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JTL can be surprisingly complex at first. The merchandise management system is available free of charge and comes up with many functions. Connectors are available for many store systems and marketing platforms so that everything can be operated from a single source. Therefore, it can be difficult to find and keep track of them. That is why we have put together this JTL Help page for you. We steer you through the JTL portfolio and give you assistance as you need it.

What does JTL include?

To list all components would go beyond the scope of this page. We therefore go over the most important components for a short example path:

The core is formed by the free enterprise resource planning system JTL Wawi. You can operate your complete online store with connections to marketing platforms such as eBay or Amazon via enterprise resource planning. Once the articles have been entered into the system, you can get started. In merchandise management, you create categories, articles and manufacturer or reference data. Via an online store, this data is made pretty and displayed to the customer.

You display your items on the Internet via eBay, Amazon and/or your own online store, such as the JTL Shop. A customer finds the item and orders it. JTL Shop sends the order to JTL Wawi to pack and ship the item.

JTL WMS optimizes your warehousing. From goods receipt and issue to inventory, you do everything with this module. If you have worked with picklists so far, you can adopt this process in JTL WMS. Or you can optimize the processes directly and digitize your warehousing. Your employees can have the order sent to their tablets, so they can work more flexibly and with fewer resources. JTL WMS supports you in optimizing the walkways and thus being able to serve the customer faster.

In combination with JTL Shippinglabels, a shipping label can also be printed at the same time at the packing table, so that the package is ready for shipping immediately.

Through JTL Workflows, you create automated processes so that all components work together. For example, when a new order comes in and is also paid for immediately, you can specify that a shipping label and packing slip be printed immediately in the warehouse. The processes will be cheaper and you will be able to ship the goods faster.

If you already have an online store and now want to transfer the data to JTL Wawi, you can do this via JTL Ant. Here it is possible to transfer data from many store systems into JTL Wawi. With just a few clicks, you can fetch your data from other stores such as OS Commerce, Virtuemart or Lexware and insert it into JTL Wawi for further use.

Our help as JTL service partner

As a JTL service partner, we offer JTL help from the very first idea and help you to tailor and set up JTL to your needs. Why not request a free consultation right now?

The JTL portfolio offers you many possibilities to advance your business. With the right support from us, you will soon see success. We offer you everything from the compilation of the components to search engine optimization and support during operation.

Together with you we check which components are really important for you. We advise you on these program parts and install them on your server. Afterwards, we also take care of a data transfer from your previous store system and, if necessary, train you and your employees so that you can work efficiently right away.

You have various connectors, i.e. interfaces, to widespread store systems at your disposal. If you already operate an online store such as Shopware, WooCommerce, Gambio or Shopify, we will network it with your new JTL products.

If you are already using a system, you will also have design templates for invoices etc. We will help you to adapt the JTL designs to your needs, so that visually everything remains as your customers are used to. We also customize the templates for eBay auctions or Amazon to show your corporate design everywhere.

If updates of JTL components are pending, we install them for you. Especially the so important updates can sometimes cause problems. Not installing them poses risks to the security of your store and customer data. We pay attention to the subtleties and install the updates as safely as possible. Should any problems arise, we can intervene immediately.

Speaking of problems: Of course, we are also there for you after the installation. Should there still be a need for training or should problems arise during operation, we will be happy to rectify these for you. Most of it can already be fixed by a resource-saving remote maintenance. If the standard solutions do not help, we can also assign our programmers with individual solutions.

JTL Help for self-help

If you would like to find out for yourself first, we have compiled several resources that you can read about extensively.

First of all, we would like to introduce our Facebook group JTL.Wawi. Here you can exchange ideas with other users and administrators and discuss the challenges and benefits of the extensive JTL Wawi.

If you would like to learn more about the functions of JTL Wawi, a JTL Guide is available. Especially for JTL Wawi this section is available: JTL Wawi – in this guide all functions and possibilities are documented, nicely arranged and easy to understand.

We are of course also represented on YouTube. In our channel you will find many helpful videos on many topics related to e-commerce business. JTL Wawi is represented as well as many connections to other platforms such as Amazon, Rewe or Metro marketplace.

More resources about JTL Help

JTL website
In addition to the official downloads, you will also find assistance on various topics. We have already mentioned the official JTL Guide. However, there are also interesting webinars taking place every now and then, which should make it easier for you to use JTL.

JTL Forum
This is the official community forum of the JTL company. Here you can exchange ideas with the entire JTL community. It is moderated by experts and JTL service partners like us are also represented there to help you with any problems.

JTL Demo to try out
Here you can test the components of JTL without having to install it yourself. Using test data, you can try things out in a relaxed manner without having to worry about data loss.

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