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To increase the reach of their own website, more and more companies are turning to paid ads. With these, you reach selected customers who, in the best case, increase your sales in the long term. If you place such an ad via Bing Ads, you benefit from comparatively low costs and less competition than with Google, for example.

Learn in this article why Bing Ads should be part of your marketing strategy and where the benefits are for your business. We have been dealing with this topic for years and have already taken over the Bing Ads support for numerous customers. We would be happy to conduct an analysis of your existing marketing efforts and show you how Bing Ads could help you.

How do I benefit from placing an ad through Bing Ads?

As Bing Ads experts, we not only want to offer you our service, but also explain why Bing Ads is important for your business in the first place. We do not simply sell services that you do not need. We want you as a customer to only use services that really benefit you and your company.

When we place an ad for you through Bing Ads, you are advertising your business or a specific service. Millions of people use a search engine every day to look for different things. To do this, they enter so-called keywords in the search bar.

With Bing Ads, you can bid on these keywords to make your ads appear. The higher your bid amount, the higher you will appear in the ads. When the search results appear on Bing, users first see several ads, only then come the organic hits. At the very bottom of the search results page you will also find ads.

Whether you want to market a specific product, offer a service, or disseminate a piece of information, the goal of Bing Ads is to attract the customer’s attention. The higher up a search result appears, the more people click on it. And the more people land on your website, buy your product or use your service.

If you use our Bing Ads support service, we will take care of all the tasks related to the ads. From planning to implementation and evaluation. From these, you can see the successes we’ve achieved for you with Bing Ads and how they impact your business.


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  • Strategy development
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  • Tracking & Web Analytics
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  • Trainings


What targeting options does Bing Ads offer?

We offer our customers Bing Ads support because we are convinced that there is great potential here. This is because Bing has a market share of just over 5% among search engines. That doesn’t sound like much at first – but it makes Bing the second most-used search engine in the world after Google. According to Microsoft’s own statement, Bing Ads reach 167 million search engine users who spend 26% more online than the average Internet user. So you can definitely talk about an attractive target group here, which you can reach with Bing Ads.

To make sure that your ads reach exactly your target audience, Bing Ads offers you some targeting options. These are designed to help you precisely target a select group.

For example, Bing Ads offers the option to display your search ads only in a specific region. This is especially important for businesses that operate locally, such as restaurants or certain service providers. You can include your business address in your ad. If a user in your region then searches for your service, he also knows directly where you are located. To show your ads only to users from the surrounding area, you can set a radius around a city or zip code.

Similarly, the language of your ad. You can switch them in one language or in several. For companies that have many customers from abroad or operate in border areas, this function is particularly helpful.

In addition, you can specify certain times of day or days of the week when your ad should be placed. This feature is especially handy for store locations: when the location is closed, you can pause the ads and perfect your customer approach. You can also be flexible about the opening hours of your store or business. Bing Ads offers steps every 15 minutes here.

To tailor the placement of your ads even better to your target audience, you can enter their demographic data. Age and gender are important characteristics of your customers for some companies or stores – with Bing Ads you can address your customers precisely and flexibly.

If you also use Google Ads, you can easily import your ads into Bing Ads thanks to Google Import. So you don’t have to create your ads twice, you can transfer them easily and quickly.

The possibilities offered by Bing Ads are still underestimated. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to it and encourage you to take advantage of the great opportunities that Bing Ads offers. With us as experienced experts at your side, you will be able to achieve initial successes in the shortest possible time.

How do I find the right keywords for my ad?

If you don’t have any in-depth experience with ads yet, our support will help you especially – because one of the most important points for a successful ad are the right keywords. Without experience, it is very difficult to choose them correctly.

Keywords are words and phrases that users enter into Bing to find products, answer questions, or search for specific information.

To create an ad with Bing Ads, select keywords for which you want your ad to be displayed later. So, these should relate to your business and absolutely meet the needs of your customers. Always keep in mind that you want to address your customers as precisely as possible – this requires precise work from you.

To find suitable keywords, you have several options. For one, you can simply consider what your customers are probably searching for and create a keyword list. On the other hand, you can also use the Bing Ads keyword research tool. This will spit out high quality keyword for you to really pick up your customers.

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If you want to run successful ads with Bing Ads, you have quite a lot to do. You need to know your target group like the back of your hand. What are they searching for, when are they searching, who is searching … We take this time-consuming task off your hands and take over your Bing Ads support.

Our team has years of experience working with Bing Ads and knows how to convince your customers to buy your ads. Arrange an initial meeting with us and get to know us. We look forward to hearing from you.



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    How much does Bing Ads cost?

    Whether you set a budget of 100 euros or 10,000 euros, you don’t have to pay until someone clicks on your ad.

    What payment methods are available with Bing Ads?

    As a payment method you can choose credit card, debit card, Paypal or bank transfer at Bing Ads.

    Does Bing Ads have a display network?

    No. There is the consortium partner network here, but not, as with Google Ads, a display network to place ads on websites such as or, among others. Consortium partners include AOL, Amazon, Ecosia, Yahoo, Skype, Outlook, Windows 10 and Apple.