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Corporate design means that your company looks the same everywhere. Whether a customer enters your building, accesses your online or eBay store, they will see a signature design that immediately identifies you.

It is part of your corporate identity, which clearly regulates how your company should be perceived everywhere. In addition to the design, the corporate identity also specifies how your employees should behave in public. A good corporate design helps here, because that is what customers are usually confronted with first.

If the corporate design is well thought out and executed, you and your employees will have a better point of view to your customers.

What all belongs to the corporate design, you will find here.

What is Corporate Design?

Corporate design is more than just a logo. The corporate design defines how your brand and your company will appear to customers. This includes, in addition to the logo, a color scheme, a font, and how everything can be perfectly combined to best represent your business. The corporate design should reflect your company’s credo and appeal to your clientele.

The design should be catchy, but not intrusive, and should be a common thread throughout your business. If you employ people who also have customer contact, they should represent and wear the design. And, of course, it should be unique, so that people do not confuse your company with another.

A corporate design also shows your customers that you have put a lot of thought into it – so it shows professionalism. If the design looks high quality, it means high quality for your customers. This gives you more freedom in your pricing because you attract customers who also demand high quality.

Create corporate design

To create the design, our designers first analyze your company, what it stands for and what products or services you offer. A target group analysis is also part of the process.

You will receive a suitable logo that gets to the heart of what your company stands for through its visual language. If you are also active offline, the design of letterheads and business cards is also part of it. If required, we can also create a design for your flyers.

For online media, you should use appropriate newsletter designs, as well as banners for social media presences. If you have not been on social networks before, or only sporadically, you should think about it. It’s a virtually free way to interact directly with your target audience. You can find out what you should bear in mind in our tips for successful community management.

While you don’t have to start with a big package right away, your online store should have a good design and logo to match. The logo will also appear on delivery bills, invoices, quotations and order confirmations. Your email signature should also include your logo. As your business grows, the new areas should have a consistent design.

Corporate design of eBakery

We would be happy to plan your corporate design with you and your marketing team and implement it in the media. Why not arrange a no-obligation consultation right now and let us take your business to the next level with a perfect corporate design.

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