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Merchandise management system JTL-Wawi

JTL-Wawi stands for an uncomplicated yet powerful merchandise management system that supports you in all processes of online trading. With JTL-Wawi you can control and manage all your sales channels easily and clearly. The ERP system is just as easy to use for product range maintenance, inventory adjustment, and order and invoice processing as it is for entering your supplier orders and incoming invoices.

Merchandise management in e-commerce: JTL-Wawi

Thousands of small and medium-sized companies with up to 100 employees and a shipment volume of up to 50,000 shipments per month already rely on JTL-Wawi.

When issues like order and invoice processing, inventory adjustment or assortment maintenance cause us stress, we need a solution that simplifies things instead of making them even more complicated: If you choose JTL-Wawi, you can make online trading much easier and make your business processes location-independent and highly efficient.

The JTL interface offers connection to Amazon, Shopify, Gambio and many other companies, if required you can still use Smart Cash Register and smoothly functioning warehouse management. Equipped with the latest .NET technology and a powerful Microsoft SQL Server database, JTL-Wawi is well prepared for large data volumes and simultaneous use of any number of employees.

E-commerce software and ERP system for online trade

With JTL-Wawi you manage your products in one central place for all sales channels. It does not matter how many online stores you operate. Changes to master data automatically affect all connected store systems, so that prices and stock levels are always up-to-date.

You gain control over all the facets of your online business, because the development of JTL-Wawi bundles the know-how of e-commerce and represents the most compact way to online success. Since you benefit from software that is child’s play to use, you can network all your business areas even as a beginner and thus gain a secure overview regarding your processes.

JTL-Wawi: Free enterprise resource planning system

JTL-Wawi can be installed on any number of workstations locally or in the company network. Employees can also be connected via the Internet and this is simple and straightforward, yet secure.

You can create your own statistics as you see fit or choose from over 300 included statistics templates that you can further refine as needed.

Serve Amazon & eBay comfortably with JTL-eazyAuction

You can now distribute your products through all possible sales channels. The stock levels of your offers on Amazon, eBay and your own stores are automatically adjusted as soon as a sale is made via one of these sales channels. This allows you to concentrate fully on order processing and goods procurement. You don’t have to hassle with the pesky details, and you can be confident that inventory levels are regulated and adjusted on major platforms like Amazon or Ebay.

JTL-Wawi offers maximum beginner friendliness, control and overview, as well as a proven software that will relieve you as an entrepreneur and bring your business forward to the maximum. The heart of the software is the item master data: The information available here influences almost all areas of your merchandise management and is the most significant aspect of JTL-Wawi.

JTL Wawi consulting through eBakery

Example: "Varkombi" in JTL-Wawi

The software distinguishes several types of items: there are simple single items, variation items, items that have several components, parts lists, as well as variation combination items, which means that the customer can choose between clothes that have several sizes and colors at the same time.

The latter is also called “Varkombi” and can be created manually or automatically. You can add to their “Varkombis”, all the details you need, whether it is the price, description, item images or stock. The main article on which all variations are based is called the “parent article” and ensures that the data in the variations remains consistent and saves working time. The overview gained is topped by the fact that all “Varkombis” docks smoothly with the variant systems of Amazon, eBay and many other platforms and can be linked to them.

Manage multilingual texts with JTL-Wawi

Do you want to sell your items in multiple countries? It is worth to have promotional texts created in multiple languages, because JTL-Wawi makes it possible for you to add sales copy, names, product descriptions and much more with a few simple clicks. The software’s internal language management offers everything to satisfy even the most demanding minds.

The HtML editor, in addition to an attractive presentation, also offers the simple option to copy external content and transfer it to all channels; in practice, this means that you can put HTML codes you have created elsewhere into the editor and see how Wawi magically transfers everything to all the platforms you have chosen for it.

Voucher management and redemption

JTL-Wawi offers all who want it the paid option to use JTL-Vouchers and thus enjoy efficient voucher management. It doesn’t matter if you want to create your vouchers fresh or have them redeemed: You can couple it with your online store as well as your POS system and configure it across platforms. Your sales tax can be branched off easily and securely, and you can keep track of every detail on the online administration center.

Even career changers are able to discover coupons as a marketing tool for themselves thanks to the easy-to-understand software design and give their customers the option of choosing between digital and real coupons. It has never been easier to use coupons and vouchers for your business.

Configuration and smoothing of prices with JTL-Wawi

Wawi’s built-in pricing gives you control over making totals smooth or ending in 99 or 49 cents, and setting this for all your diverse price regions. Your only job is to set the pricing standard and let the software do the rest.

Special prices and similar promotions can be managed with a few simple steps and you can rely on the perfect overview here as well. As you can see, working with JTL-Wawi delivers maximum convenience with the greatest possible security and you can invest your time and energy in more important activities than micromanagement.

Conclusion and summary: Is JTL-Wawi right for me?

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who want to manage your shipping independently and save time, Wawi is the best option for you. Especially if the subject of bookkeeping is not your thing at all, you should urgently think about purchasing it: most of the tedious tasks are simply taken away from you by the intuitive design of the software.

Worrying about tax data will be a thing of the past, as will overview problems in your business. As your success grows, automation processes will become more and more necessary because manual labor will turn out to be too time-consuming for you. If you need any advice about JTL-Wawi, feel free to contact eBakery, you can find more info in the following videos:

Let JTL Wawi set up

As an official JTL Wawi agency, we are happy to support you in setting up your JTL Wawi. For this purpose, our JTL consultants will be happy to inform you about all relevant aspects of the JTL merchandise management system and help you with the professional setup of the software and the associated interfaces. Our experts will also assist you with client and network setup and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

In addition, we can also help you connect your JTL interface to an online store or an external marketplace such as Amazon or eBay, if required. In order to meet the increasingly fierce competition in e-commerce and gain an advantage over the competition, selling on different channels is becoming more and more important for online retailers. This strategy, known as cross-channel marketing, is therefore becoming increasingly relevant for online retailers and companies, as users have for some time been increasingly moving away from starting their product search predominantly on Google and instead obtaining information directly from the respective marketplaces. In order to achieve maximum success, it is important to be represented on precisely those marketplaces that are preferred by the intended target group.

If you use JTL Wawi, it is essential to perform regular updates and backups. Our team is able to provide you with timely support through targeted remote maintenance when sudden problems or errors occur in these processes. If you or your employees would also like to take advantage of JTL Wawi specific training, our JTL consultants can provide you with the appropriate support both on-site and online and offer seminars tailored to your individual needs.

JTL Wawi consulting through eBakery


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