Shopware Enterprise

What distinguishes the Enterprise Edition from Shopware

Shopware Enterprise – the all-round carefree package from Shopware? In this video, we take a closer look at the Enterprise Plan and how it differs from the Professional Plan and the Community Edition.

What is Shopware Enterprise ?

Shopware is now available in a few different versions. Both as a cloud system, but also self-hosted. There is the self-hosted Open Source Community Edition, which you can use permanently for free. Then there is the extended Professional Plan with which multishop implementations are also possible, a standard support is included and over 4,000 complementary apps & themes are included. Sounds promising at first, but we want to differentiate these versions from the Enterprise Edition a bit and explain to you how it differs and what is included.

Shopware Enterprise - The Hosting

The first point concerns hosting. The Enterprise Edition is the only one that is not available as a cloud variant, but that really has to be completely self-hosted. The second differing aspect concerns support. This is the so-called Diamond Support. You can count on a service response time of less than 2 hours. What is also exclusive to Bein Enterprise Plan is the developer support. This does not mean that this includes the programming of individual solutions, but more complex connection processes or interface extensions that only a programmer can implement. This means that you will not be left alone with onboarding, migration processes and the like. So much for support. But what about extensions.

The features

The possibilities in the area of B2B that are possible with the Enterprise Edition stand out clearly from the Professional Plan. Offer management, role management and field service functions can be individually configured here. Thus, with the right configuration, a sales representative can manage the customer account on site and make changes, place orders, etc., if necessary. But to get you up to speed on the many B2B features check out our specific video. Another highlight is ElasticSearch. Among other things, this enables an intelligent and error-tolerant search. Autosuggest can be activated, as well as Infinite Scrolling in the popup with a large number of hits and many other features that you can see here. With Shopware Publisher, you can make drafts without having to make them live right away. The activity feed then makes it easy to track changes and editors. In addition, an unlimited number of staging environments can be created so that the developer does not have to operate on the open heart.

The summary

Finally, the highlights titled by Shopware. You will be assigned a personal key account manager, i.e. a direct contact person. In addition, the possibility to set up multishops, independent of databases. That means if you are a large corporation with multiple subsidiaries in other countries and don’t want one to have access to the other, this is possible through multishops with their own database using Shopware’s Enterprise Edition. On top of all that, we then have all the benefits of the Professional Edition. So there are already a lot of differences and possibilities that make the big price difference come about. Whether you get along with the Professional Edition or benefit from the Enterprise Plan, that you have to consider individually or discuss with the experts of eBakery. As a Shopware agency, we are happy to help you find the right plan for your business.

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