Set up Amazon FBA

If you want to sell on Amazon, you can also use Fulfillment by Amazon. With this you also score in the Amazon SEO area and let your articles automatically rank higher.

Here we’ll show you step-by-step how to get the most out of Amazon FBA and stay ahead of the game right from the start.

Amazon FBA step by step

Even though you may have already done some of the steps, we will present all the important points:

Business registration

Should be obvious, but for the sake of completeness we include this point. You can get a business registration online on the website of your local trade office. You can find your office through this link:

Usually you can fill it out on the computer, then you have to print it out, sign it and bring it to the office. You will also need your ID card to register.

Registration with wholesalers

Since you are likely to purchase your goods from a wholesaler or perhaps manufacturer, you will need to register with them. The prerequisite is the approved business registration, i.e. with the stamp of your competent office. Since this depends on your industry, we can’t give a tip here.

Registration of a VAT ID

The trade office tells your responsible tax office that you have registered a trade. You’ll then receive a tax entry form indicating how much money you plan to bring in. If you waive the small business regulation, you can apply for a VAT identification number. Either do it directly at that point or do it retroactively online through the federal Department of Revenue’s website.

Certificate according to §22f UStG

Da Online platforms such as Amazon and eBay can be held liable for unpaid VAT since January 1, 2019, they require a certificate from you in accordance with §22f UStG. With this, you certify to Amazon & Co. that everything is above board in terms of tax law and that they do not have to fear any penalties because you may not pay your taxes.

Amazon registration

If you haven’t already done so, register with Amazon as a seller. Whether you sell with a regular or professional account doesn’t matter. However, since the professional account pays off with many sales, and that’s what you’re probably aiming for with Amazon FBA, you should start directly with this account type.
This costs 39 € basic fee (plus taxes), but you save proportionally on the sales fees.

Specify Amazon FBA in the listing

When you create your listing with your products, you directly select “Shipping by Amazon” here. You now ship your products to an Amazon warehouse instead of to the customer. Periodically, you will receive a file from Amazon with an estimated number of products. You send these products in the desired quantity to the warehouse, Amazon takes care of the rest.

Important steps for Amazon FBA

The shipping process to Amazon is planned down to the smallest detail so that everything runs smoothly. Amazon has written a quick guide to shipment creation for this purpose. For your part, if you want to prepare everything well, stick to it. Mistakes can always happen, as there are only people working everywhere, but by following the rules listed there, you can minimize errors and speed up the storage process at Amazon.

More sales with Amazon FBA

Your products will then be marked “shipped by Amazon”, which strengthens the trust with the customer. The customer is then more willing to buy. The shipping happens, as usual with Amazon very fast. Eligible products can also get the Prime logo, which can again increase sales.

Fast shipping will sell more of your products. If more are sold, your products rank better in Amazon search, which in turn makes you more sales, etc.

Customers on Amazon are usually impatient and like to take advantage of the luxury of Prime. However, be sure to calculate whether it’s really worth it for you. We broke it down in our article on Amazon FBA costs .

If there is still a hitch somewhere, it may still be due to the design of the offers. As an Amazon SEO agency, we’re happy to take a close look at your listings and analyze what we can improve.

Set up Amazon FBA: Basics

Although Amazon has emerged as the strongest e-commerce platform over the years, the term “Fullfillment by Amazon” is still foreign to many. Considering that Amazon has over 500 million items in its product line and the platform’s name seems to be synonymous with online commerce, this is quite surprising. No other company can deliver such a convenient shopping experience to its customers because most items can be delivered at lightning speed and returned at any time. Given the size of the group, of course, it has long ceased to be a simple e-commerce platform: with the FBA program, simple businesses have the chance to promote and sell their products on the platform. Big or small, any business can sell it on Amazon and reach millions and millions of potential customers.

What is part of the FBA service?

