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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. The market share is just under 62% (source: statista.com), which is no wonder given the ease of use and the variety of plugins and themes. The system is free and you can also extend it to a full-fledged online store for free. How to make your WordPress site more discoverable, read here.

Fast and reliable WordPress hosting

WordPress can be easily customized to your liking through plugins. The problem with this is that each plugin also brings with it code that goes into the page. As a result, pages grow very quickly and become correspondingly slow. Therefore, the first step to a good ranking should be the choice of the hoster where your site is located.

Web hosting offers are a dime a dozen and are really only limited by your budget. However, WordPress easily gobbles up resources, so you shouldn’t go for deals that are too cheap. With simple web hosting plans, some of which are already free, or available from €0.99 per month, you often share the storage space on the server with many other customers who also need all the resources. Since a server usually has limited capabilities, performance sags, or is poor from the start. If Google notices this, your page will be displayed worse and you will lose customers.

Speed counts on the Internet. If the desired target page does not open within 3 seconds, 40% of the visitors are gone again.

So, the provider should have appropriately fast servers to deliver a good home to your site. It might even be worthwhile to rent a server yourself, or at least use managed wordpress hosting. Here, the performance of the servers is tailored specifically for WordPress and you get better results than with cheap hosters.

If your site is not yet online, we will be happy to assist you with a server that fits your needs. We will be happy to advise you in detail at www.ebakery.de/kontakt/.

WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress is inherently suitable for SEO, but there is a wide range of plugins that make life easy for the website owner. We have compiled the best five in this article: WordPress SEO Plugins – 5 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress

Plugins are a good help, because they support the operator in his efforts. A great representative is the SEO plugin from Yoast and Rank Math. It examines the respective post or page for typical SEO-relevant rules and shows where improvements should be made.

Rank Math suggests, among other things, good keywords that you should pay attention to when naming the page in order to be found better. Also, the length of the name is checked and indicated with a simple traffic light. Page and post names should be of a certain length, not too short, not too long, to be easily found.

Rank Math includes a redirect manager, which is very important when page addresses change. For your Google ranking, changing a page name is always bad because the crawler will look for the page in the old place, but won’t find it. This will cause an error to occur, about which you as the operator will be notified. These errors drag your ranking down, so you should pay attention to proper redirects. These detour are created simply, but have a high impact.

Also a cache plugin like W3 Total Cache helps a lot. This summarizes and compresses data. In addition, data from the database is stored in files, which saves database accesses. These always cost performance and make the page slower. Especially if you run an online store with the WooCommerce plugin, the database is put under a lot of strain, because all the article data is stored here.

Images should also always be compressed. The free plugin ShortPixel Image Optimizer helps with this. This compresses images and makes them suitable for the Internet.

WordPress Themes

The design of your website is called a “theme” in WordPress. Here, too, the choice is almost endless, because many professional and hobby programmers create themes according to their wishes. Many are free, some are paid.

With free themes it can happen that the code is written uncleanly. This makes your site slower, requiring further optimization measures or a larger server. Therefore, you should use a paid theme, because they are well maintained and developed. With free themes, it often happens that it is created and then no further work is done on it. Apart from adjusting for bugs or cleaning up the code, themes can have security vulnerabilities that you should avoid if possible.

Always make sure that the theme is responsive. This means it adapts to the particular device the visitor is using to access the page. A large proportion of Internet users now go online on mobile, and if your site then appears tiny on the smartphone, the customer is gone.

We will be happy to create a WordPress theme for you that is also based on your corporate identity. This makes your company instantly recognizable, which in turn increases customer loyalty. We also create a good structure so that search engines and visitors alike feel comfortable and reach their destination quickly. Google is now so intelligent that it can distinguish a good menu structure from a bad one.

Writing SEO texts

It’s not directly a WordPress theme, but it will bring your website or online store forward in the long run. Through search engine optimized texts Google recognizes that you care about your website, are active and deal with target group relevant topics. Blog posts in which you inform your visitors about interesting topics related to your business area make sense. Instructions, FAQs and personal impressions, similar to Amazon reviews (only more detailed), are also well received by search engines and visitors.

If your posts are even shared on social media, you will attract new visitors and also make yourself more interesting for Google. If you provide the ideas, you can also have SEO texts written by us. We will discuss the details with you, give you extensive advice and deliver target group-relevant articles and pages with added value, so that your site is even more likely to be visited.

Experts for WordPress SEO

Our SEO experts are also happy to take care of your WordPress website or online store. Because more visitors are always better. We will advise you in detail on your options to take your WordPress site or WooCommerce store further. Why not arrange a non-binding consultation appointment right away?

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