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Display marketing: definition and explanation

Every Internet user comes into contact with advertising every day. Whether via banners, pop-ups or content ads. No one can get around display advertising on the Internet. This is precisely why this form of advertising is becoming increasingly important. It is constantly evolving – retargeting and programmatic advertisingare just two of numerous forms of display marketing.

Advertisers expect this to result in greater awareness and an increase in reach. Display marketing, also known as display advertising, offers you a great opportunity to reach potential customers with your advertising measures.

With us at your side, you make this possibility a fact. We have been dealing with the broad field of marketing for years and can assess exactly which measures suit you and your company. Do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Display Marketing?

With classic online advertising, you can use both graphic elements such as banners and text content. They are integrated into a web page and have a link to the advertiser’s homepage.

With display marketing, the first thing you need is an advertiser. That would be you, since you want to distribute an advertisement. For this, of course, you need a publisher whose resources you can use for this. These are then, for example, his website or an AdServer.

You can use different formats for display marketing. Because there are countless different ways to design advertising these days. These include:

Banner with different functions and sizes
► Pop-unders

Skyscrapers and rectangles
Content Ads and Sponsored Content
Text links and verbal placements

New formats are constantly being added – the market is subject to constant development. In recent years, for example, HTML 5 has been used more and more often to make use of animations. We always keep an eye on the latest developments and can expertly present them to you as part of our collaboration.

What are the goals of display marketing?

Display marketing involves placing advertisements – the main purpose of which is to generate a response. The Internet user who sees your ad should click on it, buy a certain product or use one of your services. Sometimes, however, ads are placed to positively influence the image of a brand or company.

Display marketing thus differs from pure SEA and SEO strategies. While these two focus mainly on text, display marketing focuses on graphics and placements. It gives you much more possibilities: Imagine a colorful display with an animation. It immediately catches the eye and is more likely to be noticed than a whole text. So it’s mainly short and concise slogans that lead to success in display marketing.

This often turns out to be not so easy. Because in addition to the necessary creativity, technical knowledge will also be necessary to create an advertisement. eBakery supports you in all your display marketing with experience and the latest trends in marketing. If you are not sure how best to put together your marketing mix, we will be happy to advise you in detail in advance on the measures that best suit you.


What are the types of display marketing?

Similar to the formats, you have several options when it comes to your display marketing strategy. It is not always easy to figure out which strategy you should bet on. If you are not sure, we will be happy to help you with this.

Advertising networks

There are numerous large advertising networks on the market. These advertising networks include Google AdSense, for example. A publisher can use it to display advertising space on its website. The content for this is supplied by users of Google AdWords.

Affilliate networks

The well-known and popular affilliate marketing also includes advertising banners. In return, affilliates display advertising on their websites. They are then paid per click on the ad. For you, this means that you have to pay per click on your ad. The billing models are usually flexible.

Real-Time Bidding

One method of allocating advertising space that is becoming increasingly popular is real-time bidding. This involves real-time bidding on who is playing an advertising slot. This approach is known primarily from programmatic advertising.

Contextual Targeting

In contextual targeting, the content of the advertising plays a decisive role. This is because the banner ads are played with content that matches the rest of the website. Next to a text about hiking, for example, an advertisement for a hiking shoe would then appear.

What are the benefits of display marketing?

Display marketing is one of the more traditional forms of advertising. But that does not detract from your effect. On the contrary, display marketing offers you as an advertiser numerous advantages and opportunities.

Among them:

► Your campaigns have a wide reach.
► Display marketing can also be used for image building and strengthening your corporate identity.
► Your advertising banners reach different target groups directly.
► You can choose between different formats for your advertising.
► Working with cookies and other tracking methods provides you with additional insights.
► Graphic advertising banners are mostly displayed on mobile devices without any problems.

Display marketing offers you several advantages over other marketing strategies. Integrate this approach into your marketing mix and let the countless possibilities convince you.

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    Which advertising media are possible in display marketing?

    In addition to banners, other graphic elements such as text, image or video content can also be used, depending on the strategy.

    What does display marketing cost?

    Costs in display marketing can vary greatly: A banner on the home page of Bild.de? Here, budgets of 10,000 euros a day are not uncommon. But it is also much cheaper – among other things via Google Ads in the Google Display Network.