JTL store VAT conversion

How to correctly convert the VAT for 2021

In this video we will show you how to change the VAT rate from 16% to 19% or from 5% to 7% for the JTL store in JTL-Wawi without having to miss New Year’s Eve. In this JTL Shop Screecast Tutorial Episode, we demonstrate how to master the 2021 VAT conversion.

JTL store VAT conversion - how to do it

One challenge that every retailer will now face in the coming days is the back-adjustment of VAT. This temporary change was yes adopted in the federal government’s economic stimulus program and was to last until Dec. 31. This is still the case, which means that on 01.01 at 0 o’clock the value added tax must be reset from 16 to 19% or from 5 to 7%. One important point to keep in mind, however, and which may save your New Year’s Eve celebration – which should, of course, be on a very, very small scale – is that the Shipment date and not the order date counts.
This means that you can make these changes as soon as you have closed your store on 31.12 and then go celebrate with peace of mind, since the goods will be shipped in the new year anyway. Which changes you have to make where, so that these are effective both in your Wawi and for your JTL store we show you now.

Preparations for the JTL store VAT conversion

In preparation for this, a database backup should be created and the worker should be terminated so that we are on the safe side and no more reconciliations can run in the background. Once we’ve done that, we’ll go to the Admin menu item in our Wawi and into the global settings. Here we go to the Payments tab and can set the default VAT rate to 19% and save it. With this, step 1 would be ticked off.

How to reset the value added tax from 16% to 19%.

For step 2, we also go to the menu item, but then click on Taxes and enter the Tax Administration. We select the EU zone, enter the normal tax rate, i.e. the field that is displayed at the top, and can reset the tax rate to 19%. Now only the correct tax key must be selected – i.e. VAT 19% and do not forget to save. Proceed in the same way for the reduced tax rates. So change from 5% to 7% and select the correct tax key.
Should you be satisfied with the Corona tax classes have worked, you also change your normal and reduced tax rates from 16 to 19 and 5 to 7% as just shown, then go into the Corona Normal tax class and change it from 19% to 16% and from 7% to 5%. If your DATEV export was done correctly, you can simply delete these Corona tax classes in the new year, since you will no longer need them. As an important hint: Go into your tax key management , i.e. Admin, Taxes and Tax key management and go through the tax classes that you use and check if there is a posting account for all of them.

After JTL-Wawi configuration perform store adjustment for JTL store VAT conversion

So much for changing the tax rate in Wawi. In order for these to now also apply to your JTL store, you must perform a complete article comparison. To do this, go to the menu item Online Shop on Complete Matching and check the articles for your respective store. If you now make a reconciliation as usual, the VAT changes will be applied to all your items.

This is how the conversion works for other store systems

If you have linked another store system with your Wawi using a connector, the tax rates must first be adjusted in the store itself. Then go to the settings for the online store connection to the respective store and click on Test connection or Activate license so that the new tax rates are brought in. If you then go into your connector configuration, you will see the tax rates of both systems and can thus check that the correct VAT rates have been created for both and that they can thus be mapped.

eBakery is happy to help you as a JTL service partner

I hope we were able to secure your start into the new year and prevent you from having to spend this New Year’s Eve in the office. For all other JTL-specific questions and concerns, we will gladly take care of it as a JTL service partner. For appointments and all info follow the link above right.

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