Top 5 eCommerce AI tools

The best AI tools for online stores and online retailers

These are our top 5 eCommerce AI tools. Find out which are the best AI tools for online stores and online retailers in the following video. Starting with Omnisend as an automation tool for email and SMS marketing, through content creation tools to an eCommerce AI tool that automatically creates product videos for you. All this in this video.

Artificial intelligence in online retail

There is no question that artificial intelligence will support us more and more in everyday life in the future, but it has also arrived in online retail. So if you don’t use AI tools for automation and more efficient working methods, you may find yourself lagging behind the competition in the future. To prevent this from happening, we present 5 AI tools for online retailers in this video.

Top 5 eCommerce AI tools - automation for the online store

Our first tool advertises itself with the slogan “Drive sales on autopilot”.
Some of you will already be familiar with these automation mechanisms from our Shopware Flow Builder videos. At least that’s what it reminded me of. However, we are talking about Omnisend here. Omnisend is a marketing automation platform specifically for eCommerce. This tool is specifically aimed at SMS & e-mail marketing. This means it helps retailers to advertise products and win and retain customers. Omnisend is integrated, for example. in Shopify and thus integrates seamlessly into the system.
But what can the tool do?

Omnisend offers these features free of charge

Ex. Automatically reach shopping cart abandoners by e-mail. And the good thing here is that you don’t have to build your own workflow first, but can fall back on ready-made workflows. The whole thing can initially be tested for 0 euros, which would then include 250 contacts, 500 e-mails per month and 60 text messages.

Top 5 eCommerce AI Tools - Tool # 2

Our second tool is worth its weight in gold when used correctly and is aimed at content creation. With, you start at the most important point of content creation – idea generation. Whether blog posts, copywriting for ads, product texts or social media scripts, with you only have to define the type and topic exactly and the tool creates the textual content for you in seconds. All you have to do now is implement it. You can specify how much creative leeway the AI is given, how it should be addressed, which target group the content should appeal to, whether emojis should be used and in which language the whole thing should be created. You can test the whole thing for 7 days and then choose one of the three plans, which range from €19 – €99.

Top 5 eCommerce AI tools - Ocoya as an all-in-one solution

But what if there was an all-in-one tool in which you could implement, manage and publish this planned content? Welcome to Ocoya. Ocoya is an innovative platform that uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize social media management. With a variety of features, from automated content creation to analytics, Ocoya offers a comprehensive solution for businesses and individuals. But what does that mean in concrete terms?
AI texts can also be created here. You can integrate up to 30 services from Facebook and Instagram to Shopify, use graphic templates to have your content created automatically and analyze your campaigns at any time thanks to real-time metrics. Ocoya has 4 tariffs, depending on the number of profiles, users and credits, ranging from 15 dollars to 159 dollars.

AI automatically creates product photos

What can be used permanently without any time limit, however, is our eCommrce AI tool number 4 called Mokker. This is an automated image cropping tool. This means, for example, that you can Simply take a well-exposed picture of a product with your cell phone and then have Mokker crop the whole thing to create a picture with a white background. On the one hand, you are Amazon-compliant, but you can also You can also create hero shots by letting the AI integrate your cropped image into certain scenes. Either prefabricated scenarios or scenarios that you can freely create using your prompt. As you have just seen, 40 photos are free. If you need more, you can choose between the Starter, Team and Organization Plan, which range from 13 – 84 dollars.

Top 5 eCommerce AI tools - have Oxolo create product videos

Now we come to our last and possibly most spectacular tool called Oxolo. With Oxolo, product videos can be created fully automatically using AI. But how does that work? You need a product URL, which can be a product detail page on Amazon, a product on Etsy or other videos from the platforms shown here. Then all you have to do is direct the output, i.e. should the video be created portrait or landscape, which target group should be addressed, which language should be used?

What can Oxolo do?

However, if you want to customize the video, you can make detailed settings such as a special speaker, a special avatar or a specific template. This will give you a similar result to the one you see here in this Oxolo tutorial. This means that music will be added, the AI voice, the avatar whose lips move synchronously, and graphics will be visible in the background. In other words, everything a simple product video needs. Oxolo can also be tested free of charge, but is limited to 15 credits. The two paid plans are limited to 700 and 7200 credits per year and cost 50 or 400 dollars annually. However, the plans vary not only in the available credits, but also in the number of avatars, languages, templates, etc.

ChatGPT Agency

However, we would now like to know which of the 5 eCommerce AI tools appealed to you the most.
Let us know in the comments and feel free to add your experiences if you have used the tool or tools afterwards. If you would like more in-depth advice on the possibilities of AI, we at ChatGPT will be happy to help.

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