Time is a crucial factor in e-commerce. Modern store solutions such as JTL make it possible to automate numerous processes in a simple way and thus save time and costs in the long term.

With JTL-Shipping, your own online store can be linked to large logistics companies such as Deutsche Post. Deutsche Post’s online service is called Internetmarke and allows you to print out shipping labels including a stamp. However, you do not have to commit to one shipping service provider, but also have the option to change flexibly or to use several. This is a great advantage as different customers prefer different shipping service providers. Using Deutsche Post as an example, how does one go about this?

Activate license

First of all, the JTL-ShippingLabels license has to be activated, this is done via the JTL Customer Center. To do this, log in with your access data and navigate via the menu to the Products section > Shipping modules. Here you get to the ShippingLabels option and can select the Book Free button. There you get to the uncomplicated ordering process. After that, there are two special features to note:

  • Users of JTL-WMS need to restart JTL-WMS after activation in order for the new license to be recognized.
  • If JTL-ShippingLabels is the first activated license, the license key of JTL-WAWI must be entered additionally.

JTL ShippingLabels Configure

In order to use the feature, user accounts and shipping providers must now be linked to JTL ShippingLabels. To do this, call up the dialog window JTL-ShippingLabels Menu: Shipping > entry: JTL-Shipping. It is also possible to manage different access data, for example for return accounts or dropshipping even for several companies. How can Deutsche Post be integrated as a shipping service provider in JTL ShippingLabels?

  • Log in The first requirement for integrating Deutsche Post is an account setup. To do this, you need to register with Deutsche Post for the prepaid payment system Portokasse.
  • After successfully logging in and registering, you will receive a user name with an associated password from Deutsche Post. These credentials are required when activating JTL-ShippingLabels in JTL-WAWI.
  • In a third step, an amount of 200 to 1,500 euros must be paid into the petty cash fund.

Include internet brand

In order to be able to use JTL-WAWI for the automated printing of shipping labels, the Internetmarke service of Deutsche Post must still be integrated via an interface. The procedure is as follows:

  • In the JTL Shipping dialog box, create a new user account for Internetmarke. To do this, select the Export with Internet Stamp shipping interface in the menu and enter the user name and password received from Deutsche Post.
  • Using the Shipping option > you can view all the shipping methods created so far. Here you can edit existing entries or create a new shipping type.
  • Via links > Shipping data export > Export using JTL-ShippingLabels > Export with Internetmarke the Internetmarke can be activated for the respective shipping type.

Configure printer

In order for the shipping labels to be printed optimally, the printer must first be set to the label size used in the control panel. In particular, the non-printable area is also relevant here. This is done in the Control Panel under Printers > Printing Preferences.

  • In the Start menu > Printer > Registration card JTL-ShippingLabels, a label printer must now be assigned to the corresponding shipping type.
  • The following configuration must now be made for the Export with Internetmarke shipping interface: Scaling: Fit to printer margin (prop.). Dymo shipping labels type 99014 (101 x 54 mm) are recommended. However, today there are also numerous high-quality shipping labels from other manufacturers, this saves about 70% per label roll to the Dymo original.

After successfully setting up JTL-ShippingLabels and connecting the interface to JTL-WAWI, nothing stands in the way of printing shipping labels including stamps.

For whom is JTL-ShippingLabels worthwhile?

In principle, JTL-ShippingLabels is already worthwhile from the first shipped package. Additional shipping service providers can be integrated as needed, providing customers with reliable, fast shipping through their preferred service provider. It makes sense, especially in view of the upcoming Christmas business, to involve different logistics providers in order to be able to use another service provider quickly and without complications in the event of a strike. Ultimately, JTL-ShippingLabels is useful for any merchant who uses JTL-WAWI and ships packages to customers. The more shipping volume a merchant has, the more time can be profited by using JTL ShippingLabels.

Furthermore, it is also possible to track the shipments directly within the JTL WAWI. Here, a separate license for the JTL Track&Trace function must be activated. Together with the integration into JTL workflows, this results in numerous advantages for merchants who want to use the full potential of JTL.


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