Email marketing

Tips for successful email marketing

Tips for successful email marketing

Email marketing doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. Companies often fear that their advertising mails or newsletters will be dismissed as spam and deleted directly. Of course, there are many promotional emails that do not contain useful information and do not really help anyone.

However, this is offset by the great opportunities that email marketing offers you. After all, those who provide recipients with truly helpful content will be rewarded with high open rates and good feedback. As an agency for e-mail marketing, we know how to distinguish promotional e-mails from spam and offer you a complete service for successful e-mail advertising.

Successful email marketing: you can

► Identify and attract potential new customers who have not yet become aware of your company;
► Set up appointments with your potential customers;
► Qualify leads who have already shown interest in your company;
► Follow up on your sales activities to get the conversation back on track;
► Establish contacts via letters of recommendation.

Email marketing strategy

It is often prophesied that email marketing is on the brink of extinction. Nowadays, social media is the main way to reach your target audience. That’s also true, but emails offer you that option, too. In addition, email marketing offers you even more opportunities than advertising on other platforms.

Because you can generate more leads and increase your sales with a successful newsletter. Are you launching a new grill early this summer? Then present it in your newsletter and let recipients know why they need it. Show yourself and your company in the best light and draw the readers’ focus.

You can easily measure whether your advertising measures convince the recipients and draw conclusions for future campaigns. It also gives you a better understanding of your target group and you can use these insights for your own benefit.

In addition, the costs for email marketing are kept within reasonable limits. With the right tools, you should have no trouble setting up the newsletter, determining the recipient list, and scheduling the mailing. The cost of doing so is manageable when compared to the cost of hiring your own social media consultant or an entire advertising campaign.

Whether you want to introduce new products, draw attention to promotions or simply send a nice Christmas greeting – email marketing offers you many more possibilities than you might think. With a relatively small effort and low costs you operate marketing at the highest level.

We are happy to help you find the right words and the perfect design when planning your campaign. Why not arrange a free preliminary consultation right away?


Email Marketing Agency

Marketing can be done in many different ways. Whether via advertisements, social media or e-mail. The individual approaches differ greatly from each other and all bring advantages and disadvantages.

Email marketing is particularly convincing due to the numerous advantages it offers over other marketing strategies:

► It is cost-effective.
► The effort is comparatively low.
► You can measure success in detail; tracking.
► Shipping time can be flexibly adjusted.
► Content can be sent in an appealing form (Responsive).
► E-mails can be personalized.
► E-mails can be adapted to the target groups.
► Recipients can read the e-mails regardless of time and location.

Email marketing needs to be well thought out, but it still doesn’t take too much time. The return on investment (ROI) is particularly high. So you’re using a cost-effective marketing strategy that promises success if you go about it the right way.

What’s more, click and open rates give you accurate data about what makes your target audience tick. And in marketing, be close to your target audience. Think like the target audience.

The advantages of professional email marketing are that it is efficient, simple and mobile. What more could you want from a marketing strategy?

Advantages of Responsive Email Design

  • Better readability on mobile devices
  • Better usability on mobile devices
  • Professional external image
  • Higher conversions

Tracking in email marketing

One of the most important aspects of successful marketing is measuring the results of individual marketing activities and materials. Because no matter what metrics you collect and evaluate, at the end of the day, you’ll need to be able to prove that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a tightrope walk between advertising and spam. In order to ensure that your e-mails are not considered spam, but instead boost your sales, there are a few basic principles to keep in mind.

Comply with the legal requirements

To ensure that your email marketing doesn’t get you into trouble, it’s imperative that you comply with the requirements of the GDPR. In order for you to send a person a promotional email, you need their consent. In most cases, you will receive this information because the person has registered for your newsletter and has consented to the collection and storage of private data. When you send out your newsletter, it must include an imprint and an unsubscribe link.

Keep an eye on the delivery and opening rate

For your email marketing to be successful, the promotional emails need to be delivered. To prevent them from landing directly in the spam folder, you can set them to whitelisting. Such whitelists are positive lists that give you, the sender, preferential treatment. This increases the chances that your emails will not be considered spam.

You should also not lose sight of the opening rates. Use your statistics and evaluations to find out which content leads to particularly high clicks. It often helps just to tweak the subject line.

Make the sender and subject line appealing

Anyone who receives an e-mail from an unknown or dubious-looking sender is unlikely to open it. So choose a professional shipping address that is directly related to your business. Feel free to get creative with the subject line to make recipients curious about the content.

Send only useful content

From a newsletter, many people expect helpful information, the presentation of new products or even the sending of coupons. Never send a promotional email that simply does nothing for the recipients. Build more on useful content that will leave you wanting more.

Create an appealing design

You perfect a promotional email with good content with an appealing design. Create a design that fits your corporate design and has high recognition value. Also use images or include videos for this purpose.

We will gladly design your newsletter so that it will be read with pleasure by your customers.

Optimize your emails for mobile devices

A majority of your recipients are likely to open your emails on a mobile device. So before you send them, be sure to test that they are displayed correctly and attractively there. All photos should also be of good quality and neatly integrated into the newsletter.

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Marketing by email offers you great possibilities and opportunities. Although the effort is relatively small, there are many stumbling blocks to avoid. We can help you with that. We have been handling email marketing for our customers for many years and have thus been able to perfect our measures. Schedule an initial consultation with us today – we look forward to hearing from you.



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    What does double opt-in mean in email marketing?

    Procedure of the double opt-in process

    1. The user registers for an e-mail distribution list / newsletter.
    2. Immediately after registration, an e-mail with an activation link is sent (DOI mail)
    3. The user confirms his registration by clicking on the activation link.
    4. The user’s registration is activated.

    From a legal perspective, the double opt-in principle is the safest registration procedure and is now common practice in email marketing.