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Make local people aware of their local offerings.

More customers through regional marketing

Effective, regional marketing can help increase sales figures and awareness of your own brand. As with classic advertising, however, the individual measures should ideally be adapted to the respective target group.

Here, it is definitely not enough to focus only on the region and its characteristics. Successful and local marketing is particularly complex, but also associated with many opportunities.

If you want to use this for yourself, you should trust in the cooperation with a competent partner. eBakery can help you do regional marketing even more effectively. Only when all factors are intertwined is it possible to take advantage of all the benefits.

Regional marketing and the appropriate strategies

In today’s world, many companies focus on advertising broadly. A mistake – because depending on the industry, it can even be existentially important to do local marketing.

Thus, among others:

► Catering establishments
► Doctors
► Craftsman
► Cafés and restaurants

well advised to rely on advertising that speaks directly to the people around them. In addition, depending on the industry, it can also be important for companies that operate online to focus on regional strategies in parallel with traditional marketing.

The respective approach must of course be adapted to the goal of the campaign, and can for example via:

► Posters (including display & moving image)
► Flyer
► Television advertising
► Radio advertising
► Ads on the Internet
► Outdoor advertising (via stroeer, among others)
► Sponsoring activities

take place. It often takes a bit of finesse to develop just the right strategy for a “unique” advertising message.

Advertising regionally on the Internet is therefore highly dependent on individual objectives. Which strategy is the most suitable in each case depends on numerous factors. In addition to the intended target group, regional marketing must always take regional characteristics into account in order to be as effective as possible. This is very different from international marketing, where differences between countries and regions play less of a role.

Local SEO - Regional Marketing on the Internet

Those who do not offer their services nationwide, but in a specific city or region, should by no means underestimate the possibilities of Local SEO. The principle: Customers in search of a particular service in a particular location usually enter the relevant terms into the search engines in keyword form. A classic example: “Tiler Frankfurt”.

Exactly at this point Local SEO is important. Because: among other things, the creation of appropriate texts, which should of course also be reader-friendly, ensures that your own page appears as high as possible in the search results.

This is a wonderful way to stand out from the rest of the competition. Experience shows that many consumers are comparatively impatient and decide on one of the first search results within a few moments. In contrast, results on the third and fourth pages tend to receive little attention… and are correspondingly rarely clicked on.

On- and offline combination

Just as with classic advertising, regional marketing is of course also about creating a special recognition value. This can be ensured above all when online and offline actions are interlinked.

Or in other words: the more pleasantly and authentically consumers are confronted with a product or brand, the higher the probability that interest will be aroused. Whether this is then a new product or a service is irrelevant in the first step.

Companies that have perfected and combined their on- and offline activities over time manage to accompany the daily routine of their target group. A typical example is a mix of radio, billboard and Internet advertising.

Again, the options are extremely versatile and should be tailored to the specific brand. eBakery can help you developan effective marketing plan toincrease interest in your products. With the help of a meaningful target group analysis, conclusions can be drawn about the user behavior of consumers, so that the online and offline marketing measures also reach your addressees in every case.

Do you have a question about regional marketing?

Local and regional media have a high priority

Anyone who still only associates regional media with newspapers is usually quickly proven wrong. Because: regional media can be extremely versatile. This category also includes:

► Radio and TV stations
Radio and TV stations are good for drawing attention to seasonal promotions or special offers. Even though radio and TV consumption are generally declining, advertising on corresponding channels is still very effective. Radio, in particular, is still often listened to during work and is a great way to reach a wide audience.

► Newspapers and magazines
Newspapers and magazines are a classic instrument of regional marketing. Targeted ads in relevant media are a useful supplement to other measures; the older target group in particular can still be reached well here.

► Flyer
Distributing or displaying flyers in relevant stores is a good way to make a wide walk-in audience aware of special promotions or limited-time offers.

► Direct mail advertising
Direct mail allows to address target group-relevant persons personally and should be considered for local marketing in any case.

► Outdoor advertising
Outdoor advertising is an essential part of the regional marketing mix. At relevant places, such as train stations, bus stops or inner-city advertising pillars, they can achieve an optimal effect.

► Sponsoring
Sponsorship is an effective method when it comes to combining advertising with social engagement and should always be considered when marketing locally. Sports clubs or other local associations are happy to enter into cooperative ventures with companies if they are committed to the region.

Here, too, it makes sense – depending on the product and service – to pick up and inform customers in their everyday lives. The individual overlaps between online and offline media again show how simple (and yet versatile) individual advertising can be.

Regional marketing with Google Ads

For regional marketing, Google Ads also plays an important role. These are paid advertisements that can be individually adapted to the respective search terms (for example, service and location) and the company’s goals.

The prices for placing the advertisements usually depend on the number of clicks.

We are happy to help you make your Google Ads campaign as effective as possible. As a basic rule, the more customized your ad is to other factors, such as the keyword in question, the better. Because: with the help of Google Ads you can buy a lot of traffic in a comparatively short time, but also save a lot of money by targeting and detailing.

Here, it makes sense to take a little time to master the particular challenges of keyword strategies, ad design and target audience.

Local advertising with Google Ads

► Google Ads incl. a site expansion
► Google Ads incl. a phone number
► Google Shopping ads with the local inventory in the store
► Regional ads in the search network and display network

What are the challenges associated with regional marketing?

Regional marketing is about much more than “just” placing ads in combination with a specific location. Rather, it is important to adapt the various measures to both the product/service, the respective region and the target group.

While supra-regional marketing is primarily about raising awareness of a brand or company, the challenge in regional marketing is to advertise in a less abstract way. In this context, for example, it is much more complicated to understand the respective target group and to address it in a way that is appropriate for the target group. Without precise knowledge of the respective region, peculiarities and any linguistic peculiarities, it is difficult to conduct local online marketing as purposefully as possible.

eBakery helps you to skillfully stage your regional marketing ads. Neither too pushy nor too plain, we create a great basis for increasing your brand awareness and even better customer loyalty.

As a regional online marketing agency with years of experience, we can help you find the right marketing strategies and actions to get the most out of your online business.

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