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We look after your Amazon offers so that you can relax and focus on your day-to-day business.

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. In Germany alone, there are over 17 million Prime customers who regularly pay for faster delivery. So it makes sense to sell on Amazon, because the customer base is huge and so is the buying power.

Of course, customers also look here for bargains, because it is not necessarily said that everything is cheaper on Amazon than in other online stores. But Amazon has built up a certain trust, even offering its own payment service with Amazon Pay. Selling on Amazon also needs to be well planned, because customers have to find your offers first.

The Amazon search algorithm is always being revised, so your listings will always need to be adjusted to appear ahead of your competitors. We already serve many online retailers and always keep the offers up to date. These retailers are always well positioned in their categories.

There are several ways to sell on Amazon. No matter how you sell – as a vendor, seller or business – we are happy to take care of a successful presentation of your items, while you can fully concentrate on your daily business.

Amazon Marketing

As Amazon marketing experts, we have been bringing Amazon listings into the top search results for many years. We optimize your offers according to the best practices that apply to the respective category. Because it is not necessarily said that specifications from category A also apply to category B.

We are also happy to plan your advertising campaigns to boost sales. Advertising on Amazon is worthwhile because visitors are already in the mood to buy anyway. Well-placed ads therefore bring in more than if the ad is displayed on a blog or forum, for example, where the customer still has to be put in the mood to buy in order to then also become interested in your product.

The “Questions and Answers” section is also very important. Be ready to answer your customers’ questions about the product. This builds trust, shows that you are active and thereby increases your chances of selling.

Amazon SEO

The Amazon search algorithm is constantly being adjusted. The goal is to present the visitor with exactly the right search result with as few clicks as possible. Search engine optimization first involves a detailed keyword analysis. So we check what your customers are searching for and apply these search terms in your articles.

These keywords must be well placed so that the text also sounds good and is easy to read, otherwise the product will be penalized and rank worse. In addition, the description is also read by Google, so a good description makes double sense.

The product images must also fit. Each category has its own specifications that must be followed. For perfect product images, we have experts who know Amazon’s best practices and exactly how images need to look to rank best.

Product videos work even better. Moving images engage people and increase interest, so you should also consider having videos made. Our video team will be happy to work with you to create the perfect setup to showcase your products well. You can find more information here: “Product Videos on Amazon“.

We bring the text, images and videos either directly into Amazon, or into a compatible ERP system that you may already be using. Depending on what system you are working with, we can also link this to Amazon so you have less maintenance.

The major ERP systems can be connected to Amazon, which means your data always comes together in one place, even from other marketplaces. You will then always have an exact overview of what has just been sold in your company, how many payments are coming in, etc.

We also analyze the sales figures throughout so that we can react immediately if anything changes for the worse. Few fluctuations are normal, but if an item loses many places in a few days, an expert should look at it.

Reviews are also important. The more good reviews your article receives, the higher you will land in the search results. However, refrain from buying reviews. Amazon notices this and blocks the product in this case. If it fails repeatedly, your merchant account will also be suspended. You will also not be able to log in again afterwards, or you will be blocked again immediately after logging in.

Therefore, rather rely on good, honest descriptions of your products and let real customers rate your products.

Of course, the price also plays a role. If you are always far above your competitors, hardly anyone will buy your products, accordingly the page will then rank even worse, etc. We are happy to conduct a price analysis with you and include the Amazon sales fees. After that, you have a price range to work within.

You can get more detailed information on our page Amazon SEO

Amazon A+ content

If you’re going to enjoy the additional content on Amazon, you’ll want to take advantage of the additional opportunities as much as possible. We will be happy to check your offers and adjust them accordingly, or create new ones.

A+ content gives you more scope to showcase your products well and raise awareness of your brand. You can choose between different designs. Often there is space at the top for your logo, or that of your brand. You should also use this space to make yourself known. Even if the visitor simply scrolls on, the logo will remain in his memory.

Within the design, you can use different content types to design the product page. No programming skills are required, but design skills are. Our design experts will be happy to design your product pages in a way that promotes sales and is adapted to the latest sales psychology findings, so that you can make profitable use of the additional content.

Other content includes more text, more images and ways to compare products, as well as the ability to embed product videos. These videos should not be too long, concise and professionally designed. We will gladly take over the design of the videos for you and thus bring your products further to the front. Learn more on our “Product Videos on Amazon” page

Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC is Amazon’s advertising program and at the same time describes how ads are paid for. PPC stands for “pay per click” and thus follows the example of Google Ads. Here, costs are only incurred when a customer clicks on an ad.

The price per click depends on the popularity of the product and competition. Accordingly, prices can fluctuate widely. However, not all keywords are always relevant – besides, it is important to regularly check the success of the measures. Especially in the beginning and after updates of the search algorithm they should be checked. Amazon advertising is useful, but it can also burn through your advertising budget quickly.

We will gladly keep an eye on your advertising measures, check their success and adjust the parameters so that you continue to advertise successfully.

For more information on Amazon PPC, see our technical article: Amazon PPC

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