Responsive ads in the Google search network

In this post you will learn more about Google Ads and the ad format “Responsive Search Ads”. We would like to tell you the most important advantage of the Responsive Search Ad in advance: You save time because you only have to enter several ad titles and descriptions in Google Ads and the most relevant combinations will be placed for you automatically.

What is a Responsive Search Ad?

A Responsive Search Ad, is an ad format in Google Ads that creates an ad that automatically adjusts to present relevant messages to potential customers.

The text in responsive search ads is constantly adjusted so that you can present relevant messages to potential customers. When you create such an ad, you can enter multiple ad titles and descriptions. Google Ads then automatically tests different combinations over time and determines the best performing among them. With responsive search ads, your ad content is better matched to potential customers’ search terms. This allows you to optimize the performance of your campaign.

The more ad titles and descriptions you enter, the more possible combinations there are. This is good for ad performance in Google Ads because ads can be delivered more frequently that match the search queries of potential customers.

Create Responsive Search Ad

As Google Ads experts, we support you in setting up Google Ads, we optimize your account and perform neutral account audits. Learn how to create a Responsive search ad here:

Click View and Extensions on the left side menu.
Click the plus sign and select Responsive Search Ad.
Enter the final URL and the displayed path text. As you type, you will see a preview of your ad on the right.
Note: This preview shows ads compiled from your assets. However, you do not see all possible combinations. Text may be truncated in some formats.
4. enter the display titles. You can enter between three and fifteen variants.
5. add descriptions. between 2 and 4 descriptions.
Click Save.

The next step is to select up to 3 ad titles and 2 descriptions in different combinations and different orders for each ad. Over time, the most promising ad combinations are thus automatically tested by Google. This determines which of them are most relevant for different search queries.

If you want to learn more about Responsive Search Ads, feel free to contact us via email or our contact form.


How many ad titles can be set?

You can enter 3 to 15 ad titles. Ad titles can be seen at the very top of the ad. They may contain up to 30 characters.

How many descriptions can be created?

You can enter 2 to 4 descriptions. The ad description can be seen under the displayed URL and may contain up to 90 characters

What happens when pinning?

When you pin ad titles or descriptions, only they and no others are pinned in a specific position. You should create two or three variants of the ad title/description and pin them to the same position so that one of them can be displayed there.

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