TikTok Ads Tutorial

How to place a TikTok conversion ad

In this TikTok Ads tutorial we will explain how to create a TikTok Conversion Ad. Where you can find the TikTok Ads Manager and what you need for it is part of our TikTok tutorial. If you want to know more about it, watch until the end.

TikTok Ads Tutorial - How to place ads on TikTok

The short video platform TikTok continues to grow in 2022 and is gradually becoming more and more interesting for companies, which include, among others, online retailers in particular.
But there are several ways to profit from the platform. Be it through influencer campaigns, using the already existing reach of TikToker to promote your product. We’ve already explained what to keep in mind when working with influencers in the video above right. That’s why today we are going to focus on another variant – TikTok Ads. How you can gain more reach through paid advertising and thus on the one hand draw attention to a product, as well as generate more store visitors, we show you now once.

From Business Center to TikTok Ads Manager

The whole thing will take place in TikTok Business Center. This can be roughly compared to the Meta Business Suite.
From here you will get to the Ad Manager, which we will need in a moment, and the Creative Center.
If you haven’t created a Business Center account yet, this is probably how it will look for you.
You can choose to create a completely new one or log in with your existing TikTok account.
If we now go to the Ads Manager in our account, a new tab opens and we get directly to the administration unit, i.e. the Business Center, from where we can view our ads statistics and create new members, if you are not just managing the account alone, and much more.
However, what is interesting for us is the advertiser account, through which we enter the TikTok Ads Manager. Here we are already directly in the right area, namely the campaign management. You have two options here for now.

TikTok Ads Tutorial - Simple Mode vs Custom Mode

Either select the “Simple Mode” or choose the “Custom Mode”.
If you are already familiar with Facebook or Meta Ads and know what is important, always choose the Custom Mode. If you do not know your way around, you can also consult the marketing experts at eBakery. We are happy to help you in any SEO and SEA matters. All info and the possibility to make an appointment you get on the page on the top right.
But if you are just starting out and want to try out what the ads can do, there is also the simplified mode to choose. We opt for the manual variant for this article.

What are campaigns / display groups / ads?

First of all, you need to set the advertising target. So what do you want to achieve with the ad. If you want to increase your brand awareness, it makes sense to play the ad to as many people as possible. However, if you want to direct people to your website or online store, it is a good idea to select “Traffic” as the target.
As an online merchant, you want prospects to convert, which is why we choose conversion for once. TikTok Ad campaigns are hierarchically structured in the same way as Meta Ads.
This means that the campaign determines the campaign goal, i.e. WHAT do we want to achieve. The ad group determines our audience, i.e. WHO we want to reach, and the ad itself determines the form of presentation, i.e. WHAT we want to reach people with. However, this will become clearer in the following.
How you name the respective groups is up to you. Everyone has their own system. Our system would be a numbering at the beginning and the target, i.e. conversion.
The selection options below belong more to the Adavanced program. You can run A/B split test to see which variables come up best. This can be a different audience, i.e. a different age group, a different focus on gender or the end device used. But we’ll get to that in a moment. It is the same with the second toggle switch. If you want to let TikTok do the budget allocation itself, enable this switch. As we already know from Meta, a budget limit can also be set for each level. That is also the case here for TikTok.

TikTok Ads Tutorial - Define the display group

The next step is to name the ad group. Here it is useful to enter keywords that define the audience. We target a broad group for our video with the lowest cost.
So let’s name this ad group that too. After that, select “Website” if you want to have a link to your store in the ad. Since we have selected “Conversion” as the campaign goal, the TikTok pixel is used, which must be stored in your store. We will show you how to do this in a separate video, which we will link to at the top right of this page. So for now, for the video, we’ll use the “TikTok Instant Page” event. When placing, it is important to select only TikTok. So choose the manual variant and uncheck the other two results. In the end, the most exciting part is the targeting. So to whom should the ad be played.

The targeting

This can be applied in a location-specific, language-specific, gender-specific, age-specific and interest-specific manner, as well as being related to economic status in the meantime. However, the latter only works for the USA so far. That means you need to know who your customer is. Is the product more likely to arrive in Germany or in China? If the product, such as Underwear intended only for women, then it would be a waste if the ads are also played out to men.
Unless it is suitable as a gift. These are things that need to be analyzed in advance. At the very end, you can also decide whether the ads will only be visible on certain devices, i.e. iOs or Android. However, if this has no direct relevance for your product, then leave this item at “No limit”. Finally, you need to decide whether you want to spend a daily budget or a total budget for a certain period of time. The minimum here is 20€ per day.

This is only available at TikTok

Accordingly, you can also determine when the campaign should start and when it should end. Now we come to the second point of our ad group naming.
Lowest cost or standard bid. The benefits of “least cost” a maximization of outcomes, but this can also come with a higher cost per outcome. With the “default bid” you control your costs better, but may not exhaust your budget as a result. What the two graphs visualize very well once again.
The next step is the display itself. Give this a unique name. This can be e.g. be the name of the advertised product. Now we come to a special point, which so far only exists at TikTok. The ads do not necessarily have to run through your own account, but an individual identity can be created. This means that the displayed username and profile picture can be reassigned.

TikTok Ads Tutorial - Create the ad

On the other hand, it is beneficial for the establishment of your brand if the associated account is displayed and the possibility to follow your TikTok account with it exists.
After that you will need to upload your prepared video or you can create it at the point. Then be careful with the assigned text that you have 100 characters available, but they are no longer displayed from 40 – 50 characters. So keep the text short. The video itself should not exceed 60 seconds and in the best case should not be recognizable as an ad, but should fit into the TikTok style. You can ignore the target page at this point. If you have deposited the TikTok Pixel and selected your website as the target page in the last step, the field will look like this for you. That means you only have to specify the desired page, be it your store or a product detail page. You can leave the Call to Action set to “dynamic”, checkmark this box, deposit your TikTok pixel and the ad is ready to be played.

Place TikTok Ads with eBakery

The prerequisite, however, is it passes the review process. TikTok is a bit more critical here than other platforms. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is worth reading the Terms of Service beforehand. Or you can leave it directly to the professionals. We support you with your ads and with your TikTok SEO.
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