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Google SEO Research Tools

Free keyword research tools for online retailers

The Google SEO Research Tools, which include the Keyword Research and the Competitive Analysis Tool, give you the opportunity to see what the most profitable keywords are for you. Furthermore, you will be shown analysis parameters that explain why your competitors occupy better positions in the SERPs. Read more in our Google SEO Tutorial.

Our free SEO tools

We are slowly coming to the end of our SEO Tool introduction round. Today we dedicate ourselves to the last section “Research”. If you are just getting started and would like to know what the free tools are all about and which ones are still available, then our playlist is linked for you at the top right.
All other issues are taken care of by our SEO experts. Feel free to make an appointment with us under this post.

Google SEO Research Tools - Find the right keywords

But now back to the topic: Our “Keyword Research” tool works URL independent this time. That is, it is not applied to your site, but is universal. The only factor to be named is the country.
In short, our tool is about displaying the most popular search terms for different countries.
As a small digression on this, I’ll show you a report from October 2017. Here it is called:

“As of last Friday, Google search no longer spits out search results by domain, but by user location. Google expects this to produce more relevant results for searchers. If you want to know what area you’re seeing search results for, you’ll find it on the bottom left of every Google search results page.”

Google SEO Research Tools - How they work

You are welcome to do the test, enter a keyword in the Google search and scroll down. There you will most likely find your location, which Google pulls from the IP address. This can give you e.g. Location-specific results on how restaurants near you are displayed. However, this also means that depending on the country, the first search results page for a particular keyword can be different in each case. This is also due to the fact that people search for different terms in different countries. What our tool does is this. We’ll just type in “restaurant” for now. Then you will see that the listing is according to the search volume. The highest search volume for the term at the top and then decreasing downwards.

This is what our tool offers

This means that long tail keywords are formed from your main keyword and the search volume is displayed. For all those who run Google Ads, the CPC value is also relevant, which is also shown here. For more info on this, feel free to check out our post on Google Ads, which we’ve linked to here. So what is the deeper meaning of our tool? Ex. you can use it to determine which keywords you should target on your landing pages and blog posts to generate more clicks and thus strengthen your site.

Google SEO Research Tools - Keeping an eye on the competition

Our second tool works similarly but puts you in relation to the competition. This means that our competition tool works URL-specific again. We simply take again and the keyword “heise” to match.
What you see now are simply the SERPs. This means the search result pages that would also be displayed on Google for the respective country. To test the whole thing, let’s switch from Germany to Thailand and lo and behold, here would only come in second place. However, not only the country-specific search results pages are displayed to you, but also a whole range of analysis parameters. Here we have the total number of backlinks, the number of DoFollow links and subpages, as well as the Domain and Page Authority Score, which we had covered earlier. So all the important factors to give us an overview.

Realistic assessment of your preferred keywords

With the number of domains we can see how content-strong a page is. With the number of DoFollow links, how many strong backlinks really exist. And with the help of the Domain Score, how optimized a domain really is. This can be an indicator for you as to which adjustments should be made in the future if you want to achieve good rankings. On the other hand, it can also serve to approach the matter realistically. If your final goal is to rank number 1 for a certain keyword and the current number 1 has exorbitantly more backlinks, for example, it might make sense to switch to another keyword or a long-tail keyword. Which can be, you can then again with our “Keyword Research” tool in experience and see if this has enough search volume.

Google SEO Agency

As I personally find, two really useful major tools that is useful for both the SEO professional, as well as the normal trader and above all easy to use. If you still have questions, please leave them in the comments. Otherwise, feel free to contact us directly if your problem is of a more complex nature or if you need SEO technical advice. Please make an appointment directly below or have a look at our Google SEO agency page.

Do you have questions or need an individual offer? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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