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What is important and how does Magento SEO work?

The Magento store system is popular

Magento is with approximately 250,000 installations one of the largest OpenSource-online store systems. The many installations show that a lot is also possible in terms of SEO with Magento. What criteria and measures fs for good SEO work come into question, you will find you will find summarized here on the page – increase your Magento SEO performance!

Search engine friendly hosting

The start is made by the server. Magento requires some resources, so very cheap servers are dropped. are omitted. Magento itself specifies the memory consumption with min. 2 GB an. And that’s just for the store. e-mails and the web server, so that we end up with at least we end up with at least 8 GB, better 16 GB. High speed is a must for a good search engine ranking.

Also HTTP/2 and a content Delivery Network (CDN) for international stores also increase speed. A CDN stores certain content, such as images, on servers around the world. When a visitor from the USA calls up your store in Germany, all content is transferred from Germany to the USA, and that takes time. With a CDN, the large files are already held in the U.S. and delivered from the U.S. when your store is accessed, rather than to take the long way from Germany.

The uptime, i.e. the time in which the server is actually accessible, should also be correspondingly high. JEvery minute that your store is unavailable costs money. If your server is repeatedly unavailable, Google will also notice this and your store will drop in ranking.

Magento SEO settings

For a good Google indexing is a
XML sitemap
important. In the sitemap all subpages of the website or your store are stored. This makes it easier for Google & Co. to find everything and index it correctly. The settings for this are under “Marketing / SEO & Search / Sitemap”. The sitemap should then be deposited in the Google Seach Console.

“Talking URLs” are pleasant to read addresses, like – this feature is already active in Magento 2. If a URL for an article doesn’t sound good (usually the product name is taken), you can change it directly in the article.

Scroll down the article until “Search Engine Optimization” appears. Here you change the URL key.

Magento URL key

Metadata in Magento

The metadata is essential for a good ranking. Metadaten are evaluated by search engines in order to be able to allocate more quickly what is can be found on the page. As a rule, these data are also displayed in the search resultsunless Google finds something more relevant on the page itself. Most often, however, the prepared Snippet taken.

In the article, this function, as well as the URL key, can be found at the bottom of the “Search Engine Optimization” section. As part of the Magento search engine optimization, we adjust corresponding metadata as a matter of course and also train you in the correct handling of this part of the Magento SEO optimization, if necessary.

More speed in Magento

To achieve a higher speed of the store, you should in live operation, after the development, the
Activate. You can find the setting under “System / Cache Management”.

Since the database loses speed with large stores, you shouldunder “Shops / Settings / Configuration“, then on the left “Catalog / Catalog / activate two options to the so-called
“Flat Catalog”
to activate. Activate the options “Flat Catalog Category” and “Flat Catalog Product. It may be necessary to clear the cache afterwards, but you will receive an indication of this.

By default, Magento relies on the EAV database model, which consumes less memory, but distributes the article data to 6 different tables, which must be reassembled with each call. With the Flat Catalog all data are transferred into a table. As a result, the database grows, but the queries are much faster, which is also a weighty factor for Magento SEO performance.

Magento search engine optimization through high-quality content

In addition to the technical basis, the content must of course also be right in order to convert visitors to an online store into active buyers. Therefore, the quality of all texts must not be disregarded in any way during a Magento search engine optimization. Unique content that delivers real value to the user is essential for the success of any Magento store.

In particular, the product and category texts must be written in a high-quality and target group-specific manner in order to achieve the desired effect. If store visitors don’t find all the information they need, they are very likely to decide against making a purchase. Content naturally also includes high-quality product images or videos, which can be optimized specifically for Magento. Here, too, many relevant SEO aspects can be taken into account.

Increase Magento SEO performance

Performance also has a significant impact on the success of an online store. The loading times of the store can be optimized in different ways. In general, it is important in this context to always use the latest version of PHP, Magento 2 is currently PHP 8.1 compatible. In addition, optimizing the Magento index management can also usually contribute to the overall performance increase.

Another aspect that is important when optimizing Magento performance is the browser cache. The Magento cache is placed in the file system by default, but can also be placed in Redis or Varnish. Depending on the size of the store, different options are the best choice here. As soon as the store has a certain size, it is recommended to use Redis, for online stores with dynamic content, which is also very complex, the best performance can be achieved by using the Varnish cache. If you have any further questions for us regarding Magento SEO performance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Metadata in Magento

These are the simplest SEO measures that will optimize your Magento store for search engines. optimize for search engines. In this way, you create a good basis. Further measures couldten different plugins or optimized Texte and item descriptions be As a Magento agency, we would be happy to advise you on this in detail.


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