Instagram SEO

Instagram SEO

Many companies have been doing it for a long time, and numerous private individuals or influencers also know how to position themselves and their products on Instagram for successful marketing. Instagram, along with Facebook, is an important component of a balanced marketing strategy to
to win new fans and followers for itself and its brand every day and thus increase sales.

In order to ensure that you and your company can still be found by interested parties and potential customers among the constantly growing number of users, you should optimize your Instagram profile accordingly. As an eCommerce agency, we provide you with valuable tips for a successful Instagram SEO strategy below and are happy to advise you if you have any questions.

How does Instagram SEO work?

Among the constantly growing users on Instagram are not only potential customers, but also more and more advertisers. In order to stand out from the competition and increase the visibility of your account on Instagram, you should take certain steps, which are summarized as Instagram SEO.

Although Instagram prevents Google from indexing the individual images and only the profiles of the users appear in the search results, it is still possible to noticeably increase the ranking with a few measures.

Public profile

On Instagram, users’ profiles are always set to public by default. Thus, anyone who accesses the account can see the entire content. These and other options can be customized in the privacy settings. Even though many entrepreneurs and private users set their profiles to private and make their content accessible only to followers, this tactic is not beneficial to search engines and should be refrained from. The only advantage would be a decrease in so-called bot followers.

Instagram name

Even though this measure is obvious and logical for many, many still do not adhere to it. The personal user name should necessarily contain the most important keyword or at least a unique one. It is important not to overdo it and to limit yourself to one keyword and make sure that the username still looks aesthetic and not artificial. The name can be customized with a few clicks in the bio under “Edit profile”.

Optimization of the bio

The bio on Instagram is the first thing users see and can most easily be compared to a business card. The length of the bio is limited to a maximum of 150 characters and should contain the most important information and characteristics of the company. The decisive factor here is the use of the appropriate keywords. Since the bio is presented in HTML format and indexed by search engines, the importance of this SEO optimization should not be underestimated. Here it is worth highlighting the most important key points and refraining from excessive use of hashtags and links so as not to overwhelm visitors.


Google & Co. automatically use the captions of Instagram images and videos as meta descriptions. These are also displayed in exactly the same way. Therefore, it is especially important to be targeted and create meaningful captions. Here, the most important keywords and information should be placed at the beginning and the hashtags rather at the end.

Conclusion about Instagram SEO

Instagram itself is not necessarily SEO-friendly and behaves differently from traditional SEO activities. There are not many measures to optimize your Instagram profile. The steps mentioned above form a good basis for achieving a higher reach and ranking with search engines.

eBakery, as a long-standing expert in eCommerce, SEA and SEO, knows how to do successful marketing on Instagram and supports you from account setup to targeted optimization of your channel for the desired target audience and analysis of your marketing strategy.

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