Shopware Business Essentials

B2B for your Shopware 5 online store

In this Shopware tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Shopware Business Essentials extension for your Shopware 5 online store to meet B2B requirements. We explain what is important in B2B and show you this Shopware extension.

Shopware Business Essentials - B2B vs. B2C

In the run-up to the event, we often discussed the topic of B2B vs. B2C. These are two different worlds, each of which places different demands on the store.
If you are new to the program, we recommend you to use e.g. For Shopware 6 the B2B Suite. But what options are there for those who are still fully satisfied with their 5 store, want to wait until 2024, but want to meet the requirements of B2B customers? If you are one of them or if you are just interested in Shopware, then read to the end.

Shopware agency

If you prefer to leave the whole thing in professional hands, you are welcome to make an appointment directly with the Shopware experts from eBakery. On the Shopware Agency page you can find out how we can support you as a Shopware agency. But now back to the topic. What are the things that a B2B store should do?

Shopware Business Essentials - What should a B2B store be able to do?

There should be rights and role management so that different employees of the business customer can buy from you and the whole thing remains traceable. In addition, it may be that you want to grant different employees different powers only. This system should then cover that. In addition, the range of products offered by B2B stores is often significantly larger and more diverse. In order not to waste a lot of time during the search, a powerful search function should be ensured. The issue of time is also relevant when it comes to the ordering process. This is because B2B customers order more regularly and usually the same products. Thus, orders placed should be visible and, in the best case, reusable. Individual pricing is another issue that a B2C retailer rarely has to worry about. There are also graduated prices, but the differentiation of purchasing conditions in a B2B store is even more complex.

Shopware Business Essentials - What does the extension do?

These are just a couple of the criteria. But are these then directly covered by Shopware 5. Not in its entirety. Which is why there is also the Business Essential from Shopware itself. With 4952 downloads, a very frequently used product. But what does it cover? On the one hand, the separation of customers into customer groups, for which you can then release different rights, design the store template differently and thus customize any content for your specific B2B target group. This also includes, as previously mentioned, deviating prices.

Simply test for one month

Due to the fact that the extension was also made by Shopware, support is also provided by them. You can do the whole thing for example. by booking one month for 30 Euro and get a trial month. The whole thing would then also be cancellable on a monthly basis. Or you can buy the plugin for one-time 495€. However, make sure that it is really only for Shopware 5 and also does not work with the cloud versions. For Shopware 6, as mentioned, we tested a different variant, which was thematized in the video above right. But what is your opinion if you have already made experiences with Shopware’s Business Essentials? If you need help with the decision-making process or the complete setup of your Shopware store, make an appointment with the Shopware agency eBakery.

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