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A+ content has been available for some time, but so far only for exclusive circles. In the meantime, the A+ Content Manager, through which this special content can be posted, is in principle available to all sellers. But what is this content and who needs it?

What are the benefits of A+ content from Amazon?

In the beginning, there is clearly the advantage of better displaying your own products, with the help of an Amazon HTML editor. The A+ content allows you to show your products in a more individual way. You will get several templates with the help of which you can make your product page more vivid. Due to the higher number of available characters, more attention can also be paid to SEO in Amazon, because the usual 2000 characters are quickly reached.

Originally, this program was designed to give individual manufacturers more options than vendors. The manufacturers were thus able to give their own products a fine-tuning in the presentation, as well as better represent their brand itself. More images and further customization options made these manufacturers stand out from the crowd so far. Access was also not available to everyone. Amazon monitored sales and then wrote to promising merchants with an offer to join the A+ Vendors program and move up from third-party to first-time vendor.

Even in the newer version of the A+ program, Amazon handles sales and shipping of the products that the retailer, or manufacturer provided. The vendor itself is then no longer visible to the end customer as a merchant. The end customer orders directly from Amazon. This continues to be the case. Participants in the A+ content program make their products available to Amazon in the required quantity. The platform takes care of the rest.

These adjustments, which are now also available to sellers, can increase visitor numbers, conversion rates and, logically, sales as a result. Especially if your brand isn’t that well known yet, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door with customers. Amazon hereby offers you a free opportunity to make high-quality content about your products available to the masses.

How can I use A+ content?

If you already have a seller account with Amazon, you still need the Amazon brand registration. Hereby you indicate that you own a brand, which you want to make known via Amazon and sell its products. Amazon has to recognize this brand first, then you get access to downloads and Vendor Central. Similar to Seller Central, you can find your poduct templates and marketing tools here.

In order to also present your content in a profitable way, we are happy to assist with the creation and maintenance of A+ content. We discuss with you the desired design and prepare the content search engine optimized, so that Google & Co. also find your brand faster. By now it is known that Google indexes the A+ pages and thus plays into your hands – if the page is designed accordingly well.

What is the A+ content?

Access to A+ content, or the A+ Content Manager, allows a Vendor (and accepted Sellers) to change the description and images of ASIN products. Also, you have 5000 characters for the description instead of 2000. According to Amazon, this should make the content more appealing, increasing the likelihood of purchase.
If you want to sell a new product on Amazon, first create a project. The name is only good for your internal purposes and does not appear officially anywhere. Next, create a template that you want to use for your products. You create templates for your products by dragging and dropping different modules into your template. You can choose between these modules to prepare your content:

If your content doesn’t quite fill the module, or template, that’s perfectly fine. Arrange the content the way you want it. After uploading, Amazon will process the whole thing again and remove any unfilled content. By the way, if you ever have problems with a product or your seller account, we can help create an Amazon action plan.

How to use the A+ content?

Once Amazon has recognized your brand and approved you for the A+ program, log into Amazon Vendor Central. Here you click on the link “Marketing”. Now click on the A+ detail page to create a template for your products. On this template page you can see the modules already mentioned. Drag the modules to the correct place and fill the whole thing with content. Think of the end customer as more than just a visitor accessing some product page. Try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and design the page more like a landing page. Pick up the customer, show him what special you have in store for him and why he should buy this particular product instead of one of the competitors.

You are provided with a master template that requires all the information that belongs to an ASIN-based page. This way you won’t forget the mandatory information and you can put all your creativity into the product description.

Post good product images. Blurry or too small images will not be accepted, because they would show your site in a bad light. Therefore, make sure you have good text and equally good images from the start.

What content is not desired?

After the “Dos” now come the “Don’ts”, because Amazon pays very close attention to what appears as A+ content on their pages:

  • Details of your company as manufacturer or seller, as well as all contact information
  • References to competing products or vendor authorizations
  • Price or advertising information
  • Shipping information
  • Trademark symbols of any kind
  • Boastful comments
  • Time Critical Products (Hard Sales Copy)
  • Reviews from Amazon or other sites
  • Quotes from editors or third parties from external sources (magazines, TV shows, etc.)
  • Blurred or too small images
  • Images with watermarks or unreadable text – font size must be larger than 16
  • Abusive images
  • Lifestyle images that do not show the product (with the exception of brand photos)
  • Too many duplicates of the product images from the main image block
  • Guarantees or the like
  • Attempts to imitate the Amazon logo
  • Logos from other companies
  • Links to other websites or redirects to other sites (inside or outside of Amazon)
  • Serious grammatical or punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, strings in capital letters only.
  • Criminal activities
  • Violations of the rubric regulations or the sales regulations for Amazon
  • Content that is not written in the respective local Marketplace language
  • Contents for adults
  • Subjective language
  • Unconfirmed claims, e.g., safety benefits, energy-saving benefits, pharmaceuticals, beverages, food, or health products

Is A+ content worth it for everyone?

Sometimes single, well-placed product pages are enough to draw visitors to your brand and sell more products. You can create templates for product families that reflect your individual design and brand. This includes designs for fonts as well as good images. Of course, the preparation of your page itself also plays a big role. It should be appealing, but not intrusive. It should pick up the customer, awaken a need, but not try to talk him into anything.

As an Amazon agency, we take care of the design and optimization of your A+ content so you can focus on your core business. We create the site according to your specifications and adapt it to the current circumstances to move your brand forward. Why not schedule a consultation right now and set the course for better Amazon marketing. We are also happy to provide you with comprehensive training on Amazon SEO.

How do you create Amazon A+ content?

A prerequisite to creating Amazon A+ content is an understanding of how it works. It is by no means enough to add a few sentences and images to the product page; it is much more important to convey a coherent overall impression and offer the user actual added value.

Following are some Amazon A+ content examples:

  • Highlight unique selling points
    If the company has a unique selling proposition, this should also be staged emotionally. This can be, for example, a special focus on sustainability or the exclusive use of ecological ingredients in the products. In such a case, it is a good idea to highlight the features that are relevant to the target audience on the Amazon A+ page and tell them in a suitable story. This does not necessarily have to be related to a specific product of the company, but can also refer to the company and its mission statements or individual product lines.
  • Detailed product description
    Most customers want to know as much as possible about a product before deciding whether or not to buy it. You can take advantage of this by creating Amazon A+ content that starts right there. On the Amazon A+ page, a product can be presented in great detail so that, at best, all questions a potential buyer has are answered. The higher the product understanding, the better reviews and fewer returns can be expected.

Exactly how a company designs its Amazon A+ content always depends on its individual goals and overall strategy.


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