Bidding strategy target CPA in Google Ads

With the bidding strategy “target CPA”, the bids in Google Ads are automatically set so that you achieve as many conversions as possible with your target CPA (cost-per-action). For some conversions, the cost may be above or below the target value.

So before you decide to use the “target CPA” bidding strategy, you need to set up conversion tracking in Google Ads and set your conversion goal in the process. Afterwards you can use the Smart Bidding strategy in Google Ads.

Smart bid ding is one of the automated bidding strategies in Google Ads that uses machine learning to optimize conversions or conversion value in each auction. This function is also called “automatic bid setting”.

Smart bidding strategies include:

  • Target CPA
  • Target ROAS
  • Maximize conversions
  • Maximize conversion value
  • Auto-optimized CPC

Target CPA strategy in Google Ads

With this bidding strategy, every time your ad could be delivered, the optimal bid is automatically determined. Your campaign history is taken into account and the context signals during the auction are analyzed. In Google Ads, bids are set to achieve an average CPA equal to the target amount for all campaigns with the target CPA strategy.

Target CPA Strategy Tips

Budget and bid limits

With the target CPA strategy, you should not set bid limits (CPCs). For the budget we always talk about the daily budget, this should be something 10 times the target CPA, as this can affect the automatic bid optimization.

Bid adjustment for devices

A bid adjustment for devices is still useful from our point of view, because the performance on devices like smartphone and desktop can differ a lot – here a division of the campaigns is a good idea, because you can also divide the budget.

Google Ads Agency

As a Google Ads agency, we know where the right adjusting screws are and like to turn them. We specialize in providing SEA for online stores and B2B websites based on needs. For our Google Ads experts, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. We offer strategies and campaigns that are tailor-made for you. Feel free to contact us without obligation and we will talk about your goals.

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