer, price adjustments are made directly from the merchandise management system JTL-Wawi.

Contact us now and we will be happy to advise you on JTL or your online store. As an official JTL service partner, we have the know-how and many years of experience and can provide you with long-term support to your full satisfaction.

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