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JTL myToys interface and connection

Tradebyte connection with Unicorn 2 for JTL-Wawi

This video is about the JTL myToys interface and connection or about the new Unicorn 2 Tradebyte interface for JTL-Wawi. What the toy company myToys is all about, what else is offered here besides toys and how you can connect myToys with JTL-Wawi, you will learn in the video.

JTL myToys interface and connection - Unicorn 2 Connector

The last three episodes have been more about connectable Tradebyte marketplaces from the fashion, fashion and beauty space. The reason for this is the soon to be released Unicorn 2 Tradebyte interface. If you haven’t heard or read anything about it, here is the article linked. However, this episode is about the online presence MyToys.

Information about myToys

myToys.de is a limited liability company that is also part of the OTTO Group, as was ABOUT YOU before it. Toys and other children’s products are sold here for the most part. This was founded back in 1999 in Berlin. If we take a look around mytoys.de, we see that in addition to toys, children’s and baby fashion is offered, as well as garden utensils, video game accessories, as well as decorative items for classic children’s birthdays are available. A few facts that might convince you: In addition to an unbeatable 94 percent brand awareness in the core target group, MyToys also boasts over 7 million active customers. Even though “only” the German channel is available here, the myToys Group is No. 1 throughout Europe when it comes to the Family Shopping range.

JTL myToys interface and connection - If toys are exactly your assortment

If this is your specialty and you are already using JTL-Wawi as your ERP and merchandise management system, you can now kill two birds with one stone. Because there will be very soon a JTL-Tradebyte interface from Unicorn 2 – the secure multichannel solution. More information than can be found in the Tradebyte App Store so far will be available at the Unicorn conference on 04.09. What you can expect there, how to pre-order your ticket and where the whole thing will take place, you can find out exactly on this page. As a little hint – eBakery will also be represented. If you have any questions about the connector, JTL-Wawi or Unicorn 2 itself, feel free to contact the experts at eBakery. We are also happy to support you as a JTL service partner.

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