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JTL-WMS: Warehouse management for your online store

With JTL-WMS you get a simple and professional solution for your warehouse management. As a complete package with JTL-Wawi, you coordinate and manage the processes in your warehouse reliably and in real time. You can use the software from goods issue, to an inventory and a stock transfer. The mobile and stationary solutions work hand in hand: Which goods are currently being stored, packed or transferred can be tracked at any time.

For whom is JTL-WMS suitable?

JTL-WMS supports both small and large companies. The individual and flexible functions allow you to modify the software according to your needs.

Small camps that have so far organized themselves without technical assistance will eventually reach their limits. To eliminate time-consuming errors, JTL-WMS is the suitable support. Because fast and correct deliveries satisfy your customers and increase your sales in the long run.

Large companies with high requirements are also well positioned with JTL-WMS. The software enables automation of your processes as well as optimal utilization of your warehouse space. You can also achieve enormous improvements in the areas of route automation and work speed with JTL-WMS.

JTL-WMS: Functions at a glance

JTL-WMS warehouse management is designed to serve companies as a complete solution. That’s why the software includes a lot of features to help you control and coordinate your warehouse. These include:

"With JTL-WMS, goods receipt becomes a simple story".

Extensive options meet individuality

You see: All processes in the warehouse can be recorded with JTL-WMS. The individual functions often offer various customization options – so the software can be used individually and flexibly by both small and large companies.
The outgoing goods department, for example, offers four different shipping processes: EazyShipping, Shipping Boxes, Rolling Picking and Mobile Packing Table. You also have the option to combine the processes. Depending on the assortment or warehouse size, certain shipping processes are suitable. They reduce sources of error, are easy to learn, and enable faster picking and packing.
The storage location management can also be adapted to your individual requirements. Whether multi-dimensional storage bins or chaotic warehousing. You can also support stock transfers and replenishment functions as desired.
With JTL-WMS, goods receipt becomes a simple story: with one scan, items are put away. Whether the input was previously logged in or not makes no difference to the system. You can also process returns and enter and store unknown items.

When you take inventory or make transfers, each step must be tracked precisely so as not to disrupt operations. With JTL-WMS you do this directly at the storage bin. In this way, an accurate movement history is built up that allows you to precisely locate individual products at any time.
Although JTL-WMS brings many different features, it still remains clear and easy to use. The dialogs are easy to learn and can be operated comfortably via the touch-optimized user interface. You also have the possibility to set extensive filters.
If all these functions are not enough for you, you can expand the scope of services. The enhancements range from visual aids to colored lights at storage locations – you can use JTL-WMS customized.

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Set up JTL WMS and keep stock always in view

Efficient processes around incoming goods, outgoing goods and inventories are a decisive factor for your turnover figures and ultimately for your profit. When you set up JTL-WMS warehouse management, you promote lucrative work at all points in your warehouse.
The integrated storage location wizard supports you during the initial setup. New storage bins are automatically created and labels are created for them. So you can use the software directly and use your valuable time for more important tasks.
Commissioning can already be carried out on mobile devices – a stationary workstation is not necessary for this. So you set up your warehouse management system from exactly where it will be used: in the warehouse.
Once the software is set up, each item movement can be recorded via a simple barcode scan. Thanks to the seamless documentation, you maintain an overview and thus gain efficiency.

JTL-WMS: Mobile and stationary use possible

JTL-WMS warehouse management consists of two applications: one for stationary computers and one for mobile devices. This is equipped with a barcode scanner, which should prevent incorrect bookings. Based on the EAN, item number, ISBN or UPC, the system recognizes each item accurately.
In JTL-Wawi you can see at the same time which item is stored in which quantity. Every scan in JTL-WMS is also displayed directly in JTL-Wawi. If an order is fully deliverable in JTL-Wawi, it is automatically placed on the pick list in JTL-WMS and sent. The seamless interaction of both systems allows you to track in real time how stock is put away, picked, packed and transferred in the warehouse.

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JTL WMS Service Partner

With JTL-WMS you bring your storage location management to a new level: You work more efficiently and keep an eye on all processes at all times. Mohamed Ali Oukassi brings more than ten years of experience in the field of e-commerce and knows how to use JTL-WMS profitably for you.

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