Important for your findability. Google & Co. punish pages with poor ranking if they are not mobile optimized. With JTL-Shop you are on the safe side.


You can easily customize the design to suit your needs. Simply move the desired image and text fields to the desired position.


JTL Shop provides support with SEO settings for URLs, page titles, metadata and images.

Lightning fast operation

The templates from eBakery leave nothing to be desired in terms of speed: The performance will convince not only you, but also the customers. Look forward to rapid growth and staggering profits.


Thanks to many high-quality JTL store templates, we are able to design your online store quickly and professionally. As a JTL service partner, we implement high-quality JTL store templates, optimize your store and support you in all matters relating to JTL.


✔ The JTL store is quickly ready for use
✔ Professionally developed for the JTL store
Responsive and search engine friendly

JTL-Shop uses the template engine Smarty 3. HTML5, Bootstrap 3 as well as jQuery + various jQuery plugins are used in the frontend.

JTL Shop Template: A feast for the eyes

This is where design and functionality meet: the familiar feeling of shopping around the corner is transferred to the online world and the emotional connection to the customer is optimally guaranteed. Enjoy diverse setting options and versions: Low loading times and inviting designs are the hobbyhorse of our artists and designers. Give us your feedback and we will creatively incorporate your suggestion into the templates and give your business a real profile.


Most JTL store templates can be customized and support many third-party plugins. Especially when starting a new online store, a purchased template with professional customizations is a good alternative to a 100% custom solution that has to be created, planned, programmed and configured first.

We have already implemented many interesting templates for our customers and offer you as a JTL agency a variety of professional services. Our team consists of JTL store experts, marketing experts, web designers and SEO experts.


Your articles are useful for your customers, but only a few people see your store? Probably it is not optimized for search engines. The store is prepared for search engines, but the most important work must be done manually. This includes important information about optimized images. They should be as small as possible, but meaningful. All texts, including those of your articles, should be unique. You should also use as few scripts and extensions as possible to keep the loading speed high.

Accessibility must also be taken into account so that disadvantaged visitors can use your store normally.

JTL store templates as the face of your store

Especially because the market requirements are constantly changing, you need a partner who combines artistry and business finesse. At eBakery you get flexible template systems that meet all requirements and always adapt dynamically to your needs. The configuration and design options offered open up new perspectives for your online store and your business. Your store will become a unique place with its own identity and your sales will speak for themselves: An optimally equipped icon system is complemented by a variety of fonts with different font sizes and the color editors speak for themselves. You can adapt your store to the latest trends and requirements in a flash and you will be completely on the safe side.

With brains: Headers that do the work for you

The header designers of eBakery have the practical advantage that they are configurable via drag & drop and have dozens of presets that are also optimally adapted to the view on the smartphone or tablet. Kill several birds with one stone: eBakery will meet your needs, no matter what your requirements are.

Limitless possibilities with eBakery

You’ll be surprised how many stores lose customers just because the interface is unattractive and the loading times are too long. Even with a lot of sales boosters, the loading times are optimally short. Videos and images load at an impressive speed, giving your page the character it needs to stand out against the competition. Convenient shopping that makes the customer feel right at home.

Technology and compatibility

As an official JTL partner, we know about the strengths of this software family and how we can integrate your templates into it. Thanks to the continuous development and optimizations of the templates, we are able to integrate them excellently into existing store software and give you the complete all-round service. Our services are not limited to the design of attractive templates, but also offers comprehensive e-commerce support and training in all digital matters. Easy maintenance and outstanding technical performance do the rest: Success in the digital age is yours!

Dynamics meets usability

Whether you need advice regarding HTML5 or Bootstrap: We are completely there for you and guide you to your own personal success. Our experts have been serving everything from regional companies to international business giants for over 10 years. As your partner, we will let you share in the fruits of our expertise and perfectly adapt your business to the new demands of the online world.

A few worries less: designer templates with that certain something

Good JTL store templates are more than just decoration: they are the heart of your online store and your business card. To make your business card as attractive as possible, you should pull out all the stops and get the most out of it. eBakery provides cost-effective JTL store templates that will keep your store organized and tidy. You get a solution that is neatly structured from the start and don’t have to tinker or plan forever. Predefined modules can be inserted with just a few clicks and the best possible performance is ensured at all times.

SEO optimization and usability

The excellent usability of our JTL store templates will give you a clear advantage over your competitors and the emotional connection of the customers will be smooth. The JTL Shop Templates on eBakery come with many built-in features that can be bought elsewhere only for expensive money. This way, you save unnecessary costs and can concentrate on the essentials. Our work represents the optimal complement to the JTL software family and you can look forward to selling optimized Responsive Design templates, which are modern, practical and developed according to the latest standards. If you wish, we can also install an attractive slider and highlight boxes immediately. We go entirely according to your wishes and try to implement them as quickly as possible.


eBakery: Your JTL Shop Partner

If you need a general e-commerce partner besides attractive JTL store templates, eBakery is the right choice. With our e-commerce strategies, you can take the right actions and scale your business just the way you want. In the process, you’ll be given the same tools we used to achieve online success. You will receive a map that will show you a counterintuitive way to the top: We prefer to leave wrong paths and strategic mistakes to others. Feel free to arrange a no-obligation consultation, we look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you as soon as we can.

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    What does responsive JTL store template mean?

    Responsive generally means that this website, or in our case the online store, looks visually flawless both on the PC and on mobile devices, but also that all existing functions also work on the smartphone. A classic example is the display of the menus in the header as Burger Menu on the smartphone. This allows each subpage to be accessed flawlessly and also provides a good visual solution. A bad implementation would be, for example. arbitrary page breaks for headings that do not make sense this way.

    How does my JTL store rank better?

    As mentioned before, first of all, a clear, high-quality foundation in the form of a professional JTL store template is fundamental. Because too many scripts and extensions slow down your site. This also applies to images that are too large. In addition, internal linking, keyword integration, proper use of subheadings and keywords in alt tags and file names can play an important role. For more information on this, feel free to head over to our JTL SEO page.