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eBakery is your contact for all questions around Shopify! Whether you need to set up a new store or optimize an existing platform, we can help you with expertise and a strong team. The Shopify Experts certification underlines our expertise, as does the German Web Award, which we received for high customer satisfaction.

We are also exactly the right Shopify agency for interfaces to systems such as Xentral or the JTL-Wawi, as we are also proven experts in these areas. This is underlined by the fact that we are Xentral Enterprise Partner and JTL Connector certified.


There are many SEO experts working in our team. Optimizing a Shopify store for search engines is in our blood.


We advise you that you can implement the appropriate multichannel strategy in a timely manner, Amazon, eBay and many other marketplaces.


We develop the Shopify store with you, fully respecting your corporate design.


Our editors combine first-class language skills with SEO knowledge. We will be happy to create category and product descriptions for you in your Shopify store.

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eBakery has a comprehensive YouTube channel with many interesting tutorials as well as how-to videos. Here we also regularly publish content about Shopify and share our agency’s wealth of experience with you. If you are facing a specific task with Shopify, you can get the necessary information here and also stay up to date.

Shopify Themes & Design Development

As an existing company, you probably already have a corporate identity that is reflected, among other things, in the uniform design of your website, written materials, etc. Your online store should therefore look as much like this as possible, while also being optimized for search engines. Therefore, the design should not only look good on the computer, but especially on mobile devices.

More and more people are shopping online using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. If the online store is then not mobile-optimized, the customer goes to the competitor. Apart from that, a mobile-optimized design is also important for Google, because the search engine notices whether the design is easy to read on all devices.

Of course, there are also many pre-made designs that you could take from the Shopify store. But always keep in mind that this design is also used by other stores. It may look good, but it can hurt your brand or business. Because what if the other store owner with the same design is unreliable? The customer sees the design first, and then when they see it’s the same, they’ll be more inclined to leave. Therefore, an individual design is very important.

Shopify interfaces

Shopify offers interfaces to all major service providers, which we as a Shopify agency are happy to set up for you:


When shipping, you can connect to DHL, UPS, DPD and Deutsche Post and have a parcel stamp purchased via the appropriate app. This is also automatic, so you will receive an order confirmation after the purchase and while you are assembling the package, you will also receive a parcel stamp at the same time. This only needs to be glued on.


By default, you get access to various payment options directly after creating your store, such as Klarna, SOFORT, VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Shop Pay and Paypal is also easy to integrate. So there is something for every customer and you receive payments from all directions.

ERP systems

For Shopify, there are also interfaces for the most important ERP systems such as JTL-Wawi or Xentral. This means that you always have an overview of all orders, incoming and outgoing goods, and all customer data. Your employees will then not have to retrain and there will be no need for expensive retraining.

Feel free to request a no-obligation Shopify consulting/advice session

Shopify content marketing

A good store also needs good content. Search engines also honor this. If you regularly publish good content that provides your readers with added value, such as the latest developments in your industry, product presentations, etc., Google will show your store further ahead.

If your pages are clicked more often, they slide even further up the list, which in turn increases the chance of sales, and so on. So you should take a closer look at this topic. Otherwise, as a Shopify agency, we are also happy to take care of research and copywriting.

GoodBears - contemporary online store in a new look


The current online store of cocoa specialist GoodBears was no longer up to date and was to be converted to Shopify in order to be able to manage and handle larger volumes of requests, among other things. The customer also wanted a better appearance in terms of design.

The main goals of the project were a fresh and new design, which should work optimally on mobile as well as desktop. In addition, the entire platform was to be converted to Shopify and technically optimized. A tight time frame had to be adhered to for this.

The GoodBears store was technically implemented by our Shopware experts and an individual design was created in close coordination with the customer. eBakery brought the new store online within the required time frame and carried out a speed optimization afterwards. After the store went live, there was immediate demand on the platform, which the eBakery Concierge Service actively helped to manage.

Find more eBakery success stories here.

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Shopify SEO

With Shopify, it’s relatively easy to achieve a better Google ranking. Out of the box, there are some options and free tools available.

You can set important meta tags and descriptions for your articles and pages. This makes articles easier to find in search engines, because you can specify specific keywords here. These keywords can be searched by customers to make it easier for them to come to your online store.

For easier indexing, you can create sitemaps and store them in the Google Search Console, among other things. These files show search engines all important pages, articles, and where to find them. Search engines quickly pick up on these references and periodically check them for existence.

If an item is no longer available, an unsightly error would be displayed, telling the search engine that your store is not well maintained. Therefore, you should create a so-called 301 redirect. This redirect tells the search engine that the indexed article is now available at a new address. Here you could refer to a follow-up item, something similar, or even the category so that the customer can choose another item themselves. More about Shopify SEO can be found here.

Shopify link building

To make a Shopify store or website known faster, so-called backlinks are important. These are links on other websites that refer to yours. Maybe because your store has the right product, or even because your blog articles are very helpful (good content marketing).

Link building must be done with care and expertise, because not every backlink is helpful. Search engines work with web page reputations. When a website regularly delivers good content with added value, its reputation increases. If a backlink from it comes to your site, the search engine assumes that your site is just as good, and your reputation increases.

If bad sites link to yours, your reputation will also drop and with it your ranking. We are happy to research good websites that fit your industry and organize guest articles or similar opportunities so that they link to your website.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is for frequent sellers. So if your online store is doing really well, it might be worth switching to Shopify Plus. Instead of a fixed monthly fee, you pay a profit share here.

Among other marketing tools, Shopify Plus stores are much more performant than the regular stores. As a result, these particular stores can process up to 10,000 orders per minute. Comparable normal store solutions have significantly higher administrative costs.

With Shopify Plus, a personal Shopify consultant is also available to give you tips on how to sell better and where there is still room for optimization.

Shopify Apps

The extensions that individualize your store are called apps. There are several hundred apps in the Shopify App Store, 45 of which are currently important for Germany. Shopify has summarized them in an overview: Useful apps for Germany

Among other things, GoBD exports, German payment providers, etc. are represented here, which you can easily connect to your store. We will be happy to help you make a sensible selection and create suitable accounts for you with the respective providers.

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    How much does Shopify cost?

    Shopify comes in three different cost models. The smallest model “Basic Shopify” starts at $29 monthly and offers you an easy way to get started. Unlimited products are already possible here, a free SSL certificate for secure transmissions and also sales via social media.

    In the larger variant “Shopify” are included more personnel accounts, as well as professional reports. In addition, fees decrease when transacting through Shopify Payments.
    “Advanced Shopify” is intended for larger stores. Here you get even better reports, more staff costs and customizable shipping costs via third-party providers.

    For more information on costs, see our Shopify Pricing blog article.

    How does the Shopify login work?

    After you have created your store, you can log in again at this address:

    Which Shopify Payments are possible?

    Immediately after creating your store, you can receive payments through Shopify Payments. With a few additional details, Shopify will unlock your access to Klarna and other options. Among other things, you can offer your customers “purchase on account”, installment payments and “Klarna pay later”, whereby Klarna assumes the risk here. You always get your money immediately and Klarna takes care of the rest.