Amazon Buy Box Tips and Tricks

In this article, you’ll learn 5 tips from our Amazon experts on how to win the Amazon Buy Box and generate more sales as a result. The Amazon Buy Box is pretty much the sales guarantee for your products on Amazon. Products with the Amazon Buy Box are preferentially purchased by customers, as this gives them a higher level of trust. Depending on the product search, your product may even be the only one displayed – of course, it doesn’t get any better than that. Amazon merchants report over 90% more sales thanks to Amazon Buy Box.

At the top right of the product detail page, you will see the “Add to Cart” button. Doesn’t sound like much, but entices a lot more visitors to your product to buy it as well.

So it’s definitely worth putting in the effort to get your hands on the coveted Buy Box. Here you will find which criteria are important for this.

More trust thanks to Amazon Prime

Customers who shop on Amazon expect the best quality – and the fastest shipping. Activate Amazon Prime to get orders to your customers as quickly as possible, with no shipping charges. Prime customers are usually frequent customers whose order volume is high and irritation threshold is low. Perfect conditions for your business, even if the profit margin is sometimes reduced. The packet throughput will increase.

Fast shipping thanks to Amazon FBA

It’s even faster by using Amazon’s own “Shipping by Amazon” fulfillment service. You post your items and then send them to an Amazon warehouse, where their staff takes care of shipping, returns, etc. With warehouse space optimized down to the smallest detail, Prime shipping can be done even faster by Amazon than by you, or your own employees. You also save on warehousing costs and employees, since you only have to take care of your core business – Amazon takes care of everything else.

Amazon Buy Box Tool

Of course, the product price is also an important criterion. Meanwhile, more and more people know that Amazon does not necessarily sell bargains. But due to the fast uncomplicated service they accept slightly higher prices in contrast to their own online store.

To stay competitive on the price, you can use the automatic price optimization. The Amazon repricing tool always automatically adjusts your item prices to match the competition. This is a huge advantage, because it saves you having to research and adjust prices on your own. Because especially if you have many products set, you will probably use an automatic import via CSV or similar. So you would have to research the prices, adjust them in your store, and then upload them again – permanently.

The Amazon Repricing Tool does the research and adjusts your prices automatically.

Amazon Buy Box Optimization

The topic is not quite as interesting for egg stoves or hedge trimmers, but the relevance increases for products with variations.

If you sell shoes or other clothing, you always have certain variants available. T-shirt in red and size XL, pants in blue and size L, etc.. It is essential that these specifications are given in the correct hierarchy to lead to success.

The pants are the father article, below comes the color and then the appropriate size. This hierarchy must also be the same for all products. We’re happy to help you get the coveted Buy Box and increase your sales.

Lost your Amazon Buy Box?

eBakery has been very successful in Amazon SEO for many years. We know exactly how the search algorithms work and how to adjust titles, bullet points and texts, as well as product photos to bring your products to the front.

We will be happy to analyze your products and adjust them so that you can hopefully soon get the coveted “Buy Box” trophy. Why not arrange a free initial consultation right away?


What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box (or shopping cart box) is located at the top right of each product page and contains the “Add to Cart” button.

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