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One store and endless possibilities

JTL Shop

One store and endless possibilities

You already use JTL-Wawi and want a store that works 100% with it? The 5th generation of JTL-Shop is now mature and offers, as usual with JTL, a free entry into eCommerce. As a basis serves the free JTL-Wawi, which must already be installed.

What else JTL-Shop has to offer, you can read here.


Responsive design

JTL-Shop comes with the responsive design “EVO”, which is already mobile optimized. No matter which device your customers use to access your store, they always get a readable page. So you can start directly with the default design and customize it to your needs. “Under the hood” everything is prepared for a good search engine ranking.


JTL Shop & SEO

Speaking of search engine ranking: JTL Shop offers SEO settings for URLs, page titles, metadata and images. Since JTL-Wawi is the data basis, edit the metadata there. All items will appear as you specify in JTL-Wawi. Make sure that the images are not too large. Even if the details should be well visible, they only delay the loading time and this is “rewarded” by search engines with a worse ranking. Learn more about JTL SEO here.


JTL store is free of charge

JTL’s concept of wanting to offer a free entry point also comes into play here. You can test the store without any loss of functionality. The Community Free Version can be populated with up to 500 products. Likewise, all modules are available, free and paid. So you can test the store at your leisure – and if you generally stay under 500 products, the store is and remains free of charge for you.

What can JTL Shop do?

You control everything centrally from JTL-Wawi, except the store design and plugins. However, these are easy to maintain in the store backend. But all item movements are only in JTL-Wawi, as well as the shipping process etc. – and this data is synchronized at any time as long as JTL-Wawi is running.

It therefore makes sense to run JTL-Wawi on a server. It has a constant connection to the Internet and can thus synchronize with JTL Shop around the clock. If you do not yet have a server available, we will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote.

The best functions

Create article

You can also create variation articles and expand cross-selling & upselling. You already know this when you shop in other stores or platforms like Amazon. The list “other people also bought…” or “the following items match this…” is just that. You can then link useful accessories to a product, for example, so that your customer buys the right item right away.

Discounts and customer groups

Special discounts and customer groups can also be seamlessly integrated into JTL Shop. Set this data per item in JTL-Wawi and in the store you will get the appropriate result.
The simple three-step checkout process supports your customer and offers them an easy purchase. Good for you: the customer is more inclined to come back and buy more from you. If your customer creates a customer account, it is even easier, because then he can use the 1-Click-Checkout to buy his desired item with just one click.


Returns are also easy to handle because you can set up a customer credit for the customer. You do not have to pay back the amount if you can agree otherwise.
You can use all of the over 500 modules to expand your store according to your needs. Whether you use the purchase version or the community free version, you will always have access to all modules without limitation.

Your experts for JTL Shop setup

As an official JTL service partner, we support you in setting up your store and connecting it with JTL-Wawi. Why not arrange a free initial consultation right away?

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