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No two online businesses are alike, and as success grows, numerous areas must be adapted to changing conditions. Be it expansions of the product range, increasing orders or the development of new markets. If the order volume increases and the classic order processing with JTL-Wawi is no longer sufficient, JTL-Packtisch+ is an ideal addition from the JTL product family under the right conditions. If you have any questions about this JTL product, you are welcome to contact the JTL agency eBakery for non-binding advice.

JTL Packing Table+ is an add-on module for JTL Wawi that makes picking goods, packing and shipping packages much more efficient. In particular, smaller retailers with a well-stocked warehouse can benefit greatly from this expansion.

Process multiple orders in parallel with pick lists

Manually printing out individual orders and gathering the goods for the individual orders is no longer efficient above a certain order volume. With JTL Packing Table+, pick lists of all products from any number of orders can be created, which can then be collected in one go and assigned to the corresponding orders and packed at a central packing station one after the other.

By processing several orders in parallel, the time required can be reduced enormously and the goods can be shipped much faster. Individual orders can, of course, still be carried out manually if required. To further speed up the process, a handheld scanner can be used to capture individual items. This eliminates the need to manually enter the article number by hand and saves a lot of time and resources in the long term.

Process incoming goods and returns more efficiently

Goods receipt can also be made easier and more efficient with JTL Packing Table+. This means that incoming deliveries can be easily recorded using a hand-held scanner and entered into the warehouse inventory. It does not matter whether the goods receipts are with or without a vendor order. Furthermore, returns and replacement deliveries can also be processed in the same way.

For merchants who also want to sell used items, the easy reposting of the item condition with only one scan within JTL Packing Table+ is an additional advantage.

Take advantage of numerous benefits

Numerous processes in e-commerce are extremely time-consuming and can be optimized with suitable software solutions. Depending on the focus and individual requirements, different solutions come into question to take the business to the next level. Warehouse processes in particular can be greatly simplified and partially automated in this way, leaving more time to focus on the actual core business.

Smaller companies and online retailers with comparatively small warehouses and a well-stocked warehouse can benefit greatly from JTL Packing Table+ and make their business much more efficient. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and support you in the implementation and setup of JTL Packing Table+.

The advantages of JTL Packing Table+ in summary

Overall, companies and online retailers with the right prerequisites can benefit from the following additional functions through JTL Packing Table+:

  • Posting of returns (registered and unregistered)
  • easy work with hand scanner
  • simple reposting of article states for the sale of used articles
  • compatible with scales for uncomplicated weight recording of packages
  • parallel processing of several orders

If you would also like to benefit from the advantages of the JTL Packing Table+ module, you can contact us at any time!


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