Fulfillment at Amazon essentially means that products are not just thrown on the marketplace, but packaging and shipping are part of the service. There is no easier opportunity to build a strong business with little capital, especially because you can focus completely on marketing and product development. This is where eBakery comes in: We’re going to hand you the keys to a smooth-running FBA business and show you where to start to achieve the greatest possible success on Amazon. Read on to schedule a no-obligation initial consultation with the experts at eBakery.

Move forward with your Amazon FBA partner

eBakery has over 10 years of e-commerce experience and will show you how to quickly build your own thriving Amazon business. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, or a newly self-employed person: we’ll give you all the tools you need to build a second leg and make automated processes work for you. Through our support, many Amazon beginners have already built a location-independent business and have gone from amateur, to professional. By selling products that are already doing very well, you will get the basis for a high income and a good market positioning. The goods come to an Amazon warehouse and everything logistical is taken care of for you. eBakery’s training courses give you all the know-how you need to succeed.

What advantages do I have with eBakery on Amazon?

You will be selling high quality products on Amazon and will be ready for all future developments on the platform. The advantage of a lucrative side business is the independence and freedom it gives you: a digital system designed for it gives you all the possibilities to work location-independently. All you need to make a side income on Amazon is a computer and a working internet connection. FBA entrepreneurs can enjoy the fact that the processing is taken care of by Amazon and you can manage your time according to your own taste. Devote yourself to what’s really important instead of wasting your time on technical details.

How do we develop your Amazon FBA strategy?

Let’s start with developing an action plan and a no-obligation consultation: We invite you to a no-obligation initial consultation and develop your individual plan for success. From the absolute Amazon basics like product discovery to Amazon wholesaler knowledge, we’ll answer all your questions and show you all the paths you can take. If you choose to work with eBakery, you will receive excellent, personalized guidance from our experts and always have the right contact person for your needs. Our mentoring gives you the opportunity to navigate your way through the complexities of e-commerce and build the standing you’ve always wanted. You will get to your destination without wasting precious time and you will save a lot of unnecessary effort.

“I don’t trust myself with an Amazon business yet”.

Are you at the beginning? You have already thought a few times about a second leg on, but did not dare to implement it? That’s how it felt for many of our customers who wanted to gain more independence and freedom through their own Amazon business. We have managed to show many beginners with no prior knowledge and product idea the way to success and want us to become your Amazon FBA partner too and achieve all your goals. Even if you are already an Amazon seller and have celebrated your first successes, you can advance even further with our Amazon FBA service. We’ll show you step-by-step how to break your revenue barriers and take the next big step. You’ll get the same battle plan that some of the biggest merchants on Amazon use, and you’ll be able to turn your business into a little goldmine.

“Are eBakery and I a match?”

If you know what you want, are willing to learn and open for new things, we are your partner. You will get the opportunity to ask all your questions and be guided by our experts. Neither business nor a special product idea are necessary for a partnership with eBakery: In our non-binding initial meeting you will quickly convince yourself of our expertise and get a good basis for your decision. You will quickly notice if we are a match or not and you can convince yourself of our service.

“What does the service look like in detail?”

Our experts will very quickly reveal your optimization potential and outline the most important steps. You will quickly realize how to develop your business and have the know-how to avoid beginner mistakes. From choosing the right product and launching it as well as possible, you’ll get a step-by-step plan that’s the map to your breakthrough. They are given a clear system to beat their competition. The combination of personal support and professional coaching, creates the foundations for lasting success in e-commerce.

Stress-free working with your Amazon FBA business

eBakery will grow your Amazon FBA business and provide for its automation. The products are widely placed and you don’t have to worry about invoicing and VAT registration. If you don’t like dealing with paperwork, you can confidently rely on our experts. Of course, you will still have complete control over your business, because all conversions, data and numbers are available to you at any time. Moreover, eBakery takes care of the handling with Amazon and ensures smooth processes at this point as well.

Amazon FBA support through eBakery

Listing your offers once on Amazon does not necessarily guarantee a good listing. Your offers must meet certain standards, texts and images must fit to the point. We will be happy to check your listing and optimize it so that you can get better sales.
Why not arrange a no-obligation consultation appointment right now at

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